Bunnyman & An Axed Ax Murderer — A Mystic Sisters Easter Special

Happy Easter Wonderers!

Welcome to The Wonderlust podholiday special! This week Sarah takes on the festive topic of Bunnyman, the creepy urban legend of the ax wielding bunny from the Virginia area, before diving into the mysterious story of the Pollock Twins– twin sisters who might be reincarnations of their older sisters who passed away before they were born. Emily then discusses yet another one of her fears of the natural world, caves, and the mysterious murder of murderer Joseph Henry Loveless. 

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Speaker 0 00:00:01 Yeah, I’d hit record. I figured out how to save my settings for my voice as well.
Speaker 1 00:00:31 Woo.
Speaker 0 00:00:44 Yes, we, we, uh, we love everything from the super weird to the supernatural, to the super interesting, I guess. I don’t know. Yeah, that’s true. And I, I feel like most things can be considered weird if you think super hard about it, you know, Or like chimney, that’s a dumb word, chimney. Think about it. Chimney Cabernet. Yep.
Speaker 1 00:01:25 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:01:31 Also I feel a little weird blank recording in the daylight. Also. I’m not going to lie like after our last story that I’m not going to reference, but after our last recording, uh, I was a little spooked. I was a little spooked can sleep very well. Yeah, no, I kept like thinking about stuff.
Speaker 1 00:02:03 Hello, Vicky.
Speaker 0 00:02:16 Ooh, there you go. Kooks in the creeks. I am. What else would that mean? Oh Yeah. I still have that really. I love it so much.
Speaker 0 00:02:56 So how are you today? You’ve got a lot of stuff coming up. Number one. And you got a lot of change, number two. And number three, when you’re, I feel like when you’re used to like functioning under such a busy, intense environment, it takes like a minute to like wind down from that, regardless of your actual surroundings. You know what I mean? I’m good. I’m glad it’s Friday. Yeah. I, um, I didn’t sleep very well last night and I changed my topic last minute, so you’re welcome. Yeah. I think the next topic I’m going to do, it’s going to have to be a series because there’s too much to go into, so yeah, so that can be our first series. Um, cause there’s just so much, and there’s so many side stories, so
Speaker 1 00:04:14 I’m like, okay. Okay,
Speaker 0 00:04:18 Good. Cause it’s probably going to be at least two episodes, maybe three.
Speaker 1 00:04:23 Okay. Okay.
Speaker 0 00:04:27 Um, so yeah, I changed my, my topic last minute. I also wanted to do something, uh, you know, Easter themed. No, I don’t know what that is, but now I want to look it
Speaker 1 00:04:45 Up. That’s why. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:05:08 Uh, no, it is not about Easter lifting. Um, I, I do want to sidetrack into what was almost my topic, but there isn’t actually enough information for me to do a whole topic on him.
Speaker 1 00:05:26 So
Speaker 0 00:05:28 Have you heard of the bunny man? Uh, so I actually think that the buddy man from Donnie Darko is a little bit, uh, inspired. No. So the bunny man is an urban legend in, uh, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Right. Uh, it involves a man wearing a rabbit costume who attacks people with a hatchet.
Speaker 1 00:06:09 Yay. Yes. So,
Speaker 0 00:06:23 So, um, it’s an urban legend, but there are two instances and that’s why I couldn’t go much more into it. Cause there’s only two instances that like it really, uh, originated from. Uh, so apparently the first instance was in 1970, an air force cadet was visiting his family and around midnight, after returning home from a football game, uh, they noticed something like him and his girlfriend noticed something moving outside of their rear view mirror and moments later the front passenger window was smashed with the hatchet.
Speaker 1 00:07:01 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:07:05 Yes. And the guy said that he turned the car around while a man wearing what he thought was a bunny hat or costume, uh, screamed at them about trespassing saying you’re on private property and I have your tag number. Um, so then they went to the police and the guy insisted that he was wearing a white suit with long bunny ears. But the check that was in the car with him said that he did not have bunny ears, but still around midnight, getting attacked by somebody, the hatchet, this guy thought he had bunny ears. Right.
Speaker 1 00:07:50 So
Speaker 0 00:07:50 Then 10 days later, same area, a guy was like a construction security guard, saw a man standing on the porch of an unfinished home. Um, and he said the guy was wearing a black, gray and white, uh, you know, funny costume and was about 20 years old, maybe five foot eight. Uh, and the guy wearing the bunny costume had a hatchet again, or an ax and began chopping like the porch posts with Oh no, no, no, no. Sorry. It’s a long handled X this time saying you are trespassing. If you come any closer, I’ll chop off your head.
Speaker 1 00:08:34 Ma
Speaker 0 00:08:36 Yeah. They investigated both insistence, but they were eventually both closed for lack of evidence. Apparently more than 50 people following these instances, like, uh, contacted the police claiming to have seen the bunny man, but there was no, there wasn’t any real leads. Uh, so then it turned into this like urban legend where this guy escaped from an insane asylum and tax people with hatchets and stuff like that. Uh, and apparently I guess I know, and I guess they’re making it into a horror movie or they did make it into a horror movie. Um, and they did make it into a horror movie in 2011. Uh, but yeah, that’s the, uh, that’s the urban legend of the buddy man, which is not related to my real topic, but I thought it was, I thought it was very festive. I just wanted to put it out in the universe because like, I feel like it’s something people should know about. And also it was not enough of a topic for me to do like a whole thing about, obviously since I just took like five minutes to explain what it was. I know like, I, I feel like the bunny rabbit thing is creepier than like, you know, clowns are creepy, but like a bunny, I don’t know, man. Yeah. At this.
Speaker 1 00:10:02 Yep.
Speaker 0 00:10:05 Yeah. So there’s rumors of this bunny man, original legend being responsible for me, living animals and killing people and all kinds of other stuff. But those are the only two actual recorded instances that were reported to police of the bunny. Man. You are so welcome. It’s a terrible name too. Right. Also like, I, I still think it’s funny that like Easter is so associated with bunnies while simultaneously about Jesus getting ready to surrender. That seems like the opposite of what you should be. Oh, it’s breathing. Yeah. Yeah. And then, uh, you know, as a parent now Easter has become this weird, like almost kind of hide kids from my, from my candy. That’s also a thing that I have to do know. Yeah. But it’s like sort of the second Christmas and there’s all this hype and I’m like,
Speaker 1 00:11:56 Okay,
Speaker 0 00:11:56 Although, should we tell everybody what we had done? We had definitely done and well into adulthood.
Speaker 1 00:12:21 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:12:25 So the, yeah. So the way that we would do it is like we would a mom and dad would hide eggs for us and we would do the hunt and then we would make them go hide in their room. And then we would hide all the eggs for them and make them do the hunt. And it got very creative and competitive
Speaker 1 00:12:43 Was,
Speaker 0 00:12:44 It was not unlike the, uh, thank God we didn’t eat real eggs though. But it was not, it was not unlike the Bob’s burger episode where they lose the egg because they’re so creative with their, I remember. Yeah. I remember getting, getting real creative with those hiding spots.
Speaker 1 00:13:06 Oh, hardcore. And it was, you know,
Speaker 0 00:13:10 It was, it was fun watching mom and dad also simultaneously run around and search for all this stuff. Oh yeah. Everything. Yeah. Started looking underneath all the things. And uh, I remember when, and then we had to have ground rules didn’t it wa like no bathroom. It was like the family room, living room and kitchen, but no bathroom or bedroom,
Speaker 1 00:13:54 Then you can’t hide, which I think is,
Speaker 0 00:13:59 Is fair. Considering we are a family of short people.
Speaker 1 00:14:07 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:14:10 There were, there were a lot of fun, but, um, so, uh, my topic, my actual topic, uh, happy Easter to everybody who’s celebrating this week, by the way, um, is semi Easter related. Um, I’m going to be discussing the S reincarnated story of the polic twins. So the belief is that they are twins that are reincarnated, uh, versions, their older sisters
Speaker 2 00:14:52 Who died. Yeah. What’d you like to find out?
Speaker 2 00:15:03 Yes. Okay. So our story begins in Hexham England. Uh Hexham is spelled like hex ham, which just tickles me anyways. So in Hexham, uh, Florence and John Pollock, uh, lived there and they had two daughters, Joanna who was 11 and Jacqueline, who was six. Um, I found out later in another article that they had four older brothers, but I only found that referenced in like one article. So I’m not sure how accurate that is for older brothers. Uh, yeah. So in, uh, on May 5th, uh, 1957, uh, the F the girls were on their way to church with their friend Anthony, and, um, they were killed in a car accident and they were struck by an erratic driver. The girls were killed instantly while the boy died on the way to the hospital. Um, the driver was under the influence of drugs and unfortunately intentionally hit them, um, not great. Yes. Um, she had been forcibly separated from her own children. And so she was upset and under the influence of drugs and on purpose hit this car full of children.
Speaker 1 00:16:41 Yes.
Speaker 2 00:16:43 Yes. Apparently, eventually she was taken to a psychiatric hospital, which like, yes. That sounds like something that should have happened probably before I know before the car accident, maybe. I don’t know. So, um, John and Florence were obviously devastated after having to bury their two girls. Um, they were devout Catholics or brought up as Catholics. Um, as I said, they were on the way to church when the girls died. Um, however, John was soon convinced that he would have another set of girls soon born as twins. Yeah. Which is now, they were just, they were five years apart.
Speaker 1 00:17:35 Sure.
Speaker 2 00:17:41 That’s really never going to go away. Is it? I meant it, whatever. I’m not even going to try to explain it anymore. Um, so yes, John was convinced they would have another set of girls soon and they would be reborn as twins. And he was also convinced that they would be the reincarnated daughters, like the older daughters that died. Yep. Yep. Um, Florence apparently was consistently annoyed about this proclamation. Yeah. Um, like I said, they’re pretty Catholic and it was to the point where, uh, it caused enough tension that she almost divorced him because she was getting so frustrated. Um, and yeah,
Speaker 1 00:18:46 It’s, you know, I can understand
Speaker 2 00:18:48 That I’m not gonna lie if I’m trying to like grieve my children and my husband’s like, no, no, no, it’s fine. They’re going to come back in the form of twins. I would be like, shut.
Speaker 1 00:19:01 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:19:01 I’d be like, shut the fuck up before I make you shut up. Like, yeah, exactly. So the following year after the girls or after the girls passed away, um, Florence got pregnant and, uh, twins didn’t run in the family and there was no proof that they were likely to have twins. Um, the doctor said that it was likely to be, uh, a single baby pregnancy, however, on October 4th, 1958, uh, she gave birth to twin girls who they named yet, who they named, uh, Jillian and Jennifer. So apparently they really have a thing for J names or J sounding names. Yep.
Speaker 1 00:20:29 Uh, uh,
Speaker 2 00:21:19 Uh, super is. Yeah. And, uh, yeah, like I said, there was no proof that they were going to have twins or nobody thought that, that, like, when he said that they’re like, Oh, okay, John sure thing. And then they had twins and named them Jillian and Jennifer original sister’s names were Jacqueline and Joanna.
Speaker 1 00:22:20 Yes. Yep.
Speaker 2 00:22:24 I know. That’s what I said. Um, so the twins were identical, but they had different birthmarks. Jennifer had a birthmark on her waist that matched a birthmark that Jacquelyn had. And she also had a birthmark on her forehead that resembled a scar that Jacqueline had
Speaker 1 00:22:42 .
Speaker 2 00:22:43 So they were born in the same town that the, their older sisters died in. Um, but when they were about three months old, they moved away to Whitley Bay. Um, and they were brought up there for the next couple of beers. So two years later when the girls started, you know, developing normal speech patterns and all that kind of fun stuff, um, the girls started asking for toys that had belonged to their elder sisters, despite never having seen the toys before. Um, and one time the father, like, I guess to test this out, he gave them, uh, that he pulled dolls from the attic that used to be the older sisters and gave them to the twins. And they named the dolls the same names, which was like Susanna and Hannah without knowing the names that the other girls had named them beforehand.
Speaker 1 00:23:41 Yeah. Oh, don’t worry. Gets freakier.
Speaker 2 00:23:46 So, so, um, the family moved back to Hexham when they were, the twins were four. And despite having never been there, you know, outside from when they were like three months old, um, they were pointing out landmarks that their older sisters had known. They pointed out the school that the sisters had attended, uh, the Abbey and a playground that the sisters had reportedly loved. They even seem to know their way around the playground. Keep in mind, these are small children, therefore, um, I know, like, I feel like sometimes there’s like people who aren’t familiar with kids, like, it’s like, Oh, well, therefore they can talk more, but they’re still very little like, yeah, they can talk more, but it’s like barely out of toddler stage. Um, and so yeah, they knew their way around the playground. And, you know, we’re familiar with these places. Uh, one of the anecdotes also said that they had recognized, um, the neighbors who had lived next door to where the girls had lived when they were alive, uh, without knowing them previously. Um, they also, this is where it starts to get a little sad. They also used to be into panic upon seeing moving cars, shrieking the cars, coming to get us. And they had reoccurring nightmares about getting killed by cars. Uh huh. Um, and you know, by this time the dad is obviously fairly convinced, uh, that they’re reincarnated. I know. I mean, he’s, he’s yeah. He’s still very convinced, but Florence is still like unsure, I think. Um,
Speaker 1 00:25:38 But
Speaker 2 00:25:40 Oh, I thought you were gonna say something, uh, but one time Florence were called over hearing the girls play a game where they recreated their older sister’s accident. Jilly Jillian was cradling Jennifer’s head telling her the blood’s coming out of your eyes. That’s where the car hit you on another occasion, Jillian. Yeah. On another occasion, Jillian pointed to you Jennifer’s birthmark on her forehead and told her that is the Mark Jennifer got, when she fell on a bucket
Speaker 1 00:26:14 Again, things that they shouldn’t have known.
Speaker 2 00:26:23 There was another time where, uh, there was another instance. I didn’t want to write it down. Cause it sounds, it was really sad. So I’m just going to go over the SparkNotes of this one, but they are talking about how there were calling what they looked like when they, um, yeah. They’re like, it was so scary. He looked like a monster. You had blood out of your eyes or blood coming out of your eyes was over here and she’s like, yeah, you were covered in blood too. I don’t want that to happen to us again. These are like four year olds. Yes, of course. Yeah. There’s a lot of interesting stories, but this one I just thought was super crazy because I haven’t heard of somebody being reincarnated. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:28:02 Um, so yeah. Um,
Speaker 2 00:28:27 I mean, if the favorite food thing stands to reason, does that mean that mom’s favorite food while she is pregnant with you is like chocolate ice cream, like just this big little scoop of chocolate ice cream, right. Oh, it definitely also looks like a cookie
Speaker 1 00:28:47 Or me ball. It, it does.
Speaker 2 00:29:03 You guys are twinsies, poopy heart. It’s like, it like sat in the sun for a little bit. Um, so yeah, they, um, they have these like weird creepy instances. Right. Um, the parents also claimed that they, uh, they had similar personalities compared to their older sisters and the parents say that they didn’t speak about the deceased sisters until they were older. Um, but like I said,
Speaker 1 00:29:52 Yeah, yeah,
Speaker 2 00:29:54 Yes. Um, they enjoy the same food or games as the sisters, the older sister seemed, was much more protective of the younger sister and more mature. And they were only like what, 10 minutes apart? Um, and you know, things like that that were common. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:30:11 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:30:16 Well, they were born in 1958. So this wasn’t like what? 1963 and therefore, yeah. Yeah. Um, so they are, but funnily enough, I could not find anything on them. Yeah. Don’t it’s so I will be honest as I was looking into this and I was in this point in my research, I was like, I don’t know, man, this seems like it could have easily been suggested by the dad, especially since he so badly wanted it to happen. You know what I mean? Like he was convinced it was going to happen and then it did happen. Um, so the twins eventually, uh, attracted the attention of a doctor, Ian Stevenson who wrote a book. He wrote a book called children who remember their past lives. A question of reincarnation Stevenson makes me see, it reminds me of a hot fuzz on theirs. He’s like, yes, my name is Peter Aaron Aronson or Peter, Ian Staker. Piss taker. Come on gas. I’m sorry. Mr.
Speaker 1 00:31:34 Let’s take Mr. Peter Ian stinker. Yep. Um, so yeah, it’s just the one Swan actually.
Speaker 2 00:31:51 Uh, so yeah, he wrote this book called children who remember previous lives, a question of reincarnation and, uh, there was a couple of really interesting things from, so
Speaker 1 00:32:05 I maybe bought the book
Speaker 2 00:32:10 It’s on my Kindle. So you can’t listen to it. You have to read it.
Speaker 1 00:32:17 Yes.
Speaker 2 00:32:19 That’s what I was doing. Sorry. Um, I don’t know. Sorry though. Uh, you still have access to it. You’re fine. Uh, so there was one quote. So you know, a lot of people question John about his beliefs and about, you know, his conviction that this was actually what happened. Right? And so quote from the book that says, uh, in response to the question that his convictions about the reincarnation may have weakened, and even this seated, the case affected the case so effective, he wisely replied. It was not, it’s not biased at all. He wisely replied that, although his objection has some merit, his openness concerning reincarnation enabled him to note and remember remarks of his twin daughters that most other Western parents would have ignored or left at
Speaker 1 00:33:20 Which like
Speaker 2 00:33:20 I can kind of see it. Right. Um, the, uh, the other thing that this doctor did, which I thought was interesting is he conducted blood tests when they were in their teens. So he confirmed that they were an identical twins, but not just identical and looks like they literally came from one egg, meaning that they had the same genetic material. Um, since the type of birth marks that Jennifer had on her could be, were considered genetic. It could be expected to find similar ones on Chilean, but that’s not the case and that’s not the case. And it’s also a mystery as to why they had such close correspondence and size and location to those on her older sister Jacqueline’s body.
Speaker 1 00:34:11 Yeah. Well, but yeah,
Speaker 2 00:34:20 Yeah, they’re identical and sometimes twins can look identical, but not actually be identical. No, they are identical came from one egg and split into two twins, like, yeah. Um, so the, uh, the doctor and author kept in contact with the family through 1985. Um, however, when the children turned five, the memories of their past lives faded almost overnight and they went on to lead normal lives. Yeah. So the interesting thing that I, the thing that I found, like one of the most interesting things was they had obviously completely forgotten about their past lives. And as he talked to them, as they got older, because they didn’t remember it, they were even mildly skeptical of their own case.
Speaker 1 00:35:19 And
Speaker 2 00:35:21 Yeah. And so they did not present themselves as evidence for reincarnation because they couldn’t remember it anymore. Which to me is the most interesting part of this story because it’s not like, like maybe the parents influenced them, but one, if they influenced them would think that they would still remember it.
Speaker 1 00:35:41 And
Speaker 2 00:35:42 Yeah, and too, if they were seeking fame and whatever, because of this, then you would think that they would keep up the pretense throughout their whole lives. And instead they’re like, nah, I don’t really, I don’t really know. Uh, you know, they said that they’re, they were skeptical. They can’t really present themselves as being reincarnated because they don’t remember anymore. However, they also did not deny the evidence of the parents had obtained when they were children. So we were like, yeah, that’s weird, but we don’t remember it. So we’re like, so yeah. And then I tried to find anything on them as adults and I couldn’t find anything. So my guess is that they just went on and wanted to be normal people. And
Speaker 1 00:36:25 You know, buh-bye, I did too with the yeah, that’s it.
Speaker 2 00:37:09 Yeah. And like I said, I was really skeptical at first because the dad, uh,
Speaker 1 00:37:14 You know, yeah,
Speaker 2 00:37:16 Yeah. But like I said, it’s not like the girls took on the, you know, took that on and carried it throughout their lives. They were like, you know, once they forgot about it, they’re like, I don’t know. We can’t tell you anything else. We’re going to go live our normal lives now. Bye. Like I said, he was so persistent about it, but it caused a strain on their marriage and she was not, you know, I don’t think it was until she like, heard them talking about like the gruesome pretend stories that she really like. I know, like, can you imagine?
Speaker 1 00:38:16 I mean, like
Speaker 2 00:38:18 I kind of do some like weird ass shit, but like
Speaker 1 00:38:23 Yeah,
Speaker 2 00:38:26 Watch me sleep or sneak under my bed and lay there while I’m sleeping, you know, just normal, weird kid stuff.
Speaker 1 00:38:34 But pretending
Speaker 2 00:38:36 That with your sister that you’re like dying and there’s, I mean, we did a lot of pretending as kids and we never did that shit. We just pretended that we were adult girls living in England and sharing an apartment together.
Speaker 1 00:38:54 Do you remember
Speaker 2 00:38:55 When we tried to make up our own language?
Speaker 1 00:39:00 It did not stick in phrases.
Speaker 2 00:39:15 No, there was no, there was no rhyme or reason to our madness and it did not stick. I feel like what happened was we thought it would be a cool idea. And then when we realized how much work it would take, we were like, nah.
Speaker 1 00:39:26 Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:39:30 Um, so yeah, those are my, uh, those are my Easter related stories. I know it’s not like super tight Easter, but I was like, what could be an Easter theme? And I was like, let’s do. Yeah. I thought so. Uh, we used to have a friend growing up that would call it zombie Jesus’ day. Do you not remember who this is? You should, uh, Eric, I’m pretty sure he still does. I know. Yeah. Uh, so I thought about doing it about zombies, but uh, I don’t know. This one really pulled me in with the whole reincarnated as their own sisters. That just seemed super strange. Yeah. Yeah. I thought it was so crazy too. I couldn’t find anything on them as adults, like nothing. So if anybody does find anything about them as adults, please let us know. Yeah. Yeah. The poet twins. Yep. Ooh. I like it.
Speaker 1 00:41:20 I know. I wish
Speaker 2 00:41:21 Like I really wanted to do a whole topic on that. There just wasn’t enough info, but yeah. It’s
Speaker 1 00:41:31 Okay. Yeah. It’s definitely nightmare. Fuel.
Speaker 0 00:41:42 You ever look up all the pictures of like the kids in the 1870s and eighties with the fucking vintage creepy dressed up bunnies. Okay. Well, we’re going to share them to our Instagram because they’re terrifying
Speaker 1 00:41:58 Because,
Speaker 0 00:42:02 And it’s also the reason I have never taken Eby to take pictures with the Easter bunny it’s parents. Do that. Parents do that.
Speaker 1 00:42:16 Yeah. So, um,
Speaker 0 00:42:25 What is your weirdly, uh, Easter themed topic for us?
Speaker 1 00:42:27 Yes. I mean, he was put in a cave as a tomb. So who, yeah. We know anything about Easter. It’s about caves. Whew.
Speaker 0 00:43:22 I really like our twist at Easter theme. I think this is a good one.
Speaker 1 00:43:28 Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yikes. Also
Speaker 0 00:44:09 Just real quick. I just love how you’re like creepy stories are really just about how creepy the earth is. You’re like guys go circle, but the earth dude, the earth is the creepiest thing.
Speaker 1 00:44:50 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:44:51 As everyone should be.
Speaker 1 00:44:57 Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:44:58 Oh, so everybody disappears around caves. All right. So let’s hear more about the caves. Uh that’s that sounds yuck. Um, also I looked up the infographic and I mean, it’s cool. I guess that they’re into debunking it, but it is still freaky, but there was no, uh
Speaker 1 00:47:46 Oh, okay. I mean, yeah, yeah, no, I mean the unknown. Oh, did you try about it? Oh my God. Wow. You are a straight up Louise from fucking, yeah. I had no idea that you did that. Okay. Does not involve Jesus. Wait, what? Oh, Ooh. Math is good. Bob chop, chop. Chop. Chop. Wow. All right. Money. Yup. Hm. Oh my God. The headless torso. Ah, Nope. That was necessary. What the fuck? So it was just L why is that worse torso? But this one, you know that, Oh, I never thought about that. Uh, okay. I feel like that needs to be something we look up now. I know in a pathology lab so much, since this is an Easter story, as you said, they found a headless torso.
Speaker 0 00:53:55 How did he know he was a gambler? It makes me wonder what I mean, like, I don’t want to think about it, but it also makes me look like what vibe would my torso give off? Yuck. I like, I regretted saying that instance.
Speaker 1 00:54:21 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:54:25 Ah, I just, yeah, I definitely regretted saying that out loud, but I’ll see you like how, like now recording, when you tell me uncomfortable things, I start hugging my Yahtzee pillow.
Speaker 1 00:54:45 Thank you.
Speaker 0 00:54:46 Can’t uh, yeah. Which also fun fact, if I did die in my house, uh, Yahtzee would eventually eat me. Yeah. You’re welcome world. I’m not using it. As you say that with like the open arms, This is a very Eastern related episode for sure. I mean like couldn’t that have been messed up from the environment of the cave though.
Speaker 1 00:56:29 Yeah, exactly.
Speaker 0 00:56:47 I like it. Who, who else thought he was 10 80. I was going to say, Hey bones. Uh that’s like hardcore.
Speaker 1 00:58:30 Okay.
Speaker 0 00:58:30 Yeah. That’s for sure nightmare. Like, can you imagine? Okay. But imagine like paint this picture, you’re walking in a cave, probably swinging your flashlight. So it’s probably not like a steady stream. And then you see this flash of a hand sticking out. It probably looked like it was moving. If she’s like swinging the flashlight around like fuck. No like there’s uh, no.
Speaker 1 00:59:41 Oh yeah, yeah. Fuck. I’m sorry. There were no wounds to the torso. What about like an ax? Like a really big, giant ax that they use in like the foot. Yeah, right. Yeah. Woo. Yeah. That is yeah. It’s this day. Yeah. Why was it only happening in March? That’s actually pretty weird. Yes. It’s weird. How time works fair. And that’s 40 years later. 40. How did they know how he died? Wow. Yuck. Yeah. Hm. I mean, yeah. It’s like, um, well, so from our DNA test results, we didn’t find that many. I mean, when we looked on the family tree based on records and you can find more, but like, yeah. It’s not like an insane amount. Yeah. Can those people go to work on our family tree please? Like what the fuck? Uh, Oh, uh, geez. 250 cousins. Yuck. Like how you
Speaker 2 01:06:35 Okay. But didn’t they say that he was only, he only died in like the fifties or something? The sixties. So like how has this 87 year old guy? His grandson dude. That is like the best I told you. So of all time, like I fucking told you guys and really he was very wrong. Wow. Oh man. I really hope that somehow I get an, I told you so like that. Good. I don’t think I will. I feel like that’s like a once in a generation type of thing, but that’s a really good one. I just want to know what kind, nevermind. I don’t even want to go there cause it just grossed me out thinking about my torso without the rest of me.
Speaker 1 01:08:02 No. Oh yeah. Yeah.
Speaker 0 01:08:30 I like it. And it is a good name. Yeah. I can’t do it. I tried. Let’s just try it. Nope. She never had to buy anybody the wings. No, but I, I love it. That’s a wonderful story. Yes. Yes. I’m not even gonna try. Cause I know I’m going to fail a lot. Maple bourbon, bacon, maple bourbon bacon. It is unique. New York. Yeah. Unique New York. Oh my God. That sounds like something like a weird, um, what did it, what are they called? Like phrases like, uh, no like, sounds like if unique then, you know, work.
Speaker 1 01:10:46 Oh God
Speaker 0 01:10:50 Maple bourbon bacon. Really? Yes. Obviously.
Speaker 1 01:11:12 Oh wait,
Speaker 2 01:11:14 Was he a gambler too? Ugh. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know. But it was played by that blonde chick. I know. Yeah. She was and a fucking do they Hill Cat. I’ve watching so much psych and I love him so much apparently. Um, and what
Speaker 1 01:13:05 Burley.
Speaker 2 01:13:09 Wow. I thought you were trying to say bootlegging and burglary and you were bungling it. That’s why I was like,
Speaker 1 01:13:27 Oh God,
Speaker 2 01:13:55 How did he have a saw you also? How, yeah. Is it just like a serrated knife? Like, huh? And then it actually, yeah, it turns out to be crazy, dude. Yeah. That’s that is a wild story.
Speaker 1 01:14:59
Speaker 2 01:15:31 Yeah. I really thought you were saying burglary wrong for like five minutes and I’m like, I don’t do you not know how to say the word? Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. I mean, he was a time traveler in, uh, Donnie Darko, so, you know
Speaker 1 01:16:53 Okay.
Speaker 2 01:16:53 It always comes full circle with us, you know?
Speaker 1 01:17:20 Uh it’s. Yeah. It is, it is no longer a mystery to me how they put 2000 hours into that. Like that’s insane. Yeah. Wow. Like just because she went to a dance or yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the third time, how come nobody’s searching his goddamn shoes for reals minium? Uh, did it say what they were made out of? And nobody
Speaker 2 01:20:32 I was, that was what I was going to ask is like nobody ever found his head. Uh, it does make me think. Yeah. Yeah. I wonder why though. Why and how, if his, it does, it does seem a bit weird that his wife was beaten to death with an ex and then he’s found dismembered. I mean good for them, I guess, or who knows? Maybe his previous criminal past caught up with him disappeared. Yeah. So I guess I shouldn’t tell you about the giant national park in Florida. That’s literally just caves, right? Her Florida, uh, New Mexico. That’s just caves, Carlsbad, caverns. Maybe I am the missing link in this equation equation. Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:23:27 Oh yeah. Didn’t I say I want him to stop and you’re like girl. No. Wow.
Speaker 2 01:23:45 Okay. So what I want to know is like now we’re getting into the age of like drones. And do you, have you seen in like New York city, how they have those weird robot dogs?
Speaker 1 01:23:58 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:23:59 Or, um, you know, like the Rover that they send to Mars. Why not like send those things into caves and see what’s there also, I’m just picturing the weird robot dog, like trotting down the cave. Yeah. I know. I hate it. I hate that so much. Uh,
Speaker 1 01:24:35 You know,
Speaker 2 01:24:36 And it’s, uh, it did, it came full circle. We got back to, um, you know, hatchets and its caves. Um, I’m pretty sure I exclaimed Jesus at some point.
Speaker 1 01:24:57 Oh God. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:25:00 It’s a crazy story. Also. I can’t believe somebody has that many relatives. He said like 13,000.
Speaker 1 01:25:10 Oh sorry. 31,000 yuck. Wow. Pulling on me. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:25:51 Yeah, I know. Yeah. I know. So you said the Snopes article, like disproved that the, the disappearances. Hmm. I don’t know, man. That’s still freaky. Wow. Look at us in our Easter episode. I think it’s the first time we’ve done. Like a, what was sort of unintentionally themed. Yeah. I was thinking about it and I think that that’s the next one that’s coming up. I can’t think of any other holidays. Yeah. Um, can we just hold on for one second? I can not hold it anymore. I will be right back. Okay. I’m also going to pause. I am also recording again. Um, so yeah,
Speaker 3 01:27:47 Yeah,
Speaker 2 01:27:48 Yeah. I feel like at this point, hopefully, hopefully people know. Okay. You know, it’s kinda like, um, what’s that baseball movie that everybody loves. Yeah. Yeah. So if you tweet us, we will come and respond someday.
Speaker 1 01:29:01 Yes, please. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:29:19 Tell us all the weird things. Tell us all the weird things guys, which is a palmistry textbook. Just FYI.
Speaker 1 01:29:34 Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:29:45 That’s pretty accurate. Yeah. I’ll just, I’ll be, uh, diving into my new book about, uh, past lives of children. Yeah. If you have weird books, suggestions, we would love it. We would love it. Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:30:32 Hanging out. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:30:41 Keep you posted. No, yeah. I don’t even know if I’m doing it right. You’re just going to Oh yeah. Oh my God. Uh, I was shorter than I thought it was going to be, but I think it was still good. Okay. I think, yeah. One, two, three.

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