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This Week on Wonderlust:

Welcome back, Wonderers! In today’s podcast, we explore Spite Houses and The Strid.

Sarah revels in the pettiness of homeowners past, and discusses of some of the nation’s most infamous Spite houses– houses literally built for no better reason than to piss of your neighbors. We also discuss spite walls, spite houses, and the wonderfully spiteful giant middle finger statue on a bayou in Florida (of course). Certainly a new, beautiful level of pettiness and spite to aspire to in life.

Next, Emily dives even deeper into her Thalassophobia, ie, her very reasonable fears of bodies of water. She tells us the terrible tales, dating back hundreds and hundreds of years, of an innocent-looking, yet deadly, river in England– The Strid. A river so calm and peaceful looking, and yet, may also be responsible for the deaths of anyone who has ever entered its depths. Some say, it’s claimed to be the most dangerous stretch of running water on earth. Some say it’s nothing but a spittling stream. All we know is, it’s called the Strid.

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