Petty Spite Houses, & a Dash of Thalassophobia

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Welcome back, Wonderers! In today’s podcast, we explore Spite Houses and The Strid.

Sarah revels in the pettiness of homeowners past, and discusses of some of the nation’s most infamous Spite houses– houses literally built for no better reason than to piss of your neighbors. We also discuss spite walls, spite houses, and the wonderfully spiteful giant middle finger statue on a bayou in Florida (of course). Certainly a new, beautiful level of pettiness and spite to aspire to in life.

Next, Emily dives even deeper into her Thalassophobia, ie, her very reasonable fears of bodies of water. She tells us the terrible tales, dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, of an innocent-looking, yet deadly, river in England– The Strid. A river so calm and peaceful looking, and yet, may also be responsible for the deaths of anyone who has ever entered its depths. Some say, it’s claimed to be the most dangerous stretch of running water on earth. Some say it’s nothing but a spittling stream. All we know is, it’s called the Strid.

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Speaker 1 00:00:12 Well, I’m glad you’re not dead. Me too. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:00:17 So, Hey guys, welcome to the Wunderlist podcast where we take a deep dive into the unexplained, the unknown or the unexpected.
Speaker 1 00:00:27 We love everything from the super weird to the supernatural
Speaker 2 00:00:31 We sure do. And you know, if we wonder about it, then we’re going to look it up and tell you about it.
Speaker 1 00:00:39 I mean, we’ll tell you about it, but I will be honest. A lot of the things that I end up doing are because I think that my sister would be, uh, excited to hear about them. So like, we love you, but also I just get really excited to tell my sister these weird things that we’ve discovered
Speaker 2 00:00:57 Same.
Speaker 1 00:01:02 It’s true. I mean, yeah. Like I said, everybody else, I mean, you’re cool. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:01:07 We love our listeners. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. Um, but yeah. Yeah. So buckle up for, uh, for some stories, for some deep dives and, uh, we’re going to learn about some things that we didn’t know before, so get ready. Yeah. So what are we going to learn about?
Speaker 1 00:01:29 Well, um, it, uh, so I need to preface this with, um, it very much went with my mood for this week heard. Yes. I told you I was having a little bit of a rough week and um, I really embraced this theme a lot. Uh, so my theme for this week is called spite houses,
Speaker 2 00:01:56 Spite houses. What is that?
Speaker 1 00:01:59 Yes. Uh, it is one of the pettiest things you’d possibly fucking do. It is a building literally created or modified to irritate your neighbors. What? Yes, this is the real thing.
Speaker 2 00:02:14 Is that a real thing? Like, is it someone was just like, Oh, they’re doing that for this reason. I’m going to call it this. Or is this like a group of people? Like there’s a Facebook group about it somewhere? You know,
Speaker 1 00:02:26 I don’t know about like a Facebook group. I feel like it might not be quite as common nowadays as it was a lot of these come from like the 18 hundreds or the early 19 hundreds. Um, and don’t worry, I have several like wonderful examples. It’s amazing. They did so much weird shit back then. Yes. There was also less strict billing codes, which I also think has something to do with this. But yeah, they generally speaking these spite houses, which are built literally to piss somebody, they can create obstructions by blocking light or a view out of the windows or access to neighboring buildings, or just be a really obvious act of defiance, which okay. I know. So I remember when I was in Sarasota, I think we were like doing some boat ride or something. It was, you know, there was a bunch of rich people over there and we’re driving, you know, driving, LOL, uh, boating through like a bio of some sort. And this mansion had a ginormous middle finger statue. What in his backyard facing the neighbor’s backyard across the serious, I am dead serious. And I remember whoever was doing this with us was like, yeah, they put that up. Cause they were pissed off at those other neighbors. So that every time they had to walk out to use their pool or go to their boat, they have to see the jacket middle finger.
Speaker 3 00:04:01 Yo, I did not know people were doing shit like that out there. Yes. Yeah man.
Speaker 1 00:04:09 And uh, yeah, like I said, after my slightly like, uh, you know, frustrating past couple of days, I was really feeling the pettiness. It was really like giving me life, um, in Massachusetts alone. So Massachusetts is a small state right
Speaker 3 00:04:27 Home of the mass holes. Let me tell you, yeah. For reals, anyone who is ever tailgating me on the highway is from Massachusetts. I’m just saying, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.
Speaker 1 00:04:39 I would have to agree with you. Also, there are four spite houses alone in Massachusetts, which is a lot, like I did a lot of research on spite houses in there’s like quite a few, but like four is like 20%.
Speaker 3 00:04:57 Okay. So there’s four in Massachusetts. How many are there total? Like 20.
Speaker 1 00:05:03 Yeah. On the list that I had there was about like 20 is what it looked like. I’m not going to talk about all 20 because some of them didn’t have as interesting stories. So I’m going to talk about the ones that I thought were the most interesting her and that. Um, and when they all in Massachusetts, there are actually, so a lot of them are in the Northeast us. I got one last year.
Speaker 3 00:05:23 No, that is a hundred percent not surprising to me.
Speaker 1 00:05:26 Wait two in Massachusetts and one in Virginia in Alexandria. Um, and so, yeah, it’s, it’s not surprising. Like I said, there were some, but I wanted to go talk about the ones that like I could find more info on, which made it more hilarious to me nowadays. Most people just stick to a, you know, more economical version, which would be the spite fence or the spite wall, you know, piss off your neighbors, build a fence to block their view. I don’t even know. Is that even a thing anymore? I think mom was saying in Florida, a lot of the time the spite came from like painting your house, a color that people didn’t like,
Speaker 4 00:06:16 Okay, that was real. That was real. They would, they would get real petty with that shit. And they’d be like, Oh, you said I can’t paint it this color. And then they choose like the shape lighter. And they painted that, which is not a difference at all from what they originally planned to do.
Speaker 1 00:06:34 No. And it’s actually, it’s so funny. Cause when I think about that, obviously I think that where we like lived in high school and stuff like that, but I also think about in, um, Edward Scissorhands neighborhood, the suburban neighborhood is like bright. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Florida. Um, but yeah, they apparently do spite fences or like I said, the spite statue in your backyard facing your neighbors, which that just gives me.
Speaker 4 00:07:05 Yeah. I would think that you would have to have that specially made, you know, it’s like, Oh for
Speaker 1 00:07:10 Sure. It was huge Emily. It
Speaker 4 00:07:12 Was like, that’s what I’m saying. It’s like Spencer gifts, you know what I mean now? Oh my God. That’s just so wild to me. I was just talking to a friend about neighbors, like recently. And literally I’m thinking I’m like, I’ve never once had an issue with my neighbors. Like I have one guy who lived above me who his, he would let his alarm go off from like fi that’s really honestly, the only time I’ve ever had issues with my neighbors. It’s upstairs neighbors. Yes. Surprisingly the upstairs neighbors though. Yeah. And they would let their alarms go off. Like one guy, he would just like, let his alarm go off from like 5:00 AM to like 6:00 AM. He wouldn’t shut it off for like an hour, but it would be going up constantly. So I went up there a couple of times and I was like fully, had just crawled out of bed and was like, excuse me, if you could like shut off your alarm. That’d be great.
Speaker 1 00:08:07 See mine was when I lived in like my first apartment, we lived on the downstairs and uh, the people upstairs, I don’t know what was going on, but they would vacuum at like 11 o’clock at night.
Speaker 4 00:08:22 Yo some people just be living their lives like that. And I’m like, what kind of chaos do you like? How can you it’s like, I don’t
Speaker 1 00:08:35 Clock on a Tuesday and they’re fucking vacuuming. And it would be like right above my bedroom. And I’m like, can you fucking not? Yeah.
Speaker 4 00:08:43 The people who live above me, my last apartment would like argue or like play pool or like they were doing something loud and rambunctious up there and I would go there and like one dude would answer the door and I was like, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Like maybe were playing video games. I have no idea what’s going on up here. But it sounds like something crazy, like shut the whole shut the whole house or apartment or what.
Speaker 1 00:09:09 Yeah, I, uh,
Speaker 4 00:09:12 So I, I like, I get how you could be driven to that point, I guess, is my mind, like they can be really annoying. I had one, another one in a different apartment who would have an alarm go off. That was his iPhone on the floor. And that shit sounded like it was in my skull because it was an old ass house. So it sounded like it was like right there, but I never, uh, built a fence or like got a statue for it. You know,
Speaker 1 00:09:40 See my, so when I moved into this first apartment and you know, very first time getting like decorating stuff or whatever. And uh, I had bought these like bamboo sticks and I put them in a vase and put them like by the TV or something. Let me tell you those fuckers have come in handy so much, not even my style anymore, but yeah. Girl saved them. They have become sticks to hit the ceiling, but those upstairs neighbors initially, then they were used to close or open the AC vents that were too high for me to reach. Ah, and now, yeah. And now they also open, uh, like cabinets that are high. Like the ones like above like the refrigerator and stuff. Oh my gosh. Um, yeah. Yeah. I’m like, like I said, they’re not even really my style, but you know, I found a lot of really good uses for them. So I’m not gonna, I’m not going to get rid of them. Oh. Another one was using them for balance while practicing, uh, rollerskating. Yeah. So,
Speaker 4 00:10:57 So like secretly all those weird things that they sell on like Wayfair or what have you to decorate your apartment with, there’s actually some secret purpose for all of them.
Speaker 1 00:11:08 I mean, yes. I think so. Or I guess I could just be a very creative person, which I also think is accurate. But like,
Speaker 4 00:11:15 I think that is also accurate, very resourceful, you know, and just seeing the multiple purposes that one object can provide. I mean, hello, the creator of pipe, cleaner pupil. So neighbors and spite things, spite houses, spite, walls, spite, windows, spite doors. I feel like, I feel like a lot of people be driving around with spite windows, you know, you know, where they have that like picture where they it’s like a bumper sticker, but it’s a giant vinyl thing that they put on the window, a little application. And uh, it looks like somebody is application. It looks like somebody is sitting in the back seat. Oh,
Speaker 2 00:11:54 See a lot of people drive in Donald Trump around and I’m just like,
Speaker 1 00:12:02 No, you know what I should do. Okay. So I have this skeleton that I use for Halloween decorations. I’m just going to sit it in my backseat from now.
Speaker 2 00:12:15 Yeah. I have like the window, like pulled down a little bit,
Speaker 1 00:12:20 Pose it in different positions, like waving and looking,
Speaker 2 00:12:23 Oh my God, my friend for Halloween put like a little baby skeleton, you know, like the ones that like have that little loop on the top of their head, you can hang them from something. Yeah. Well she put it on her current Tena for Halloween when she was driving its arms and its legs.
Speaker 1 00:12:47 And you’re like, fuck. I feel like same dude. I feel bad. I feel that in myself.
Speaker 2 00:12:53 It’s okay. I saw what I was driving and I was laughing, like dying, laughing at it. And then I pulled up next to him.
Speaker 1 00:12:59 I was like, Oh shit, that’s funny. Oh my God, no, we, uh, so we have the skeleton and I had it up for Halloween. I dressed it up as the, like the meme with the skeleton and the fairy wings where they’re like, when you’re dead inside, but you want to make people happy. Oh, right, right. Yeah. So I had that set up like that even like hanging from my porch and stuff. Um, but then like throughout the year, sometimes Evie and I will like just move it around the house. It’s right now it’s laying in EVs room. Um, I’ve kind of figured out that she loves it. She is my weird child. That’s fine. She is. Um, but yeah, I think that’s going to be my new thing. I think I’m going to put it in my back seat and let it sit next to Evie and we can get a kick out of that. I think that would be fun.
Speaker 2 00:13:57 I think it would be fun for both of you and for other people on the road
Speaker 1 00:14:01 And for other people on the road. Just another reason for people to think that I’m super weird. It’s fine. Would you like to hear about some spite houses? I would love to. All right. So this first one is called the Hollins Berry Hollinsburg, uh, spite house in Alexandria, Virginia. Okay. Hmm. So this dude built this bite house to prevent people from using the alley next to his home. This was in the 1830s. He says he was annoyed that the wagon traffic kept nicking his walls.
Speaker 2 00:14:45 Okay. So this is the kind of time people had back then, like to build a house. Like I can’t even do like a small wooden project. You know what I mean? Like I watched like videos on Pinterest and I’m like, I can do that in a weekend. I could build a climbing wall in a weekend. Is it finished? No.
Speaker 1 00:15:07 I was about to ask,
Speaker 2 00:15:10 I’m waiting for the snow to melt. It snowed yesterday. It’s snowing now. I don’t even know, but no man, like the CA like that time and dedication to be like, you know what? I don’t like the way the wagon comes through these here parts.
Speaker 1 00:15:23 Well, because I mean, it has, it has defense. It was nicking his house. So apparently there’s lines.
Speaker 2 00:15:30 He’s thirties. Is he like, no, pick it up from a lumberyard. Is he getting lumber delivered for this? Is he knowing it himself?
Speaker 1 00:15:36 I’m gonna tell you exactly how he did. This is the funny part. So the, he wanted to build this house so that people would stop using this alley, the house, he ended up building seven feet wide, 25 feet deep. And it’s a 325 square foot house. It’s two stories. What
Speaker 2 00:15:58 I could do with that space. I know. Right.
Speaker 1 00:16:01 Um, he literally just bricked off the alleyway. Like he just took bricks up the alleyway in the front and in the back to create this tiny house. But there’s, there’s no roof. No, there’s a roof. I mean, it’s, it’s actually, um, it, the house is still standing and it’s occupied part of the year and it’s actually grandfathered into a modern building code. It’s also considered the narrowest house in America by Ripley’s believe it or not. Um, so it is a functioning house. Um, but he did it by literally just bricking up the fucking alleyway. And when I was reading, it said that they just, he was taking bricks from the alleyway and just slowly breaking it up. I’m like, how did you see that one brick at a time?
Speaker 2 00:16:53 Oh my gosh, that’s insane. Take those still. I’m still cut up on the time because I’m just like,
Speaker 1 00:17:02 And so in my mind they said he was taking them from the alley. I’m like, how do you just take breaks from the alley? Like,
Speaker 2 00:17:10 So he’s just got like, some men are like, where the hell that they used back then. And he’s chipping bricks away from the existing app to then put them together. Is, is he collecting them all at once? Is he doing this one? It seems like a ridiculous process.
Speaker 1 00:17:29 It is a ridiculous process. And I could not believe that they were like, yeah, he just bricked off the alleyway and use the bricks that were from the alley to do that. And I’m like, so in my mind, this is how I pictured this. It’s like a 60 year old man with like a salt and pepper beard. And he’s trying enjoy his scotch in the evenings. Every time he sits down to enjoy his scotch, there’s a fucking rumble on the wall. So he finally loses his shit. And every day when he gets home from work or maybe he’s, hopefully he’s retired by then
Speaker 2 00:18:04 Hopefully thirties,
Speaker 1 00:18:06 If he’s 65 in my imagination, hopefully, but anyways, uh, so he just starts bricking it off every afternoon. Oh, I’ll just put a couple more bricks down, a couple more bricks. And I mean, he turned it into an actual house because like I said, it’s still standing almost 200 years later and it’s, they said occupied part of the year. So I’m wondering if somebody uses it a vacation house. Like I don’t even know, um,
Speaker 2 00:18:33 Nice area.
Speaker 1 00:18:35 It’s an Alexandria, which is nice. Yeah. Hmm. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:18:41 But, um, yeah, you can do an Airbnb there.
Speaker 1 00:18:45 So I was wondering if, yeah. If it was like used for Airbnb or something like that, I don’t. And if it’s not, they should do that because I feel like that would be great. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:18:54 Yeah. I mean, who doesn’t want to stay in like the narrowest house ever,
Speaker 1 00:18:59 And it’s an Alexandria it’s right outside of like DC and all that other stuff. There’s shit. Tons of stuff to do. Or at least in my mind where, you know, I live in the middle of nowhere. There’s not shit, tons of stuff to do so her and that. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, I thought that was so funny. And I guess they said that you can still see on the edge of his house before, like the start of the front wall, like the wines that the wagons would make on his, on his original house. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:19:31 Well, that’s a narrow fucking alleyway.
Speaker 1 00:19:34 It’s only, I mean it’s seven feet wide. It’s not that wide.
Speaker 2 00:19:38 Wow. Yeah. So I guess that’s not ridiculous then that’s, that’d be beaten up that bad one brick at a time. You could get it right?
Speaker 1 00:19:48 Yeah. Okay. So the next one was a very interesting one for me. It is called the pink house of plum Island or the plum Island pink house in Newbury, Massachusetts
Speaker 2 00:20:05 In diploma, or is it pink?
Speaker 1 00:20:07 So plum Island is the place. Pink is the color. It is actually pink. All right. So you’re ready for the spite house. I’m ready. Get ready for these levels of spite. This 2100 square foot house was built 1922 reportedly as part of the terms of a divorce, a woman was divorcing her husband and he happened to be a lawyer at the time. And part of the terms was that the husband was required to build an exact replica of his house for his now ex-wife however, in the term she did not specify where. So he built it in the middle of the great Marsh outside of town. He did build the exact replica and it’s identical to the original house, but it was not considered livable in the isolated March and Marsh Marsh. And it even had salt water plumbing. So this is in what time, 1922, how
Speaker 4 00:21:12 I just need to know, like, how are they making this happen? It’s not even livable. How are you making an identical house in the middle of a Marsh?
Speaker 1 00:21:24 Because it’s a thing that rich people do.
Speaker 4 00:21:27 Yeah. I guess that makes sense. Can you imagine being like, so tell me a story, grandma or grandpa ran one grand person and um, and they’re like, yeah. I mean, one time I was hired to be on this construction crew to build a house in the middle of nowhere for no reason.
Speaker 1 00:21:51 Right. Like right though.
Speaker 4 00:21:54 Yeah. That’s so weird.
Speaker 1 00:21:58 Which speaking of slightly related, but not entirely one of my abandoned house escapades out here, uh, I went and explored this one building and it seemed super cool. It was pretty big. It had a nice arch way leading in and there was like door, it looked like a couple of rooms looked like it could have been either a mansion or a church. Possibly. There was only one entrance. There was no other doors. There’s one fucking entrance. Does that not weird? You out? It weirds me out. There’s no back door, no side door. All the windows were super fucking high. And it was, there was only the one door to get in the front. Did you go in? Yes. And then I left pretty quick after that. Cause I was like, I don’t like the way that this feels feels weird.
Speaker 4 00:22:50 Yeah. I don’t like that vibe if I have a yeah. yeah. Right. I wouldn’t go in an abandoned house to begin with or really I’ve done it before and got stung by. I lost my thought. I was being touched by spirit because I was
Speaker 1 00:23:07 Don’t,
Speaker 4 00:23:12 Which is why I am, uh, not feeling like I want to do that again. But anyways. Yeah, no, but if I, I J I strongly believe that it’s like, if you’re somewhere like out in the world, random nada King, or like in an abandoned house to take cool ass pictures. Like if you get that feeling of, uh, I shouldn’t be here, just leave out. Even if the, even if you’re about to walk into a literal, wasp’s like I
Speaker 1 00:23:46 Had that, I forgot to. I forgot to tell you the other part. I was with a friend and we were there and we saw car lights pull up. And this is in the middle of nowhere. So you can see everything from like five miles away. We saw car lights pull up and we’re like, shit, let’s get in the car. So we get in the car and look back in the rear view mirror. And there’s nothing fucking there, nothing there. I’m not making it up.
Speaker 4 00:24:13 So do you think it was like ghostly car lights? Or do you think they like turned around and left because somebody was there?
Speaker 1 00:24:21 No. Cause we didn’t, it wasn’t enough time for somebody to turn around and leave. And when we looked back, we didn’t see any brake lights. There was no like a Hill or anything. It’s all fucking flat out here. So you can see everything for miles and miles. And we saw them approaching from a distance and we were like, ah, shit, we need to. And so like, it was off the highway, but you could eat, took a dirt road to get to the entrance. And so it was on this dirt road part. Like we could see the people passing on the highway, but we saw them turn onto this dirt, dirt road part. We’re like, Oh crap. Okay. Let’s get in the car. So we’re like watching and watching and then we go and get in the car and buckle up. And then I looked back and the lights are gone.
Speaker 4 00:25:03 That’s very bizarre. That whole, that whole, I just, um, yeah, very bizarre. The strain
Speaker 1 00:25:12 That place also had a weird pit that I didn’t like was like behind the, behind the weird house thing that didn’t have any other doors. It only had the one door, there was this weird tower looking building, and I didn’t look into it, but my friend peeked in and there was just a pit. And then I went over and it was like this walled up, you know, like square tower thing. And then there’s a ledge. There’s just a dark fucking pit. I’m like, what the fuck is this shit? And it didn’t look like a, well, it wasn’t a, well, like, I don’t know what it was.
Speaker 4 00:25:55 Okay. This is gonna for sure. Give me nightmares.
Speaker 1 00:26:00 You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for. Honestly, my instinct was that it was like some sort of weird like cult thing.
Speaker 4 00:26:10 I’m saying it’s like, you’re in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know. I don’t know. Okay. So we went out on a hike at this place where people do mountain biking, right. And we’re looking for new trails. And uh, and there was this one trail that leads you like under the highway and over this weird direction, people would bike through there all the time. You can tell on the, like the tracks and the dirt it’s like, people were just there. You know? Um, I started to feel real weird about it. And I was like, no, I can’t. I need to leave because I’m just like, maybe it’s. Cause I was listening to a lot true crime stuff
Speaker 3 00:26:44 Last week. And I’m like,
Speaker 4 00:26:46 It’d be taken and slaughtered somewhere in this vicinity. I can feel
Speaker 5 00:26:51 Trapped in a bunker. Yeah. I
Speaker 4 00:26:53 Just, Oh my God. Did I tell you?
Speaker 5 00:26:58 No. What else is there to add to the horror of that fucking story?
Speaker 4 00:27:03 Um, first day, new job. No, what you know up here, people got basements. They got upstairs is they got downstairs is, and you gotta like go around this whole maze underneath restaurants to like get to their shit, mostly dry storage. Um, so yeah, so I’m going downstairs into the basement and then it’s like, you turn and you go down this hallway and then the ceiling comes down. So the room is shorter and then you there’s like a hole and you have to step down into that room. And there’s two ways to access that room. You can tell them, you know, like you can tell it, like, you can go down another set of stairs and you walk into that room and it’s like a normal room. So it’s like, you can tell they weren’t originally the same or supposed to be together. And they kind of just like made it happen. Um, but yeah, I was literally like, um, I just
Speaker 3 00:28:02 Right
Speaker 4 00:28:05 In a basement that you have to step down into,
Speaker 5 00:28:09 Then you get trapped in for years. And you’re telling me, this is where
Speaker 3 00:28:13 To go. Right. This is the first time I’m I’ve ever been
Speaker 4 00:28:19 Here. I don’t know how many people I told I was coming
Speaker 3 00:28:22 Here.
Speaker 5 00:28:27 Did I send that last text to mom? I didn’t tell Sarah. I loved her. I told her to water. My plants
Speaker 3 00:28:35 That’d be going into the basement.
Speaker 5 00:28:42 No that, Oh man. Like I went to go, don’t get mad at me. I went to go pick up. Actually it was picking up these screens that I’m now using for my super high tech recording tent. Right. So I go and I pick up these screens and I had told
Speaker 3 00:29:03 Mom
Speaker 5 00:29:04 Pick them up, but not like anybody local. Right, right. And it’s an hour and a half away and I’d go and I pick them up and I pull into this guy’s house and he’s like, he, and I was like, Hey, I’m here. And he’s like, okay. It’s like this middle-aged man with like a beard and a hat. I’m like, okay, cool. He’s like I’m. And he looks around and he’s like, are you alone? And I was like, yes. He was like, okay, we’ll come inside. And I’m like, okay. And then he, I come inside and maybe, probably because I was acting super fucking weird after that. And he was hi, I’m
Speaker 1 00:29:43 Dave or something like that. I’m like, okay, interesting yourself. Maybe just want to take the shit and leave.
Speaker 3 00:29:49 I know. Right.
Speaker 1 00:29:51 And then he was like, okay, well, here they are. If you like him, I was like, yeah. He’s like, all right, I’ll take it back to your heart. I was like, thank fucking God. He was cause, but when I’m walking in, he was like, Oh, I’m Dave. And I’m like, Oh, nice to meet you. And I realized afterwards, cause I was just like, Oh my God. And I was like, I don’t have my knife. I don’t have my phone. Even I left it in the fucking car, like nobody knows prey. And then he’s like, Oh yeah, they’re through here. As I’m walking further into the house. And then he was like, I hope you don’t mind dogs. And I was like, this is my nightmare. This is how I’m going to die.
Speaker 3 00:30:27 You know? It’s so sad that that’s like, how it, how it be sometimes, you know,
Speaker 1 00:30:35 It’s sort of like,
Speaker 3 00:30:37 Not just the anxiety, but it’s like, that’s a real thing that can happen to people. That’s a real thing that can happen to people.
Speaker 1 00:30:43 Well, and then I was like, and then I was like, too. I was like, why the fuck? Didn’t I lie and say that my husband was at the gas station or something like, why was I like, yes, I’m alone. Like as soon as those words came out of my mouth, I was like, what did I do?
Speaker 3 00:30:59 You been raised as very honest people, sometimes you just cannot help, but right away.
Speaker 1 00:31:11 So tell the truth
Speaker 3 00:31:14 And give it all up.
Speaker 1 00:31:25 I’m like, I’m like certain that all of the color like drained from my face. And I do think that’s why he introduced himself afterward. Cause I probably looked like a deer in fucking headlights when he was like, are you alone? And I’m like, yes. I’m like, Oh no, what you
Speaker 3 00:31:38 Ask if somebody is alive,
Speaker 1 00:31:40 I think he thought, I think he thought maybe I would need help, but they’re really light screens. They’re not that heavy. And like maybe he thought that somebody was coming with a truck and my car looks small, but it holds a lot surprisingly, but still that was, yeah. So that was my most recent, uh, feeling like I was going to brush with death.
Speaker 3 00:32:00 Uh, yeah. It’s not a good feeling. God, you alone in like, well,
Speaker 1 00:32:09 I was like simultaneously like freaked out and like, God, Sarah, you fucking dumb ass. Why did you say yes? Why didn’t you say? Um, yeah, but my husband’s waiting for me or some shit like, come on,
Speaker 3 00:32:23 Man. It’s a lot to unpack from that. But um, I mean
Speaker 1 00:32:28 I know, but that’s what,
Speaker 3 00:32:30 But it’s just, you know, it’s like, yeah. Oh yeah.
Speaker 1 00:32:35 So lesson from that is I need to get better at lying apparently.
Speaker 2 00:32:40 Yeah. Yeah. Don’t we all. And um, I mean, that probably sounds really. Yeah,
Speaker 6 00:32:51 We’re too good at telling the truth. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:32:55 In case you haven’t noticed already by all of the embarrassing things, we’ve already unpacked for everyone,
Speaker 2 00:33:04 You know, it’s like, you mean we need balance in the universe.
Speaker 6 00:33:09 Ooh.
Speaker 1 00:33:10 Okay. So anyway, sorry to get back to the plum Island pink house in Massachusetts. So this was the house that, uh, the husband built an exact replica during the divorce, but in the middle of a Marsh on the outside of town with saltwater plumbing. Right. Um, people apparently did end up living in it, but it’s been vacant since the early two thousands. Um, it’s very picturesque. It’s like this cute little pink house, red on a fucking Marsh and you can see like the marshland behind it and then like sunset, like we’re going to have to include pictures. Cause it is very fucking cute. Wow. Um, the locals love it and are trying to save it from demolition. Um, so in 2012 it was sold to the Parker river national wildlife refuge in 2012. Sorry. Um, because they’re, they’re, you know, doing wildlife preservation out there and since the house could possibly be a danger to wild animals, I guess is what they’re arguing.
Speaker 1 00:34:13 They’re trying to demolish it. But the locals it’s funny. Cause I was reading this article about this chick who like grew up in the area and when she was a kid, she thought it was like the spooky yield house. And then she talks about how like over time get so accustomed to seeing it. And then it becomes a familiar thing. And then it becomes that, Oh, I kind of love it thing. You know what I mean? And she goes on throughout this article to talk about how she wanted to try and buy the house. But actually the house was going up for sale for like fucking $395,000. Keep in mind like it has, like they said in the article has quote unquote good bones, but it’s been abandoned since early two thousands. Like mainly burns living in there and it’s they still want to sell it for $395,000.
Speaker 2 00:35:03 Jeez. Um, there’s mostly bird slipping.
Speaker 1 00:35:08 Exactly. So there’s like a whole website dedicated to save the pink house. I think it say the pink or save the pink Um, like I said, the locals in this town of Newberry, they love it. It’s like a little attraction. It’s something that they like to see in the little horizon. I I, like I said, I do think it’s very picturesque. It’s very cute. Um, how, and like I said, this was the main story was that it was this weird spite house from the terms of the divorce. However, in my Googling adventure, I did find one article, only one from apartment therapy that claim that it’s actually not a spite house. The article claims that the house was built by a lady called Gertrude cutter for her son and other Gertrude. I know good old Trudy. Although I don’t know if this, I don’t know if this Trudy had good intentions. So the claim is that this Trudy built it for her son and his new wife as a gift for them because their marriage was on the rocks. So give them a house. I mean like 2100 square feet, I guess that’s nice and big, but
Speaker 2 00:36:21 Pretty spiteful. Actually it wasn’t for a divorce. Maybe she was like, Oh, your marriage is failing. Try this one on first. That’s going to get in the house, but I’m not going to tell you where it is.
Speaker 1 00:36:35 Exactly. And so the story in this article was that the lady gave it to them because they were just on the rocks. Which like, I mean, is it supposed to be isolated? So you spend more time together and then maybe like each other,
Speaker 2 00:36:51 That’s another way to end a marriage.
Speaker 1 00:36:53 Yeah. Like hardcore
Speaker 2 00:36:56 Just doesn’t seem like a great idea.
Speaker 1 00:36:59 No. And so, um, the, the person who read this article, so the wife stayed in the house for 12 days and nights with her son in this marshy area, outside of town saying that the wind was rattling through the whole house before saying, fuck it. And taking her son to go stay with her mother and Salem. And then the couple actually divorced in 1934. However, like I said, this was only one article and I could not find anything to corroborate that story. So I don’t know which story is true either way, like you said, I do think either motive is somewhat spiteful.
Speaker 2 00:37:38 Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know about that. I don’t, yeah. I don’t know about that.
Speaker 1 00:37:44 Right. Sounds uh, like a controlling mother-in-law beds.
Speaker 2 00:37:51 Yeah. I just like, it doesn’t sound that doesn’t
Speaker 1 00:37:53 Sound like you’re not going to get to Morse. Here’s the fucking house. You guys better work at the fuck out goodbye. You know like, Ooh, yeah.
Speaker 2 00:38:03 Pink house on the Marsh card.
Speaker 1 00:38:09 I don’t know how, but I’m going to find a way to use it.
Speaker 2 00:38:11 You thought that wild draw four was as bad as it got up there. You know,
Speaker 1 00:38:16 Stop it. What are you doing with your shifty eyes over there? Yeah. I see you searching for something else. Say,
Speaker 6 00:38:44 Go us anyway.
Speaker 1 00:38:51 Right? So the next spite house is another one in Boston, Massachusetts. Wow. This one’s in Massachusetts still, but it’s in Boston, Boston. This one’s called the skinny house in Boston. Okay. Another skinny house. A lot of these spite houses are skinny houses. Um, so,
Speaker 1 00:39:19 So, uh, this one came about from a civil war era disputed inheritance between two brothers. So you know, these two brothers inherited some land and apparently wow. One brother was off serving in the military. The other brother built a home that reportedly took up way more than his fair share of the land and left the first brother who’s off serving in the war with very little land left and not enough land to build a house, quote, unquote, this motherfucker’s like, Oh, you don’t think that’s enough room to build a house. I’ll find a fucking way to build a house on that shit. So the brother comes back and he built a skinny ass house to block the brother’s view from sunlight and to ruin his view from the house. Wow. There’s some good pictures of it. It is 10 feet wide and tapers to two point or 9.2, five feet in the rear. It is 30 feet deep and it is four stories.
Speaker 6 00:40:29 Oh yeah.
Speaker 1 00:40:34 So he made sure to block like all of those windows on that side of the house and it’s built like right up to it, like, wow. Yeah, it’s great. Don’t worry. I’m going to have a bunch of pictures. Cause these, these houses just really give me life. Um, this is considered Boston’s the NIST house. Um, him, the skinny house doesn’t even have a front door. It can only be accessed through a side door that looks more like a window. Yeah. Fun fact. It is currently a residential home and privately owned. The owners were quoted as saying we had a party of 10, one new year’s Eve and one person has to go to the bathroom. Everyone has to move. Instead of doors, we have floors between each space. When a guest stays over, we put a mattress down on the closet floor
Speaker 5 00:41:34 Except for sleeping in the closet. They seem to like it.
Speaker 3 00:41:38 Oh wow. Wow.
Speaker 5 00:41:42 So fun fact, if you’re friends with these people and you want to go visit, they’re going to put you in the closet every single time.
Speaker 3 00:41:51 That’s pretty funny.
Speaker 5 00:41:52 Harry Potter vibes much.
Speaker 3 00:41:56 I don’t know. That’s a little more Narnia.
Speaker 5 00:41:58 We’re Narnia. No Narnia is a wardrobe.
Speaker 3 00:42:00 Yeah. That’s closety
Speaker 5 00:42:03 He literally lifted
Speaker 3 00:42:05 Cupboard under the stairs. Yeah. Whatever. Right. A cool
Speaker 5 00:42:11 DASSI sister. Yeah. I thought that was hysterical. Yeah. The one brother built it and he took up most of the land thinking that the other brother just wouldn’t be able to do anything with it at all. And his brother’s like, Oh yeah, well fuck you. I’m going to find something to fucking do with it.
Speaker 3 00:42:27 Yeah.
Speaker 5 00:42:30 This is the pettiness I live for.
Speaker 3 00:42:34 Don’t we all,
Speaker 5 00:42:35 I mean, I feel like I’m not actually that petty, but you know, I do love reading about
Speaker 3 00:42:39 It. I knew
Speaker 5 00:42:42 That’s very true, but boy, do I love reading about it just gives me all the tea. So the last one I want to talk about, I’m interested to see if you’ve heard of this one, because I think that you have, this was a more recent spite house, which I love. Okay. So planting peace is a charity organization. Um, and it is known for helping and supporting LGBTQ folks. Right?
Speaker 3 00:43:21 So,
Speaker 5 00:43:23 Uh, they purchased a house across the street from the Westboro Baptist church in Topeka, Kansas, some 2013. For those of you who don’t know the Westboro Baptist church, the hate group, well known for his anti LGBTQ picketing and protesting, and generally just being fucking terrible to everyone. Um, so this charity organization, uh, planting peace, purchased the house and had it painted to match the colors of the rainbow pride flag. Nice directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist church. Um, and it did attract worldwide attention and media coverage in, uh, 2013. I do remember actually seeing stuff.
Speaker 3 00:44:11 Got it. Yeah. I was going to say, I do remember hearing about this.
Speaker 5 00:44:15 Yeah, yeah. Um, and, and then in 2016, the same charity purchased the house next door and painted it, the colors of the transgender pride flag. Nice. So those are both sitting across the street from this infamous hate group and the house provides shelter for volunteers and a community garden. Aw. Yeah. And apparently in Topeka, Kansas, they don’t have homeowners associations because they wouldn’t be able to pull that shit in Florida. That’s for sure.
Speaker 2 00:44:51 I mean, yeah,
Speaker 5 00:44:53 It’s funny. Cause I was talking to one of our friends that still lives in Florida and he was telling me about how he’s friend, he’s becoming friends with the old neighbor and she spills all the tea on one of the other neighbors. And he, she thinks one of them is like blatantly flouting. The, uh, the homeowners association rules she’s annoyed that they like put up a back porch I think, but not because they put up the porch, but because they have automatic lights that shine directly into her bedroom window. Yeah. And then she, I guess they were talking and she was claiming that they put them up, they put up the porch so quick. It’s just like, they, there’s no way that could be under it’s like I’m going to have to do something Florida series about their hos guys and is no joke.
Speaker 2 00:45:49 I mean, it really isn’t.
Speaker 5 00:45:51 Um, but anyways, so yeah, that is, uh, how’s my topic on spite houses. There’s, there’s more spite houses, but these were the most fun stories, um, that I could find. And uh, yeah, it was just really living for the spite and this and the pettiness.
Speaker 2 00:46:12 That’s just, you know, a level of pettiness that I never knew really existed. So I’m glad that now I know about it now, you know, I don’t have to wonder anymore. I’m like, Oh wow. That’s I still think that one in the middle of the Marsh it’s like,
Speaker 5 00:46:32 So yeah, with this, the pink house, it just gets me because like, you know, it’s a pretty big house, 2000 square feet, 2100 square feet. Uh, and it was, I think it’s like, uh, American square something layout. So it has a very specific layout. Everybody talks about how it has really nice bones and like it’s a nice house. It’s just in the middle of the great Marsh in Massachusetts. So there’s that. Yeah. So someday I aspire to that level of pettiness of which I can not afford currently.
Speaker 2 00:47:08 Yeah. Right. It’s like, I want to be able to afford to retire and to be petty.
Speaker 5 00:47:16 Those are some really good life goals right there. And to be able to afford to retire and also be petty if I want to be.
Speaker 2 00:47:23 Yeah. It’s like, it’s nice to have the option. What else am I going to do with that free time? You know? Yeah. I mean,
Speaker 5 00:47:30 Steel bricks from the alleyway and make like a weird small house. It’s fine.
Speaker 4 00:47:35 That’s my point. Yeah. How can you do that? If you’re not in retirement? I just don’t understand. I still like, I need, I need like diary. I need like journal entries from those days. I need to know. I want to know,
Speaker 5 00:47:48 You know, what kills me though is that I can’t believe that people still live in these places. Like aside from the plum pink house, uh, you know, the skinny house in Boston and the other Boston house. No. And the Alexandria house, they’re all still occupied. I mean,
Speaker 4 00:48:07 That is very interesting. I think it’s like a commodity thing, you know,
Speaker 5 00:48:11 I was going to say, I’m not going to lie. That’s definitely something that I’d be like, what the fuck is this? This is intriguing. Right. I think I’m a mess with this. Yeah,
Speaker 6 00:48:20 Exactly.
Speaker 5 00:48:22 You know, it’s like a tiny house that you can’t fucking move essentially. Yeah.
Speaker 6 00:48:29 It’s a great excuse to go to Ikea. I know, right.
Speaker 5 00:48:34 Yeah. I just, uh, really was living for that pettiness this week made me happy.
Speaker 4 00:48:41 Well, that was a lovely topic that I did not know existed until just now.
Speaker 5 00:48:50 I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of it. I dunno. I always think that you hear about the more stuff than I do.
Speaker 4 00:48:56 I didn’t know. It was a thing. I mean, I don’t know if I had heard of it. I don’t know. I don’t feel like I have, I don’t know
Speaker 5 00:49:06 How I heard of it. Actually. I think it was like one of those things where I was like, so sometimes when I look for topics, I just Google like weird mysteries or weird stories or weird Wikipedia pages. And I think spite houses was one of the weird Wikipedia pages.
Speaker 6 00:49:26 Hmm.
Speaker 4 00:49:27 Some say it’s claimed to be the most dangerous stretch of running water on earth. Some say it’s nothing but a spit-balling stream.
Speaker 6 00:49:42 Oh, all I know is it’s called the strip.
Speaker 5 00:49:53 That was amazing. Thank you so much. Please tell me. That was just for me and no one else. Okay, good.
Speaker 6 00:50:01 Probably what else? Um, no, let me claim it. Oh my gosh.
Speaker 5 00:50:09 That was perfect. Although you didn’t do a British accent and I was a little disappointed,
Speaker 4 00:50:13 Uh, you know, uh, I’m going to ease myself into the embarrassment levels here. You know
Speaker 5 00:50:20 Why we already started off strong? Oh boy. We did
Speaker 6 00:50:23 Wait. So tell me about the strip. That’s not the STIG.
Speaker 4 00:50:34 It’s not the STIG. Um, no, it’s the Bolton stride, which is a part of the river Wharf at Bolton. Nabby in Yorkshire.
Speaker 6 00:50:45 Sure. It’s quiet. You’re gonna ignore that.
Speaker 4 00:50:48 Yeah. Safe talking about
Speaker 6 00:50:50 Embarrassment levels. Proven my point. I don’t know. I feel like my embarrassment levels are way higher than yours there, but are okay.
Speaker 4 00:51:04 Some say she feels like her embarrassment levels are way higher or
Speaker 6 00:51:10 Well, it’s not what you don’t know.
Speaker 4 00:51:23 All right. So I’m sure you’re all wondering why is the strip claimed to be the most dangerous stretch of wanting one
Speaker 6 00:51:32 On earth?
Speaker 4 00:51:36 Well, that is because on the surface of the street, it looks like an innocent idyllic stream. Um, yes it is. I, it is quite idyllic. It is something out of Florida. The rings, it is just a majestic masterpiece. And it’s been there for quite some time. There are stories about the strip that go back to the 12th century. So it is a well-known throughout history for being, um, I don’t even know what the right word is like charming, like too charming, like painful. Hmm.
Speaker 6 00:52:18 So cute. It’ll kill you. You know, so like me right now. Mm mm. Mm that’s. What’s the term for that? Deceptive deception lies deception. Yes. Um,
Speaker 4 00:52:43 I don’t know. I can’t think of a word right now, but so yes, it looks very beautiful, very peaceful, calm, and it looks very much like you could just hop right over it, which is kind of where they think the name for the stood came from. Um, you know, in, in old English, your, they would call it a striding place. And um, so I’m not called the stride. So it’s like the stride, it’s like a place where you could take a little stride right across. And that’s what it looks like. It looks, they can just hop from one rock to the other, but the rocks that form around the street and that look like it’s banks actually overhangs. And so the river Wharf is actually a really wide river. I mean, you know, like where there’s like where the street is, is just a section of the river about, I think it’s like a hundred yards or so up from that area, the rivers, like 20 or 30 feet wide.
Speaker 4 00:53:48 And then back down from where they film, I either like another mile or mile and a half from like where they film it opens up, back up again. But even there, it like opens up. Like, it’s like, there’s no waterfall, there’s no rushing water. It just opens up. So the river, when it’s going through the rocks, it actually turns on its side. So it’s flowing vertically. Yeah. It twists like a little Twizzler and twists up and goes in between the rocks vertically. So where, you know, the street is, it goes up to like, they think it’s like at least 30 feet deep, but there’s really no way for them to tell because as it turns, it’s like carving through these rocks and has been for so long that it’s, the currents are super rapid.
Speaker 1 00:54:40 Uh, but it doesn’t look like it on the top.
Speaker 4 00:54:45 No, because it’s so deep that it’s just flowing. It’s just flowing super deep underneath and everything that, you know, you think you’re walking on. You’re like, Oh, well this is a part of the, the Rocky wall and the bank, but it’s actually the rivers underneath it. And it’s just like, you know how like, rivers look like a little you with a top and then you turn on its side and it’s like a little diamond shape, you know? So it’s kind of like cannabis and then has this overhang of rock. That’s not
Speaker 1 00:55:15 So kind of like rat teeth for
Speaker 4 00:55:16 The rocks. Yeah. No, it does kind of look like a freaky little mouth. Um, Yeah, so it looks, it looks very calm. It just looks like this black water just swirling around. There’s like a couple parts where, you know, it’s got a little bit more oomph to it. Um, the, one of the things
Speaker 1 00:55:36 Not like water Rapids, like we would think of it, like where are the water Rapids in the U S I don’t know, around, I don’t know, round. Correct. It’s not something I desire to do so Colorado or something. I don’t feel like Colorado is like a place for most things outdoors. And I feel like they have it in New York too. Probably. Yeah. So it’s, but it’s not like that, like the water isn’t super like intense or frothy or anything.
Speaker 4 00:56:05 No, it’s not. It’s like, um, when I’ll put, you know, the I’ll put the video up and the picture up of like, when it’s like super calm and like, Whoa, freaky. And in the summer, it, when it gets really low and dry, you know, it definitely looks way more calm, but like the rocks are still like covered in Moss. You know, it’s just, it’s basically like if you slip, you will get sucked under like the way that the currents cut through the rock. It’s like, there’s no river bed beneath the surface. It’s just going to pull you straight down into these like, caverns that it’s carved out. Cause it’s now turning vertically. So the whole thing is just twisting and going down underneath all of that beneath the surface. Yeah. Yeah.
Speaker 5 00:56:54 So it’s like what you said, like three to six feet across in this one area.
Speaker 4 00:57:01 It’s like, it could be as much as like a few inches across, it looks like you could just sit, you know, like you could just go up and sit on a rock and stick your feet in. Um, but you know, if you go like a couple inches below the surface, you can get sucked in and just slide right off the rock. And like people, you know, I don’t know. It’s like people who have disappeared there have like never been seen again. Or if they have like, because of the massive pressure of the rocks and the water underneath it. Um, but the word pulverized was used in several pulverized. That’s just how intense it is. You know? It’s like, and they, like, when they talk about the caverns, they’re like, you’ve got to think about like a rock and like a washing machine and just constantly being, you know, so there’s like all these weird bulbous caverns that are in there. And so if you get sucked in, it’s like, you’re going to be like that rock that’s. Yeah. There was one article that was like, you would be unconscious before you even hit anything because of how fast it is. Like how intense the pressure is.
Speaker 5 00:58:16 Well, that part, I guess, is at least a small mercy, like, Ugh. Yeah. And now, because I can’t stop picturing it with the rat teeth, mouth, like the rocks, I’m just picturing like a giant rat gargling you in its mouth until you,
Speaker 4 00:58:32 It’s not so much rat, like it just, but it definitely is like, it’s, it’s weird. It makes me think of like a Venus fly trap or something where it’s like something that you want to land on and it wants to eat you. And it’s just, it’s very Rose red. I don’t know. Um, wait, what do you mean Rose red? Isn’t it? The house that eats people? I don’t know. I don’t know either anyways, so yeah, so that the rocks that form around it are just it’s overhangs. Um,
Speaker 5 00:59:05 But it looks like the rocks. It’s like a, it looks like a shore, but it’s actually just overhangs for this deep dark intense tunnel.
Speaker 4 00:59:14 It literally just looks like a little babbling streamy Brooke situation and that you could walk across it. You know what I mean? Can’t see the bottom of it. It’s just black water. So it’s like, if we, if like the stream on the side of mom and dad’s house just had black water and you’re like, Oh, well it’s just dark water. It’s just like some sort of sediment and you go to step over it. And it’s like,
Speaker 1 00:59:37 Also I hate that sound a lot. I’m so sorry.
Speaker 4 00:59:45 Yes. So there are the claims of that are none of the BAS there are claims that falling into the strip has a 100% fatality rate.
Speaker 4 00:59:59 Um, so like I said, the stories of the straight date back to the 12th century. Um, but there are some other stories as well. In 1943, there was a young artist who lived near Bolton Abbey, who was inspired by the idyllic beauty of the strip. He went to the river to paint it and was never heard from again, 11 days later, they discovered that his body had been pulverized at the bottom of the river, farther down the street. I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t, I shouldn’t have brought it up before it came up, but it’s not a great look. Wait,
Speaker 1 01:00:38 So you sent me the pictures, didn’t you?
Speaker 4 01:00:40 I did. And there’s like a video.
Speaker 1 01:00:56 Oh my God. Right? It does. It looks like it’s something in fucking the shyer. Yeah. It looks like in the water is super calm.
Speaker 4 01:01:09 It’s like, Gandalf’s about to come walking through there with his little white or
Speaker 1 01:01:13 That’s terrifying. And it does, there’s so many rocks. It looks like that. It can’t be that deep. Yeah. There’s not even foam on the top. I know. Ugh.
Speaker 4 01:01:27 Yeah. So I watched a lot of YouTube videos about this. And um,
Speaker 1 01:01:34 How did you even hear about this?
Speaker 4 01:01:36 I literally randomly saw this in an article years ago at this point and have used this as an, as a conference. I’ve used this in conversation and been like, Oh, haven’t you heard about the little river in England that looks like it’s like a little stream and it’s suck people underneath the earth. And there’s stories that go back at least to the 14th century. I think this is like things that I would say to people in conversation. And then I was like, you know what? I read this random article probably at like two or three in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. And this is the information I retained from it. And maybe I should look into it. And I looked into everything that I possibly could about the area. Um, I found this really cute YouTube video by this named Bob Morgan who was very well done and very informative. And it gives you, he, he walks around, um, and gives you a tour from burn salt bolt Nabby um, I believe, and it’s just, it’s very sweet, but it’s like, but yeah. So you get to walk the whole trail that starts at the monastery monastery.
Speaker 5 01:02:45 Yeah. Yeah. That’s how you say it. I mean, I guess unless you were English, maybe you would say like monastery shit.
Speaker 4 01:02:53 Sure. It’s weird. I don’t know. I have no idea anyways, so the trail starts there and um, we’ll go up around near the strip and then it comes back in a loop. Right. So he takes you on that little trail that starts there in Bolton Abby, and like, and so you go up and you can kind of see like the view of the whole area. So it’s just interesting if you’re interested in that area, um,
Speaker 5 01:03:21 It’s like, I’m weirdly intrigued by this whole idea and would love to go see it, but also like terrified.
Speaker 4 01:03:27 Yeah. It was really interesting because it’s like people wanted to, you know, are washed a lot of videos of people like covering it and, um, and they’re all like, Oh, don’t want to get too close. And I was like, no, you don’t like, don’t die making this video. It’s not worth it Bob, to have a safe distance. So I was proud of him for that. Um, there’s also these stepping stones that are by the monastery. I don’t know. I can’t, I don’t have it. It’s monastery. That’s how you say it. Is it okay
Speaker 5 01:03:52 In American? Yeah.
Speaker 4 01:03:56 Yes. Monastery monastery. Okay. Um, so anyways, they were these stepping stones by the modesty and Bob was like, yeah, some people cross on these stepping stones, but I’m going to take the foot bridge. No, thank you. And this is what this is like, you know, when the river is still regular river, you know, just before the strip. And, um, I found out after watching this video where there’s like footage of this, like couple, you know, doing the stepping stones and then a footage of like a couple of other people doing the stepping stones after that. And I found, you know, accounts later that probably people almost died on those stepping stones and like almost drowned. And I was like, that’s not even the scariest part of the river. And people are already dying out here and you guys still have stepping stones right up front and opening there’s way also a footbridge.
Speaker 4 01:04:50 There’s also a footbridge and Oh, by the way, the monastery and bowl Navy, which they’re like, it’s actually a prior eight, but they call it a monastery. Um, the reason why, I don’t know cath Catholicism, I don’t know. Um, but the reason it was founded was because of that story in the 12th century, which is the story of William from 1154. And it’s the oldest known report of the strip. And it’s when he attempted to leap across the street, when he was on a solo hunting trip, he missed his Mark. It was swept under never to be seen again. And
Speaker 1 01:05:34 They know that he tried to leap across and Mrs. Mark, and then drown if he was on a solo trip,
Speaker 4 01:05:38 Um, his dog was talking about that’s how dogs were back then.
Speaker 1 01:05:45 It was like donkey from Shrek.
Speaker 4 01:05:47 Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Um, yeah. I don’t know if that’s a great question, but the legend goes that his mother was so grieved by the loss of her son, that she donated the surrounding land to a community of Augustinian monks so that they could write well that they would pray for her son. So, um, yeah,
Speaker 1 01:06:08 Jen, by the way, that being your only job, Hey, some rich lady is going to give us a bunch of land and housing. All you have to do is just make sure to pray for her son constantly.
Speaker 4 01:06:20 Yeah. I mean, it’s like, I don’t think that that would be their only job they’d have, they still had to build it and like make it happen and all that. But yes. Pretend we can pretend that was their only job. And it’s an interesting one, but like that’s what founded bolt Nabby is because of the story about this boy, young man dying. Um, and then, um, like a hundred years later, this guy named William Wordsworth preserved the young boys story in his beloved poem, the fullest prayer,
Speaker 1 01:06:57 Wait, the poem is called the force of prayer
Speaker 4 01:06:59 Called the force of prayer. Would you like to hear a portion of the poem? Yes, of course. Okay. Here we go. Um, just imagine a loot playing in the background, like Shakespeare style, plunk, plunk, plunk.
Speaker 1 01:07:14 Yeah. I was going to say, what does elite sound like?
Speaker 4 01:07:16 I’ll send you some loot. Some loot loops.
Speaker 1 01:07:24 I shouldn’t have found that as funny as I did, but it happened.
Speaker 4 01:07:30 All right, here we go. Young Romley through Bowden woods is ranging high end low and holds a gray hound in a leash to let slip upon buck or DOE the past have reached that fearful chiasm, how tempting tuba stride for lordly Wharf is there pent in with rocks on either side and Heather is young Romley com and what may now forbid that he perhaps for the hundredth time shall bound across the stringent. He sprang with glee. What cared he, that the river was strong and the rocks were steep. Put the gray hound in the leash, hung back and checked him in his sleep. The boy is in the arms of Wharf and strangled by a merciless force for Nevermore was young Romley seen till he Rose a lifeless corpse.
Speaker 1 01:08:40 Spooky. Awesome. Are they blaming the poor dog for his death because of the dog, the dog, the fuck out of that
Speaker 4 01:08:51 And situation. And they’re like, now we have to tell his story every day
Speaker 1 01:08:57 And pray for his soul. Now what about the dogs that dog had a lot to deal with after that he watched his mastery get sucked into a black mass, but like a like slurped, I guess straw.
Speaker 4 01:09:12 Yeah. Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:09:14 So glad we both made those noises. I know that was probably really bad of us.
Speaker 4 01:09:22 Oops. Um, so yeah, so I thought that was funny that they still step on the stepping stones and there’s like all these incidences. And so there was actually this couple in 1990. Oh man, I’m trying to find this story. I’m telling this all out of order. He, I, um, so that trail that I was saying about, uh, in Bob Morgan’s video where he like goes up and he starts out from the Abbey. Right? Okay. So in August of 1998, 29 year old computer operator, Barry Khaled and his wife Lynn co-lead were hiking along the strip on the second day of their honeymoon.
Speaker 1 01:10:06 Oh no, this can only end poorly. Why am I laughing?
Speaker 4 01:10:13 It’s nervous. Laughter. So suddenly during their hike, along the Rocky banks of the strip, the water levels Rose as much as five feet in less than a minute because of rain from a previous night in a disastrous flash flood.
Speaker 1 01:10:29 Can you imagine how fucking terrifying that would be?
Speaker 4 01:10:32 No, I would be terrified. I
Speaker 1 01:10:34 Five feet in less than a minute. Yeah.
Speaker 4 01:10:37 That’s insane. That’s terrifying. So that happened. Um, and then later that week and a state worker from bolt, Nabby where the couple were thought to be walking, saw body in the river, but it just disappeared before he could call for help. Oh my God. Yeah. So shortly after that, uh, report happened, they had a red air act that was recovered from the river, which police school, Aaron knack and Iraq anorak. Um, so yeah, so found a red
Speaker 2 01:11:14 Arrow neck in the river and they believe that it belonged to Mrs. Colette because it contained the key to their holiday cottage where they were staying. So the following Sunday, they found Lyn’s body that was recovered by police diverse, I think like a mile North beyond Barden bridge, near stepping stones after set. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, so they, it was a mile from where they had started, I think. Um, so then a man named Desmond Thomas claimed that he had seen the face of a man rise out of the water at the strip saying the face popped up towards me. And within a matter of seconds it had disappeared.
Speaker 1 01:11:52 What the fuck? Yeah. That’s like Lord of the rings, fucking haunted fucking bogs
Speaker 2 01:11:59 Shit. Oh yeah. Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:12:02 I mean like it’s, it’s sad. I know it’s sad. And also there’s like a realistic explanation because you know, they passed away in the river, but can you imagine coming across that? I would feel like I was fucking hallucinating.
Speaker 2 01:12:17 Yeah, no, I thought that was, um, particularly terrifying. Um, but unfortunately, uh, Barry wasn’t found until over a month later in mid October of that year, 10 miles downstream, 10 the couple had been married for nine days. Now. It’s just the worst story.
Speaker 1 01:12:43 How you like try and like speak to them in the last second. Like say it very quickly. Maybe if I say it super fast at the end, she won’t fucking notice
Speaker 2 01:12:51 A better way for me to have told that story, but that’s the story and it was just an yeah. So it’s like another reason of like watching all of the videos to kind of see what it was like. And so actually there was video that I watched from Hayes, outdoors, where it had just rained. So the water was higher. So when you wash it, it actually is like rushing behind him and it’s like scary. And he does like free swimming and stuff like that, like out in the wilderness. And he was like, don’t do this. He’s like, I’m not going to even kind of stick my GoPro in this. I’m standing all the way over here. Like tell him to it.
Speaker 1 01:13:29 He wasn’t even gonna stick his GoPro in
Speaker 2 01:13:31 Now. He like says there’s like a reason why, but he was like, yeah, I feel like I’m just going to lose it. I think it was because the water was so high. I didn’t expect the water to be that high. Um, I don’t know, go out and watch it. It’s a good video. He has Scott. A lot of good videos actually is pretty funny, but um, yeah, that one was interesting. And then there was another one from Sans shoelaces who had a video of like the name? Yeah. That’s her YouTube name. Oh,
Speaker 1 01:13:59 YouTube named Nana real name. Okay. Got it.
Speaker 2 01:14:01 Sorry. Yeah. Um, and it shows like the strip that’s when it’s really low and you can see like the beginnings of like these caverns and like the little holes and like that where everything kind of filters through, which is weird and a little freaky look into. But, um, but yeah, I thought it was interesting. The, the contrast in that and like, so when it does rain, he was like, yeah, it rained yesterday. So water’s this high and I’m like, shit, that looks so it’s like, when you see the difference between the two, it’s like, damn, this really is, it’s just an incredible place to be honest. And it, and that’s one thing that he says in the Hayes outdoors videos, he’s like, it demands respect. And I’m like, he, yeah, it fucking does. Like, that’s scary. Bodies of water are scary. Like just so you know, it’s not
Speaker 5 01:14:50 Like how much does it take? Like how much, um, submersion does it take to be like sucked into this? I don’t know.
Speaker 2 01:15:01 A couple people were like inches below the surface. So get sucked down. You know, some people were like really playing it up, but it’s like, and I saw other videos, uh, of people kayaking in this rapid, each part of the strip, like the part of the street where they’re like, hi, a lot of people have probably died here. Like don’t and they still do that shit. Don’t swim. Don’t jump over it. Don’t yeah, no, they were kayaking in it and it was like weird because it’s like this happy sunshiny, like techno music. That’s like,
Speaker 6 01:15:33 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:15:37 It’s like this weird, crazy, upbeat song playing in the background. And literally like every single one of them, there’s probably like six of them I’d imagine. I don’t know. Uh, they’re all getting flipped by their, in their kayaks. And like one guy his cat gets ripped out from underneath him and they have to run in and grab him. And it’s just like this weird moment where it’s like happy techno music. And I’m like, this man almost just died. Like we need to recognize that that’s not okay.
Speaker 5 01:16:04 How did they get like, did they just pull him out in time or what
Speaker 2 01:16:08 Yeah, they did, but it’s like a struggle. Like you can tell if the water’s really rough and I’m just on, I just don’t understand like how you could do that and not have a death wish
Speaker 5 01:16:19 Adrenaline junkies,
Speaker 2 01:16:24 Adrenaline sold separately, junkie sign included.
Speaker 5 01:16:32 It was both amazing and terrible good job.
Speaker 2 01:16:36 Yep. I’m like, that’s what I bring to the table.
Speaker 5 01:16:42 Amazingness and terribleness.
Speaker 6 01:16:46 Great.
Speaker 5 01:16:50 I’m sorry. I just pictured his face while he was saying it. That’s a good one. Oh man. Yeah, that sounds terrifying. Oh my, like I want to go there to see it, but like also
Speaker 1 01:17:10 Not,
Speaker 2 01:17:12 I also want to go there to see it also. Um, there’s like these little tiny baby plastic signs that are like about baby. They’re like the, you see the size of this postcard versus my face. It’s about the same size as my face.
Speaker 1 01:17:29 That’s all that they have that weren’t
Speaker 2 01:17:30 They have, ’em like tacked up on the trees and it’s like, Hey, danger, people die here. Don’t climb on the rocks. K. And it’s like on, it’s like tacked up on the tree. And one of the, uh, videos that I watched, they were like, ah, it’s very surprising to me that you can just walk right up to this and there’s no fence, there’s no boundary. Like you can just read it
Speaker 1 01:17:56 Like a, like a railing or anything.
Speaker 2 01:17:59 The summer kids are hopping over the rocks. So I’m like, , I’m like, so is this really as dangerous as it is? Or like, but someone, a kid died in 2010 in this trip. I mean, it’s just like, yeah, it was a birthday party. That one.
Speaker 1 01:18:15 No, it was her birthday party. Yeah. It was his birthday party. No, I’m like the more you tell me the worst it gets. God, it’s not funny at all. I’m so sorry. I just don’t have, we’re just, we don’t know what else is up to you. That was the worst way I could have said. That’s so awesome. Oh my God.
Speaker 2 01:18:44 Hope you like dark humor. So sorry. It’s terrible. We know, we know it’s terrible. Okay.
Speaker 1 01:18:50 I was like, I can’t stop laughing. So it was his birthday party also. Why are you having a birthday party for your kid at this dangerous fucking place?
Speaker 2 01:19:00 I don’t know. I think just some people like, just don’t think that it’s that dangerous. I think some people are like, yeah, it’s, you know, my uncle Timmy swam in the strip, but it’s like maybe swim in the Wharf. Like you can swim in the morph. I don’t know. Crazy vacuum. I just wouldn’t chance it. I wouldn’t try it. I wouldn’t try it. It’s that’s that’s um, no, I’m good. I’m good personally. I’m good. I wouldn’t try most bodies of water. I’m definitely not going to try the most dangerous stretch of running water on earth. Like
Speaker 1 01:19:33 I was like maybe not lakes. And then I went to the ocean, sea creatures and I was like, maybe that’s not the ocean.
Speaker 2 01:19:42 I am down with rivers. And I did say that before, but it’s like chill rivers, nice rivers, rivers. I can see the bottom of like and Springs. They’re cool. Apparently there are parts of Florida that I like who knew.
Speaker 1 01:19:56 Mm.
Speaker 2 01:19:57 Florida is so crazy. Florida. It’s got crazy wildlife actually. It’s pretty. Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:20:04 I don’t know. Also like apparently we’re shouting out Florida on every fucking episode we do.
Speaker 2 01:20:11 We have like a weird obsession with the,
Speaker 1 01:20:14 Uh,
Speaker 2 01:20:17 One of the most common stories. Uh, Oh, sorry.
Speaker 1 01:20:24 If he make this voices again, I will reach through through the camera and slap you
Speaker 2 01:20:39 So naturally with a place like the strip. There’s going to be some ghost stories.
Speaker 1 01:20:46 Yes. I love ghost stories.
Speaker 2 01:20:48 Yup. There’s not really any great ghost stories, to be honest. There’s just one. Well, there’s pretty much just one. And then that other one, that Desmond guy who was like a soft base,
Speaker 1 01:21:01 That one is creepy. I’m not going to lie. Like it’s not a long story, but that’s a creepy and a fun story.
Speaker 2 01:21:06 Yeah. No, there was another one that said that they saw a couple walking on the street and um, yeah. And then they disappeared and I was like, well, either bumps, uh, yeah. Chills, Lakey. They, you saw someone and they just, or
Speaker 1 01:21:25 Uh, that’s so depressing. You don’t know if it’s real, you just watched somebody die.
Speaker 2 01:21:32 So anyways, that’s the stress
Speaker 1 01:21:36 That is like, I’m intrigued, but like intrigued from a distance. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:21:47 It’s um, that’s yeah. I mean, I’m glad I looked it up. I’m glad I looked into it. It’s just, it’s very, it does not sound like a good spot. You know, it looks so beautiful and pretty, but like I’m good. The drone footage is fine with me.
Speaker 1 01:22:04 That sounds like a great place for a drone to explore.
Speaker 2 01:22:08 Yeah. Yeah. The tiny signs I think are interesting. It, like I said, it’s very beautiful and it has been the same for such a long time, which I think is really cool too. But, um, but yeah man, maybe not bodies of water, but I’m going to continue to do podcasts about them and tell you, what is the fear of water? What does the fear of the ocean? There’s like a fear of like being the, of things like submerge out. My phone’s dead. There’s a fear of it. I know because I followed the subreddit for it first. You do. So I just see this freaky shit under water all the time to perpetuate my fear of potties of water and underwater spaces. I like pools some down with a good pool.
Speaker 1 01:22:53 Yeah. Pools are cool. What about, is it fowl less so phobia,
Speaker 2 01:22:59 I think that sounds right. Coping
Speaker 1 01:23:01 With fear of the ocean.
Speaker 2 01:23:03 Yeah. I’m definitely afraid the last. So phobia,
Speaker 1 01:23:06 The last of phobia, how can you
Speaker 4 01:23:08 Not be afraid of the ocean?
Speaker 1 01:23:11 So fun fact. Um, so slightly related, uh, my friend was telling me about when I lived in Okinawa. So like in Okinawa, like there’s beautiful beaches around the Island and stuff like that. And then you go like, I don’t know, like 20 feet off to the shore and then it just fucking takes a deep fucking dive. It’s like a cliff. Oh my gosh. And it’s enough to where the locals think that like, there are like the Island itself is built on like stilts because it’s such a steep, fucking drop, like right off the gosh that’s giving me,
Speaker 6 01:23:52 Like I know. Right.
Speaker 1 01:23:54 And like you can see and they were, we, I looked up like pictures from the air and you can see how it’s like shallow, shallow, shallow, and then fucking deep, like deep ass shit. Like, no, no that’s too scary.
Speaker 4 01:24:07 All around the Island. Is this around the whole Island?
Speaker 1 01:24:10 Um, I think most of the Island, like I said, it’s enough to where the actually the natives, um, think that, uh, like there’s a urban legend that the there’s the islands on stilts and the U S uses caves to store like weaponry and stuff like that underneath that. Yeah. Um, Oh my God. I’ll have to send you pictures. I’m like getting chills, just like looking at it. It’s just like, it’s like Island and then June.
Speaker 4 01:24:49 Ooh, I don’t like that. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t like that at all. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the ocean is just so crazy, so crazy big. And like, you know, that part of finding emo
Speaker 6 01:25:06 Well
Speaker 1 01:25:06 Where they’re supposed to go through the deep trench.
Speaker 4 01:25:09 No, God,
Speaker 6 01:25:13 That movie is terrifying for some, no.
Speaker 4 01:25:20 When he goes up to the surface and he’s like screaming out for Nemo and the waves and the lay that like the, the water looks, I’m just like, that is enough for me. And that is just the surface, like that is already terrifying. Just this endless mass of water, just an endless mess. And then there are spots where that are totally still sometimes what I don’t even know cause that, cause you know, that, what I just said was actually because of an, I shouldn’t be alive story where half of them died in a shark attack because like all of a sudden the water was still, there was no wind. There was like no current. They were just like chillin and sharks came and got him. And two of
Speaker 2 01:26:04 Them like succumb to like dehydration and then we’re hallucinate, Oh, then drink the salt water and know what you’re talking about. Yeah. They hallucinated and jumped into the water and didn’t survive. That was the story that they told. And now honestly, honestly, I don’t know what switch flipped in me watching ghost hunters and ghost nation. And now I’m like super skeptical about everything because now I’m like, that’s a very convenient or maybe it’s all this true crime. I, I like, I don’t. Okay. So I had like, I know I listened to like a couple podcasts recently, but like I haven’t been watching a crap. I’ve been watching a crap ton of it on Netflix lately because now we have internet. So I’m like, I’m going to watch everything. Netflix adjusts to me, that is a terrible idea because it’s all true crime crap. And I mean, it’s very interesting, but it does make me think twice about things where I’m like, what if they’re just lying? Like,
Speaker 5 01:27:00 Okay, wait, hold on. So I just was looking at theirs. It’s uh, the Okinawa trough. Oh my gosh. So a large section is more than 3000 feet deep with a maximum depth of 8,900 feet deep off of Okinawa. Like, hi, that’s terrifying. Oh weird. And the shelf dates back at least 30 300 million years. The Okinawa trough is perhaps 10 million years old. So the Island itself is because of a volcano. But I think because of that, like it literally is like just the tip and then the ocean is like foom, like right next to it. Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:27:56 Anyways. So yeah. This week on bodies of water,
Speaker 5 01:28:03 They’re all terrifying.
Speaker 2 01:28:09 Talk about a niche podcast. Imagine if I had like a philosophy phobia podcast where every week I talked about a new book.
Speaker 5 01:28:22 Yeah. This week on terrifying bodies of water and why you should avoid all of them. Mia, you can even do like super crazy ones where it’s like, can’t even trust the body of water in your house. Here’s a story. That house somebody drowned in there.
Speaker 2 01:28:42 Oh my gosh. Yeah. Oh my gosh.
Speaker 5 01:28:44 You’re welcome. I don’t know what it is, man.
Speaker 2 01:28:51 It’s just, it is a scary place out there. It’s a scary world out there. It’s a big wide world.
Speaker 5 01:28:57 Well, that’s cool. I’m going to have amazing dreams tonight. Thank you so much.
Speaker 2 01:29:02 Get neaten up by some rocks, getting swallowed up by some river. Um,
Speaker 1 01:29:10 It’s like slurped on down and then pull for eyes. It makes me think of like chew. When you say pulverize, it makes me think of like the river is like a mouth like literally chewing you up and then spitting you out.
Speaker 2 01:29:23 Yeah. That’s what it makes me think of too. And that’s why I’m like, I’m good.
Speaker 1 01:29:29 You can just like dribble out in the Creek. 10 miles down.
Speaker 2 01:29:34 Apparently. Um, one of the like quote unquote ghost stories is like whenever the river claims alive, a white spectral horse would rise from the churning waters of the river as the body is dragged down. Yikes. Don’t love that. I don’t love it either. I actually hate it. I mean, it looks cool in my head, but it’s not, it’s not an acute look. That’s like that. That can stay in Lord of the rings that doesn’t need to be
Speaker 1 01:30:07 Like, we don’t need to add that. Yeah. Just leave it in the movie magic world, you know?
Speaker 2 01:30:13 Yeah. And there’s another variation of that that says that the Steed is written by the queen of the fairies as it should be so glad drill on a horse, all shall love me. And yeah.
Speaker 1 01:30:28 And that that’s exactly what that is. It’s uh, I just can’t imagine like coming across like a Creek that looks so tiny and just like dying from it. Can you imagine, Oh, this is so pretty and calm and lovely. And then Oop.
Speaker 2 01:30:47 Yeah. No, that’s why it’s very important to know the bodies of water that you are going to go swimming in before you go swimming in them. Like not everything is a safe little swimming hole or like I’m just saying, educate yourself.
Speaker 1 01:31:02 And also the wide world is scary and um, yeah, everything is terrifying,
Speaker 2 01:31:11 You know, and sometimes we can just appreciate things from afar.
Speaker 1 01:31:15 That’s what drones are for now. Right?
Speaker 2 01:31:19 Right. Yeah. I mean, like, I, I feel like, it sounds like we’re like, don’t go outside.
Speaker 1 01:31:26 We love the outside, by the way. Yeah. We go outside a lot, but you know, maybe not lakes or rivers or oceans or like highways or, but, um, yeah, so it’s, uh, it’s, it’s past our bedtimes, but we really hope that you enjoyed these stories with us. Um,
Speaker 2 01:31:47 Yeah. Thanks for hanging out and listen with us. Yeah. As we wander off into the, into the ether, into the night,
Speaker 1 01:31:56 Our, uh, our little Google Google, I’m trying to think of,
Speaker 2 01:32:01 It was once referred to as a Google hole.
Speaker 1 01:32:04 Uh, I forgot about that.
Speaker 2 01:32:05 Yeah. Or Google home,
Speaker 1 01:32:09 Yuck
Speaker 2 01:32:11 Come dive into the pit and our inside our abandoned tower.
Speaker 1 01:32:17 Stop it. All of that’s terrible.
Speaker 2 01:32:26 So it’s like for us every week we’re like, Oh, I want to learn about this. And then we’re like,
Speaker 1 01:32:30 I don’t want to learn about that. Yeah, honestly, that is what it’s like. It’s yeah. Hey, you know what though? It’s an adventure every time. It sure is. And you know, we give you the, uh, material. You need to be able to be the interesting, no, at all guy at a party.
Speaker 2 01:32:51 So stop, we don’t condone that personality trait. Sorry. Be cool about it. And be like, Hey, like one time I saw this article like a few years ago and it was like, don’t, you know, about like the 14th century person, whoever someone died and like a body of water or something one time,
Speaker 1 01:33:10 And it’s this, it’s this little, it’s this idyllic little looking stream. That’ll just suck you in and chew you up and spit you out. You’re welcome. That could be you
Speaker 2 01:33:30 So careful. Careful. Yeah,
Speaker 1 01:33:32 Exactly. So on that note,
Speaker 2 01:33:36 Um, you can follow us on Instagram at Wonderlust stop pod or on, you could also find us on YouTube. We’ve got videos going up there, uh, of our podcasts. We also are on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, Facebook. Uh, you can find us on there. Um, I think we have a Twitter account and it’s at pod wanderlust. So we’ll see, we’re going to continue that experiment.
Speaker 1 01:34:06 We also have an amazing website thanks to our lovely, a life giver. Our mother giver. Yes, we It is magnificent. If you’d love to see a bunch of embarrassing pictures of us, please do check it out that we
Speaker 2 01:34:26 Were hand selected for you. We sure
Speaker 1 01:34:28 Did. It’s not even like they were put up without Arkansas. Um, and there’s also like a contact form. We really want to hear from you guys. We’d love to have some suggestions. We’ve gotten a couple already and, you know, keep it up. We really love it.
Speaker 2 01:34:43 Yeah. It does make it extra fun when we get to find out about things and we’re like, wait, what? Yes. Yes. And it’s not just something that we wondered about like randomly like 12 years ago. And now we’re like, I guess I’ll look up now. Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:34:59 Yeah. And it’s, it’s very interesting. Like, I don’t know. I already know my mind is weird. So it’s, you know, I’m like already on my weird track of mine, but it’s fun when other people throw stuff to me and I’m like, Oh yes, I should look that up.
Speaker 2 01:35:12 Yes. Yes. Let us all learn and grow together.
Speaker 1 01:35:17 Most wonderful, weird journey quite on the Google hole. You brought it up again.
Speaker 2 01:35:26 Well, I did. I don’t even have anything. It’s like, yeah. You said it though. So, so, you know when it’s like that quote of like, uh, you miss a hundred percent of the shots that you don’t take. Yup. Yup. Yup. Yeah. We’re really good at this. All right guys,
Speaker 1 01:35:52 You guys have a wonderful night and we’ll catch you next time.
Speaker 2 01:35:55 We will catch you next time.

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