Not a Tiny Sea & the OG Warrior Queen


Speaker 0 00:00:01
Speaker 1 00:00:11 All right, how are you doing welcome. I missed you. It’s been forever.
Speaker 2 00:00:18 It has been forever. Kind of. It’s been at least forever. Since we’ve been recording them.
Speaker 1 00:00:25 You didn’t want to answer any of my calls this week per use.
Speaker 2 00:00:29 Um, or I was dying. Let’s not forget that. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:00:34 Yeah, sure. Let death take precedence again, but yeah, so cool.
Speaker 2 00:00:41 Here we are also wait, did I show you or tell you about my Yahtzee pillow?
Speaker 1 00:00:46 Um, you did tell me, and I did see it on Snapchat, but the fact that I get to see it live right now,
Speaker 2 00:00:52 Look his cute face. He is much cuter as a pillow and he’s much more well-behaved.
Speaker 1 00:01:02 I had no idea what you’re going to say to that, that you’re going to be like,
Speaker 0 00:01:07 Okay.
Speaker 2 00:01:08 Poor little kid. And he was so sad when I was sick. Cause I couldn’t like pay attention to him. So now anytime I come out of my room, he’s like mom, up
Speaker 1 00:01:16 Me. Oh, can I just say that like today or today? I hate when I do that this week when I was in my saddest of times, um, cause you know, life is a rollercoaster and sometimes we would feel sad and I was feeling real sad and I still had to go to work because I’m a responsible human being and um, there’s this new guy at work and he plays Spanish music in the kitchen. He plays, how do I get home? And I was literally like, yeah. I said, hell yes, exactly. I have not said one thing to this person because here’s my policy. When it comes to new people, I am not going to talk to you until you prove to me that you are not an unstable person or an idiot or an idiot. I need proof of both because I have made mistakes in the past.
Speaker 1 00:02:13 So at this point I just waited out and I’m like, if you’re still here a month from now, we may have a conversation. Like I feel that. So, um, but he started playing that music in the kitchen and I literally was like, um, verge of tears all that whole day. And so I was like, Oh my God, like you have no idea how much this is giving me life. Like, I love it. This is how I work. So I live like, like this today. Okay guys, I really needed like nails. my bad money. Like I needed it all my J bottle Finn.
Speaker 2 00:02:49 How do you forget about Nicky jam? Oh my God.
Speaker 1 00:02:51 I’m about to say Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. I’m like stop. I was, I was building up to it, but fine. I just remembered that I
Speaker 2 00:03:00 Had an inappropriate dream about Nicky jam. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:03:05 I just tell you, speaking of inappropriate dreams, like having the weirdest dreams lately, which has been making me even more crazy than usual because it’s like, I wake up and I’m like,
Speaker 2 00:03:17 What just happened?
Speaker 1 00:03:19 Yes, yes. No. Like the creepy freaky dreams where it’s like half of the dream, you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to live with what just happened. You know what I mean? And you’re like, how am I going to go on in life and like that? And then you wake up and you’re like, Oh, it was a Treme. Okay. Fuck. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:03:41 No, that, that happens to me all the time. So I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but like most of my dreams are bad dreams. Like I will legit have dreams about like the end of the world Psalm be apocalypse, blah, blah, blah, like running for our lives. Like to being chased, like a monster, like 90% of my dreams are terrible. Like,
Speaker 1 00:04:02 Oh you too. Yay. It’s genetic. Oh, Oh no. I was raising my hands. I had a question. Okay. What do you ever look at your hair?
Speaker 2 00:04:12 Uh, sometimes, but I feel like that stresses me out more.
Speaker 1 00:04:18 Well, no, because often things that are like stressful or upsetting and dreams can actually have different sort of connotations or meetings. And it’s like take everything with a grain of salt, you know, you know your situation better than anyone else. But sometimes it’s just interesting to get like a different perspective because I had a friend who, um, was having really weird dreams about a man who was on fire. Yeah, no it wasn’t me. Oh, okay. Yeah, no, I wish I had the stream. Um, no, he kept having like a reoccurring dream about a man who was on fire, who was chasing him and yeah. And he said that he was like, terrified of it. Okay. Well the, I looked it up and it was like, you’re going to be really successful. Like this is your passion. That is, you know, it might feel overwhelming, but like you’re B like you are going to have a great success. And I mean, he’s been doing pretty well. So it’s like, you know,
Speaker 2 00:05:14 I have come to the conclusion that my bad dreams about. Okay. So my recurring dreams tend to be like hauntings, zombie, apocalypse, or apocalypse in general. I’m trying to figure out who a murderer is or weirdly I have a lot of dreams with tornadoes in them and we’re trying to like get shelter from a big storm. But since all of these things tend to be super stressful situations, I’ve like come to the conclusion in my own head, which I don’t know how accurate it is, but like that, it’s my brain’s way of processing. Just daily stress. Yeah. And then like, cause I don’t wake up and I’m still like upset or afraid or anything like that. Like it’s just like, I don’t know. It’s the norm for me at this point, which Moray, who knows, but yeah. That’s I just figured it’s my body’s way of like trying to figure out how to handle like daily stresses stressors.
Speaker 1 00:06:15 Well, no. Yeah. And that makes sense with like the stuff that you’re saying. Um, yeah. I don’t know. It’s like if I have a dream, it’s going to be a weird dream. Like I would say maybe like one out of 10 dreams that I remember is like a weirdly good dream. But uh, I had, okay. I don’t know. I don’t know about this one. I had a dream one time that I was in, uh, in this. Okay. But I was in a pool and it was really, it was like glowing and really beautiful. And there were all these fish in the pool that were like really, really beautiful fish. And like, I don’t have a thing for fish. I don’t like the touch. I don’t like the smell. I don’t like, I don’t like the fish. Like I can appreciate them from a far, but for me to be like in a pool of fish and be like, Oh, they’re so beautiful.
Speaker 1 00:07:10 They’re so pretty, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they’re like, yeah, yeah. And there’s like all these other animals that are like kind of around me, but I’m in this sort of like glass room and it was really beautiful. And then these fish kept coming up to me and kissing me, like not on the lips, but like, they were just like kissing me I’m in the pool. And they’re like coming up to me and kissing me and literally, yeah, it was very, but it was like very sweet and cute. And I was like, Oh, like struck by it in my dream. Um, woke up, looked it up and it was like, yeah, you’re probably pregnant.
Speaker 2 00:07:46 Did you die? I’m sure.
Speaker 1 00:07:48 Because at the time there were other symptoms where I was concerned about that. Oh, I was already concerned that that was a thing. And I had no idea that dreaming about fish was a thing, but dreaming about fish very much is a thing for pregnant women. And I was like, what the fuck? Luckily y’all, there’s no kid here. So no mama wasn’t pregnant. But yeah,
Speaker 2 00:08:08 I don’t ever remember having a dream about fish when I was pregnant, but I did have some wild pregnancy dreams not going to lie. They get, they get super intense and just very strange. Yeah. Yeah. Man, dreams are weird.
Speaker 1 00:08:27 Dreams are really weird. I had a lot of dreams at your house that were really weird actually. Ooh, I don’t really remember them. I just remember like, everything was very vivid. I get very vivid dreams when um, when I’m away from home, do you know what I mean? Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:08:46 Yeah. I am yeah.
Speaker 3 00:08:56 You know, one of my earliest nightmares that I can remember is I had to have been like four and you were like two and we were supposed to be going to bed, but you were a two year old too. You’re having a temper tantrum. Is this in real life or in the dream? This isn’t real life. And so in, I fell asleep while you were having a temper tantrum. And in my dream, you turned into a monster under, on, on the bottom bunk, but a monster that looked like the bat from Fern gully.
Speaker 4 00:09:40 Yeah. That movie is traumatizing. Stop showing it to people.
Speaker 3 00:09:44 But, but yeah, so that was my that’s one of my earliest nightmare. So I remember it was that you turned into a monster. I was like, what happened to my sister? That’s hilarious. Yep. Did I ever tell you what my first battery was? What it was,
Speaker 4 00:10:03 It felt low house. We were still sharing a room. I was on the bottom bunk haunting. You apparently. Yeah.
Speaker 3 00:10:12 No, but I had it
Speaker 4 00:10:13 Dream that we were, we were the age that we were, um, I don’t remember how old I was. I mean maybe like five,
Speaker 3 00:10:25 We were in fell while you were probably like six to eight.
Speaker 4 00:10:29 Okay. So then maybe a six. I don’t know. It was pretty, it was when we were in the corner
Speaker 3 00:10:34 Owner room. Um, Oh
Speaker 4 00:10:39 Yeah. Yeah. So it was in that corner room and um, and I had a dream that we were in Nebraska in the field or like, you know, that the lawn that was between like the two, like rows of duplexes apartments. Yeah. And, um, and we had this sense. I shit, you not, this is such a bad dream. Oh my God. That we had a pack of, I had a pack of like double stuffed Oreos and we, and they were ours. Like somebody gave them to us and we were like, yes, we get Oreos. And I’m gnomes now mom’s for us, Sarah.
Speaker 3 00:11:19 Yeah.
Speaker 4 00:11:22 And a Fox came up and was trying to like swiper, no swiping us was trying to like get the Oreos from us. And we, and I was like,
Speaker 3 00:11:34 And we S we spent the whole dream running
Speaker 4 00:11:37 Away from the Fox. And then I woke up and I was like,
Speaker 3 00:11:42 Traumatized, Oh, you poor thing. I literally like
Speaker 4 00:11:47 Dora the Explorer in my mind before I, before it even was there. Thankfully. Yeah. It actually happened. Yeah. It’s like, I wonder if that’s like a common dream for kids to have a Fox, like try to steal some shit from them. And I’m surprised that it wasn’t like a coyote or a Wolf from the stupid I was going to his tail. That’s exactly what I was going to say. Yeah. It was the coyote, but maybe you pictured it like a Fox because are you like a fuck? Because a Fox is somewhat close to a coyote. I don’t know.
Speaker 4 00:12:26 And we’re back from out of space. this does not work when it’s almost sure does not, but we know that we could have done a good shot. Lean Nolan. Just one second. You’ll be back to bother me anyways. Just stop it. I swear. I swear that I always use the example of like the first viral video. I’m like, did you guys not know Mr. McNamara got an email about an alien alien dancing to that song? I swear. I feel like that should be more iconic for more people. It should. How come it’s not, if anyone has seen that video, fuck. I’m about to look it up. Shit. No, just we have to start doing things. The continual derail into our past. Um, come on. I will survive alien song emailing and song video clip. Yeah.
Speaker 4 00:13:40 Yes, yes, yes. It does exist. baby. I’m sure. I don’t know anything about that baby, but I know that there is an alien that sings I will survive and you can find it on YouTube. Oh, I do know what you’re talking. I know you do. Yeah. It took me a second. Are you ready? Do you see you hear? Sorry, go, go, go. I’m here to report on the status of the sports ball. That’s what I look like. I just need a little, but like this in front of my face. Yes. Oh my God. Look at you. You’re so fit. Those are my gaming headphones. Oh wow. They look anything like a fish in case anyone was wondering, um, speaking of fish, um, I am this week talking about Lake bike call you and it makes me think of what, Oh my God. Uh, avatar the last Airbender Lake. I’m pretty sure it’s Lake by golf. It’s really close
Speaker 1 00:14:58 Stop. Is it really? Hold on. I’m going to look it up. Oh my God. Me too. What do you mean? Is it really avatar Lake? Like, is that what I search?
Speaker 4 00:15:09 Oh, no, no, no. Sorry. It’s Lake loud guy. Oh, well, that’s very good, but there’s still like with mysteries. So
Speaker 1 00:15:19 How do you know this Lake has mysteries.
Speaker 4 00:15:23 Okay. Anyways, so, okay. Bye. Call.
Speaker 1 00:15:27 Wake by call. Yes. So originally my interest in late by call was because of, um, it was, you know, generated because of a Kirby pasta that I read on Reddit, um, a while ago, which was like my first inspiration to get a Reddit account was realizing that all those clickbait articles that they advertise on Facebook of like the 10 weirdest things to happen on water or like the 10 creepiest things that ever happened in North Dakota. You know, I’m obviously going to click on that Buzzfeed article, but nine times out of 10, all of their sources are from an aspirate thread. So I was like, I don’t know why I’m dealing with this middleman. I need to just get a Reddit account. Um, so yeah, so I primarily follow creepy things on it because he, and, um, one of these was like the what’s the people who like, um,
Speaker 4 00:16:25 Um,
Speaker 1 00:16:29 And what I was about to say, but like people who like are on ships or are on the water, you know, like what’s the creepiest thing that ever happened to you. And one of the stories I read, whether it’s true or not, one of the alleged stories was about Lake by call. And it was, um, this kid who said like when they were younger, they went camping on Lake by call and they canoed out to one of the many islands that are in the Lake and they were hanging out there. They pulled their canoe. There was no other boat up at the Lake. Okay. And, um, as they’re like hanging out there for the night, um, this kid comes up out of the woods on the Island and they’re talking to them and he seems normal. You know, like there’s no, no obvious sign that he’s like in distress. So like, they hang out with him and they talked to him and whatever, they fall asleep and they wake up the next morning on the Island. Um, and this kid is nowhere to be found. They get back to shore and they’re like, Hey, there was a kid on the Island. And you know, he was our friend, but we didn’t see him leave. Did anyone come and pick him up? Um, cause this is really weird. And the, basically the story was like, Oh, well that did he look like,
Speaker 1 00:17:51 I have a picture of said kid. And, uh, and they were like, yeah, that looks like him. And they’re like, yeah, well, he’s been missing for them.
Speaker 4 00:17:58 Fuck. Yeah. Oh wait. But does that mean that he’s alive or dead then? I don’t know. I don’t know. But I mean, like, I think
Speaker 1 00:18:07 The interesting part for me was when they were like, yeah, he seemed normal because if someone has been missing for two years and we’re on an Island surviving, I’m sure they wouldn’t look normal. You know? Like, I’m sure they’d look a little, like, Survivorman
Speaker 4 00:18:21 Like, they’d have a little
Speaker 1 00:18:23 Bit of bear Grylls, uh, you know, fashion sense.
Speaker 4 00:18:27 Yeah. I guess that’s true. Which
Speaker 1 00:18:30 In my mind is Michael Scott duct taping his or like cutting his pants off and duct taping them into a
Speaker 4 00:18:38 Yep. Yep. Yep.
Speaker 1 00:18:40 And if I stumbled across that person, I’d be like, Oh, that checks out. Yeah. They are on the silent y’all should go get him. Um, but yeah, so it was written much better than that. And it really creeped me out. And so I was like, Oh, in the future, I’m going to look up weird stuff about like, by call. And that’s just what I have done.
Speaker 4 00:18:58 There’s more weird stuff. Yeah. So there’s an Island in the Lake.
Speaker 1 00:19:05 There are many islands in the Lake. Actually. It has over 27 islands. Oh yes. Or exactly 27 islands. Um, one of the islands in Lake by call is 45 miles long and it’s called Alcon or that’s what I will put, announce it as, and it is the third largest Lake Island in the world. Wow. Cute little fun fact about that. That’s a pretty big,
Speaker 4 00:19:30 Well, I was going to say, you said 45 miles long. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:19:35 Yeah. I don’t know. Long. I don’t know how long like Manhattan is, but I’m sure it is not as long.
Speaker 4 00:19:42 Hmm. 45 mile, but a forty-five mile long Island in a Lake where they’re also 26 other islands. That’s just crazy, right?
Speaker 1 00:19:56 Yeah. I’m now looking up. How long is Manhattan Island? Cause I like to be informed
Speaker 4 00:20:03 And we have the machine now. Oh, 13.4
Speaker 1 00:20:08 Miles.
Speaker 4 00:20:09 Wait, what?
Speaker 1 00:20:11 Manhattan Island is 13.4 miles long. So this is like three Manhattans.
Speaker 4 00:20:16 Wow. Yeah. Like three in a bit, but yeah. Three and a bit. Wow.
Speaker 1 00:20:23 That’s nuts. So yeah. So LinkedIn by call is actually the oldest and deepest freshwater Lake in the world.
Speaker 4 00:20:28 Where’s this
Speaker 1 00:20:30 In Russia. In Sydney.
Speaker 4 00:20:32 Uh, Russia. Yeah. Motherland. Um, the, please edit that cackle out, but you know, it was worth it because I saw your face, which right. Um,
Speaker 1 00:20:49 No.
Speaker 3 00:20:49 Oh, I was saying like, which one, but that also, yeah.
Speaker 1 00:21:00 Yeah. So it’s actually, um, yeah, it is the largest and deepest freshwater Lake in the world, which I feel like people are always like, Oh, what about the great lakes? Which like,
Speaker 3 00:21:09 I’m not sure are those freshwater. I should know that they live in here.
Speaker 1 00:21:16 No one ever told me I didn’t grow up here.
Speaker 3 00:21:20 Yes, you did stop outing me. Gosh, I am from Spain. There was hilarious. There you go. Um, there are definitely freshwater lakes because their lakes not sees as, as an, a Lake fresh water. And if it’s a sea, then that’s because it has salt in it. That’s not how that works, but why
Speaker 1 00:21:45 They call it a freshwater Lake? Why wouldn’t they just call it a Lake?
Speaker 3 00:21:48 Because
Speaker 1 00:21:50 No, that doesn’t make sense. If it, if all lakes are fresh water Googling, saltwater lakes,
Speaker 3 00:21:56 This is what happens. This is how we came up with the idea for ourselves.
Speaker 1 00:22:02 Oh my God. Salt water Lake. The great salt Lake. Hello? Salt Lake city. Oh
Speaker 3 00:22:05 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:22:08 Um, but yeah, no, there are other salt lakes, but yes. Most, but there, but yes, seas are applicable to that.
Speaker 3 00:22:17 Okay. Glacial lakes. But
Speaker 1 00:22:22 Yeah, the great salt Lake is I think, is it the only,
Speaker 3 00:22:28 Okay. We’re on a change. I’m coming back to like my cough, but it’s just confusing then. Why don’t they call it a tiny C because
Speaker 1 00:22:38 Super fresh. Super cute. And it’s
Speaker 3 00:22:43 Yeah. But how much cuter would it be if it was named the fresh snow? The tiny C? No me like the freshest Sierra precious sea. So fresh. So cute. So fresh. So, so, so fresh.
Speaker 1 00:23:00 Not as it’s not salty. Um, so actually what’s interesting is that Lake by call is like on a continental rift. And so a lot of, uh, scientists believe that it is the beginning of a new sea and that that’s where a new C will start. Cause it’s like slowly spreading apart. Um, yeah. Yeah. Fun facts. And it is actually at 25 million years. It is the world’s most ancient Lake. So it’s the deepest oldest freshwater Lake is 25 million years old. And its depths have never changed, which is a big deal for lakes because like, well, a lot of the time their will fluctuate, uh, based on the conditions of the surrounding environment. Um, and most lakes generally are about like, you know, 10,000 to like 40,000 years old, like millions of years is unheard of. That is like by call. Um, so yeah, it’s just a super cute refresh, super sanction, crazy Lake.
Speaker 1 00:24:09 And, um, it is about, uh, five to seven miles. I think deep, uh, part of that is sediment. I think it’s like four something miles of that is like sediment. So it’s, it’s almost as deep as the Mariana trench, uh, just as like reference cause the Mariana trench freaks me the hell out and I want to know what’s going on in there, but I don’t want to be anywhere near it. Um, so yes. So it’s similar to that. They’re both, I think continental rifts as well, but it is not a salty cracks. Are you sure? It’s got that going for it? Yeah. Fresh crack.
Speaker 1 00:24:49 It is the freshest crack around and has been for quite some time. Yeah. Um, so another thing that’s just crazy about the Lake, it is, it has crystal clear waters and oxygen like circulates up from the bottom of the Lake, like spring-style and um, Contin consistently like circulates the water. So it stays clean. So it’s completely safe to drink from as well, which is just again crazy that it’s been around for 25 million years. And like you could literally be like, yeah, I’m going to have a gulp of that. Which scares the fuck out of me. I don’t know why you would do that, but
Speaker 3 00:25:26 Also I’m surprised it’s like humans haven’t found a way to ruin it yet. To be honest with you
Speaker 1 00:25:32 To be quite fair. I’m very surprised that there’s not like by call bottled water, like in every fucking convenience store around. And I shutter to think if I gave anyone that idea, please don’t
Speaker 3 00:25:43 Nestle. She’s joking. JK. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:25:46 Shut the fuck up. Don’t call them out. They don’t need to sh Nestle go back to your business. Don’t listen to us.
Speaker 3 00:25:53 We eat your chocolate. Don’t worry. Okay, bye.
Speaker 1 00:25:56 No, actually I eat all these chocolate. I don’t eat Nestle unless Nestle owns whatever, all these distributes
Speaker 3 00:26:04 Fuck. I own everything.
Speaker 1 00:26:07 They own everything. Okay. So since the Lake is so old, there are, uh, many alleged end about the Lake and how it came to be. And obviously it’s like, since humans have been around our history is like a little, a little bullet in the Lake’s history. Um, yes, there is like one fun thing that I just thought was like super cute and fun.
Speaker 3 00:26:36 Super cute. That was like, uh,
Speaker 1 00:26:38 Yeah, I think this was a quote that I found possibly on the Smithsonian website. I’m pretty sure it was, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was, um, local, lower claims that Jesus took a short walk to Lake by call and back during his days of desert wandering, which like makes it sound like Jesus was like wandering the desert, looking for the place like that. He was going to build his new home for his HGTV series. Like it just has a very weird vibe about it, like desert wandering, but found a really cute location on the edge of the Lake.
Speaker 4 00:27:16 I was going to say, but during his desert wandering, he was just, you know, chilling with the devil. So maybe the devil just was like, Hey man, you want to go see this cool Lake? Yeah, let’s go, bro. All right, we’re going to go over to this Lake. That’s super old, have a little sippy sip, maybe walk along the top of it, you know, walk on water and then skedaddled,
Speaker 1 00:27:36 You know, if I have learned anything from watching Lucifer, it is that the devil has great taste in interior design. So I would watch that HGTV show.
Speaker 4 00:27:48 And also, um, that, that seems like something the devil would do
Speaker 1 00:27:54 It sure does. It sure does. Because it’s like, why the fuck not, you got kicked out of heaven. You might as well make the best it.
Speaker 4 00:28:02 Please do that again.
Speaker 1 00:28:05 Maybe in my fucking beliefs, like an old man anyways. Um, yeah, so there are lots of legends, um, about Blake. Okay. And um, a lot of them involve quote unquote fire-breathing data, which if we just close our eyes, close our eyes and imagine a fire-breathing deity. I’m pretty sure we only see a one thing. And it’s also the same thing that guards grand gods bank from the apes
Speaker 4 00:28:43 And also treasure in general.
Speaker 1 00:28:47 Yeah. Hashtag smog. Yeah. Hashtag the desolation of
Speaker 4 00:28:51 Shut up.
Speaker 1 00:28:56 I’m also speaking of avatar earlier, you were like, uh, this is the Lake from avatar. Well, here’s a legend from avatar and I wish that I could read it in the avatar voice, but I’m going to do my freaking best
Speaker 4 00:29:09 Nice week on avatar.
Speaker 1 00:29:13 Okay. Yes. Now imagine the beginning. All right. According to legend, a fire reading daily lives, deep in the waters of the Lake. Traditionally, it was considered that there were four dragon Kings in the world who were brothers and ruled the seas and all four Cardinal directions of the world. The Western sea was the Indian ocean. The Southern sea was the South China sea. The Eastern sea was the East China sea and the Northern sea was by call.
Speaker 4 00:29:48 Okay. We need to actually start recording videos though. So we can have that included. Cause this is priceless.
Speaker 1 00:29:55 So you can have my bendings going to say
Speaker 4 00:30:01 Definitely bending all the elements while she was narrating. It was beautiful. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:30:07 Okay. The legend says the fire-breathing daddy or a dragon. Yeah. Controls all the living creatures in Lake by call and even the lives of the people living on the coast of the Lake. But where is the dragon now? That’s for you to decide
Speaker 4 00:30:26 Or for the avatar to find? So it sounds like
Speaker 1 00:30:32 Yes, exactly. Okay. Um, so the legend says that, and this is what I think is the best part. It’s just very visual and I’m obsessed with it. As soon as the first stars were lit in the sky and the great sun Rose above the earth for the first time a golden chariot descended from the sky and a fire dragon came out of it bad ass. And thank you for the imagery. Yeah. This is what I appreciate about legends. I’m like y’all are doing it. Right. Thank you. All right. So he comes down from the sky. The first blow of his tail made the mountains fall apart to form a deep crevice, the second blow of his tail, fresh crack. It is the freshest crack on the planet. Definitely fresh. Your right third blow covered the area with rich vegetation. And then living creatures started to inhabit the area. After that the almighty dragon went into the Lake and it became his new earthly home. Okay. Um, the legend goes on to say that the dragon came out till the land every 126 years, which like is an odd amount of time. Hey, maybe
Speaker 4 00:31:54 He’s converted. We don’t know.
Speaker 1 00:31:57 I mean maybe every 126 earth years is like one year for him.
Speaker 4 00:32:04 Maybe that’s just how long he hibernates for.
Speaker 1 00:32:07 Yeah. It could be maybe that’s just his winter, you know? Yeah. Um, but yeah. So when he comes out to land, uh, the people who lived around the Lake, which called themselves the sons of the fire dragon held festivals in the dragons Otter, and they offered abundant sacrifices to their day to day over time, the people began to forget about the dragon, which, uh, every 126 years seems like a little random number. You know, it’s a little bit random. So I, you know, can understand if like one year they were like, Oh shit, my ancestors already passed away and they forgot to tell me the exact date. You know, anyways, I’m just saying it could get confusing.
Speaker 3 00:32:56 I mean, that’s like, that’s like how many generations? Like three, at least if you’re like really stretched. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:33:05 Yeah. We’re basically ants on a log to this guy.
Speaker 3 00:33:08 Okay. And, um,
Speaker 1 00:33:12 It’s true. Um, so yeah, so he came out and they forgot about him and he had, uh, become angry naturally. Um, the legend says that the Dragon’s anger shook the land. It was flooded by the waters of the sacred Lake and destroyed all the living things on its banks, all the way up to the great ocean and the ungrateful sons of the dragon disappeared from the face of the earth, which is very Noah’s Ark.
Speaker 3 00:33:41 But what I was going to say.
Speaker 1 00:33:43 Yeah. So I find it interesting. I always find it interesting how like, uh, even religious parables and just stories from around the world kind of have like a similar through line. It’s very spooky to me. Um, because it’s like they have no association to each other whatsoever. And I don’t know the timeline of this legend or like really like, you know, whether it was a D or BC, you know, when it came up,
Speaker 3 00:34:10 Like, and I ask you that.
Speaker 1 00:34:13 Yeah, no, I don’t. Um, it’s just one of the first major legends about the Lake was about this dragon and how there were four dragons that ruled the seas, which like, I wonder if that had something to do with avatar and like the four elements and
Speaker 3 00:34:29 I don’t have an avatar. Isn’t the only thing that talks about the four elements. I mean, that’s like a basic thing, hell, look at the fifth element. Like,
Speaker 1 00:34:38 Yeah. I mean, this is like the four Cardinal directions, which I thought, you know, compared to like avatar and like other things that compare like, you know, to the elements and have elemental powers involved. But yeah,
Speaker 3 00:34:48 If you want to get into that, the four Cardinal directions are also associated with the four elements. Well, North is air East is, I don’t remember. Mom would know better, but they, they have their own associations too. So what South is fire? Maybe that’s it.
Speaker 1 00:35:06 East and West might be C might be water and land.
Speaker 3 00:35:10 I don’t know. You’d have to ask mom, ask mom.
Speaker 1 00:35:13 All right, let me get her mom.
Speaker 3 00:35:19 Um, wait, I’m going to look it up. Okay. But you can keep talking obviously.
Speaker 1 00:35:25 Oh, well let me talk while you pay attention. I’m paying attention. Um, this was an interesting thing that I found, which I don’t feel like it’s true, but, uh, burry at legend, uh, is such a strengthen the story with their mention of the creature. They call it lucid con or oosten con right? That’s correct. Yeah. Uh, which means water, dragon, master water. Dragon
Speaker 3 00:35:56 Master. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:35:58 Water, dragon master. Yeah. Um, according to the legend, uh, was chasing a water dragon and he visited the largest by call Island of Alcon and there he was met with the beast. However, then the beast turned into a beautiful girl and they got married and had kids, which wonder what those kids looked like and good things. She was a dragon and not the other way round. Um,
Speaker 3 00:36:34 Those are the things we think about also that just makes me think of Shrek with yeah. Donkey dragon children. I just watched Shrek two rooms. My God. That’s awesome. Uh, it is not the Gumdrop.
Speaker 1 00:36:53 I fucking love it. Um,
Speaker 3 00:36:55 Real quick. I was wrong. North is air East, is it? Nope. North is earth. East is air West is water and South it’s fire. Yay. I was right. Wait, how are you? Right. I was, cause I said South aspire. Yeah. I was right about one thing, one out of four.
Speaker 1 00:37:19 Um, so there’s a lot of, um, a lot of religions, uh, and a lot of spiritualism surrounding the Lake as well. Um, shamanism, which is one of the world’s oldest fates is heavily practiced at Lake by call and it’s still observed to this day. Um, there’s, you know, uh, there was like sort of like a pilgrimage in like the 18th century of, uh, Buddhism and other religions sort of coming to the Lake, just observe like the spirituality of it. Everyone sort of believes it’s actually called the golden pillar, um, or the Pearl of Russia because of it’s like, yeah. Yeah. I think the pro-life Russia is more of like a, because that’s a really super cute, super fresh, super anxious, like, and it’s not a salty crack, so they’re like, it’s a Pearl, it’s not a salty crack. Um, but the, but the golden pillar was actually it’s it’s from shamanism. Um, so according to shamanism, the universe is divided into three worlds, the upper world earth and the underworld and these worlds are connected by a cosmic axis called golden pill against it. That’s right. The golden pillar. Um, it’s recognized as the center of the universe by Berea it’s in the Bicol region and the place of penetration of the individual worlds. Yeah.
Speaker 4 00:38:48 Thank you. Wow. Well, you know that, you know, I’m wonderful. I mean, I meant that more in like an arrow, like a steak, you know, kind of way anyways. Um, so yeah, so the upper world yeah.
Speaker 1 00:39:05 Is inhabited by gods the underworld by demons in the center, which is earth obviously by humans and physical beings. Um, and so shamans could interact and communicate with spirits from each world. So, yeah. Um, but there’s all kinds of religions. There’s the old believers of the Russian or
Speaker 4 00:39:23 The doc’s church have lived there for more than 300 years.
Speaker 1 00:39:27 Um, it’s just a very, uh, big hub for religious activities. So I feel like shamanism and the old believers of the Russian Orthodox church are like the most traditional of that region specifically. Uh, as opposed to like the Buddhism and like the Christianity that like sort of migrated or, you know, came there in after the 18th century or around that time. Um, yeah,
Speaker 4 00:39:53 Here’s a fun thing, but it would have had to have been before then if Jesus went there to like walk on the water and have some sips of the water, right. Well, Jesus was around like
Speaker 1 00:40:06 He was doing his thing, but like now that that Christians are on social media, they’re like, Oh,
Speaker 4 00:40:14 Oh, people think this is the golden pillar and a penetration. Just stop wait. Well, I feel like Christians need to penetrate every earth. So I think it’s appropriate. It’s fair.
Speaker 1 00:40:33 Yeah. Um, one of the fun things that I stumbled across was that, um, you know, that they’re very welcoming to other people like trying to practice their own sort of spiritual ism at the Lake or around the area. And it’s very common, but, um, one of the things is that I believe it’s a shamanistic tradition where they will like make a wish by tying a piece of fabric or like a prayer. Um, Oh my God, what do they call it? Like a prayer flag. You know what I mean? Like the anyways they’re tying like a thing to a tree.
Speaker 4 00:41:09 I thought it was a prayer. Oh, I know what you’re talking about now. Yeah. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:41:14 Yeah. Anyways, but they tie a piece of fabric or like piece of string to the tree to make a wish. Okay. And locals believe that a wish made at Lake by call will come true. But only if you make your wish in silence. And if you don’t know,
Speaker 4 00:41:33 Those are the expectations
Speaker 3 00:41:34 That I think that everyone should have of me, like, yes, you can, you can wish for things, but you know, don’t expect too much and say it quietly. No, keep it to yourself. yourself. I don’t need to hear it. Exactly. Just silently and it,
Speaker 1 00:41:57 But it may come true.
Speaker 3 00:42:00 There’s a chance. There’s a chance.
Speaker 1 00:42:03 Um, so another funny thing, well, not funny, not like funny. Ha ha. But like,
Speaker 3 00:42:09 I just think it’s funny how sort of exactly.
Speaker 1 00:42:13 Exactly. No, but apparently local fishermen will practice rituals every day before leaving Harbor. Um, and they will offer gifts up to the Lake. Normally it is gifts of wine. Um, if they’re not offering it up to the Lake themselves, which I’m like, this is a crystal clear pristine Lake from everything that I’m reading online. Um, and you’re just like dumping a bottle of like,
Speaker 3 00:42:39 No, no, no Russian they’re pouring vodka and it’s clear. Yeah. But it says wine, nevermind. My theory is wrong.
Speaker 1 00:42:49 It’s okay. So they either offer, it gives some wine or they offer it gifts of blind by drinking it themselves, which I’m like, if that helps you catch a ton of fish and it has every single time then like Rosa all day, it’s like, do what you gotta do.
Speaker 3 00:43:04 Very, um, you know, emotionally tied to like by call, don’t have too many expense calling you say, don’t have too many expectations. Keep it to yourself. Also give me one. Thank you.
Speaker 1 00:43:21 So give me wine and a good time and keep the spookiness to yourself. However, if I get to see a dragon fine, I’ll take it, put it on my Instagram. So there’s actually weirder things allegedly in the Lake. Besides
Speaker 3 00:43:40 What story
Speaker 1 00:43:44 In the late 1950s, M a T U one Oh four jet crashed into the Lake after it was allegedly pursued by an unknown metallic vehicle, um, local fishermen, so that they saw powerful lights coming from the deep objects, flying up from the water, chasing the plane until it crashed into the Lake. Um, apparently the pilot from this specific incident radioed a message to air traffic controllers informing them that they were being attacked. But apparently also, yeah, yikes is fucking right. And the 1950s like, Ooh, um, which was not 50 years ago. Fun fact.
Speaker 3 00:44:29 70 years ago. Hey. Oh,
Speaker 4 00:44:32 Hmm. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:44:34 So time works. Yeah. Um, so apparently all staff on duty at the time were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements, but numerous community members and fishermen, um, attested to viewing the attack and describing a silver flying saucer type vehicle, chasing the plane until it plummeted into the water. And I think the craft itself plummeted into the water and disappeared from sight. Yes. Um, no conclusive evidence, just testimonies and no official records that this has ever happened has surfaced. So
Speaker 4 00:45:14 Just wait, do you remember, um, avatar very much.
Speaker 1 00:45:20 I tried rewatching it, but you know what? It was so soothing to like my memories of 2010 meet that. Like I fell asleep.
Speaker 4 00:45:28 Okay. Well, all I can think of when you’re like, Oh, but there’s no evidence. And they sign nondisclosure agreements is when the guy like goes and takes some, it hypnotizes him. And he’s like, there’s no war in bossing, say that’s in Lake. Laogai where they’re hypnotizing people.
Speaker 1 00:45:46 So in, uh, July, 2009, um, the Russian Navy declassified, its records of encounters with UFO’s and USO’s, which is unidentified submerged objects as well as unidentified flying objects. Okay. This was in 2009, which I’m surprised that this wasn’t a bigger deal in my life in 2009. I am surprised.
Speaker 4 00:46:13 Did you, did you graduate in high school from high school then? Yeah, he did. Yeah. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:46:18 Was sitting at home doing absolutely nothing waiting to go to school, but the CIA in the United States here released their documents in like 2017 or 2016, like way after Russia was like, yeah, fuck it. UFO’s USO’s we don’t know what’s out there. Something’s flying around
Speaker 4 00:46:37 Slash jumping around with us, but here you go.
Speaker 1 00:46:41 Um, so one of the most bizarre reports included in their release documents was, uh, an event that occurred in 1982 during a routine Soviet military training dive. Um, this was at a depth of 50 meters while conducting a research mission, seven Russian Navy divers notice that they were being watched by anomalous humanoid figures, swimming nearby, which Oh, no thing. They watched as several curious creatures approached them, which like, I can only imagine being frozen in literal frozen water of just being like, I mean, I don’t know what time of the year this was. It could have been fine really cold though. And just being physically watching these creatures approach them, um, apparently they wore no modern equipment. They had some sort of metallic, tight fitting suit and a helmet like apparatus, which like,
Speaker 4 00:47:45 If you’re saying
Speaker 1 00:47:45 Helmet like apparatus, I can only imagine what that means. Like obviously it’s something that covers the head, but it sounds freaky. Yeah. But I know, but yeah, they’re not like, Oh, a helmet. I just looked like a diaper, like a bubble. That’s kind of what I picture too, but it’s just still freaks me out. Um, but yeah, so they had a helmet like apparatus that covered their heads. Um, and then upon closer inspection, the diverse notice that these beings were nearly 10 feet tall. So like even if one of your fucking Russian Navy divers for like six, four, uh, that’s still very much bigger than you.
Speaker 4 00:48:23 I exact, that is to my, no, it is exactly to us.
Speaker 1 00:48:28 And I find it hilarious, like for whoever was their biggest scariest, Russian Navy divers to be confronted with this
Speaker 4 00:48:36 And to be like, Oh, Hey man, just to feel
Speaker 1 00:48:42 Just for I, my favorite thing is for like very large people. And I’m not saying large in a particular way, but just like the person who is six, five at all,
Speaker 4 00:48:53 Daniel Short to feel fucking small. I’m like, yay. Yeah. That’s not the biggest guy around. That’s how that feel. That’s how that feels like make fun of us shorty youth. All right. Anyways.
Speaker 1 00:49:14 Um, so they noticed that they were 10 feet tall and
Speaker 4 00:49:19 Creatures swimming around them
Speaker 1 00:49:22 Casually for like y’all are very tall. And then the creatures disappeared into the Lake. Okay. They just swam away. So then they obviously went to the surface and they told their commander all about what just happened. What do you think their commander fucking did. He ordered them to go right back in the water and capture what they just saw visually. Can you imagine you’re six foot five, 300 pound Russian Navy diver coming out of the water, shaking frozen in fear saying, Oh, we just saw these crazy creatures that were 10 feet tall. They had to be so tall. Like I looked small compared to them and the commander who was probably like four, nine, mm.
Speaker 4 00:50:07 Was like, no, get back in the water. And also here’s a net
Speaker 1 00:50:11 And don’t come back up until you catch me one of those motherfuckers.
Speaker 4 00:50:18 Just, yeah. You heard what I said? Go fucking catch one. Good. Yeah, no, literally
Speaker 1 00:50:25 Literally sent them back down there nets. Okay. Um, so following this, uh, experience of being told to go back into the water, they, the seven divers all re-entered the water, but, um,
Speaker 6 00:50:41 The entities
Speaker 1 00:50:42 Emerged again. They weren’t scared of the people.
Speaker 3 00:50:45 Big surprise coasts. They were huge. Right?
Speaker 1 00:50:48 Wait, one diver who we can only assume was the six foot five, 300 pound Russian Navy diver that we’ve all known and loved for the last two and a half minutes attempted to catch the large cumin oil creature in a net. And at that moment, so the documents say allegedly,
Speaker 6 00:51:08 Hmm. Um, the entities reactive.
Speaker 3 00:51:14 I don’t
Speaker 1 00:51:16 My favorite part of all that is like, they reacted. Like that’s not fucking good.
Speaker 3 00:51:21 What I picture is like, I picture it like these humanoid looking things, they see them and they see the net. And then for some reason I picture their arms and legs, like going around like a cuddle, like, and propelling them kind of like a cuddle fish or something. I don’t know why. That’s just what I picture.
Speaker 6 00:51:39 Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:51:41 That would be great if that was what they did, but that’s not what they did. They pulled out some sort of device and it looked apparently like a gun and shot an intense wave, uh, which they believed was like a sonar wave. And that generated a huge, powerful force. As I can only imagine on from under water that propelled these divers to the surface image
Speaker 3 00:52:05 Thing, we didn’t die from as it like getting the bins.
Speaker 1 00:52:09 Oh no, it is hashtag the bins. Okay. Catapulting upwards from those kinds of depths is for sure going to give you the bins and have devastating effects on your personal being. And that is exactly what happened. Yeah. Three of them died, God. Yeah. The remaining four of the diet, uh, four, four of the remaining four divers Jesus fucking needed immediate. Yeah. Um, they needed immediate medical attention and there’s actually a story that says that there was only one decompression chamber in the area at the time. And so they had to put all four of them in the decompression chamber to save their lives, which is like, I can imagine a decompression chamber maybe being big enough for two people,
Speaker 3 00:53:02 Like four,
Speaker 1 00:53:04 Four I think is like doing it. Like that seems like
Speaker 3 00:53:09 When a Corbyn dowel shoves them all into his freezer is exactly what I imagined. Oh my gosh. Outfit. Sure. You will. That’s. That’s exactly what
Speaker 1 00:53:26 I picked till lush. Fucking love that movie. Um, yeah. Yeah. So that is the freakiest story. I feel like that is out of Lake bike hall. Um, according to the end of those documents, the divers were too terrified to speak out about the incident, uh, which fucking checks like that. That’s what route was released just from the documents themselves. They are like, Oh no, we’re not fucking talking about it. We’re dying. My after that, that embarrassment of a decompression chamber. No, I can never talk
Speaker 2 00:53:59 Where we all became one person.
Speaker 1 00:54:05 When B I need a chamber, like I’ve never needed one a decompress with you, babe.
Speaker 2 00:54:20 There’s a cover for you. Oh my God.
Speaker 1 00:54:26 A Wunderlist alien. Now I’m back for ma yeah. Got a net fi yeah. Can you
Speaker 2 00:54:35 Even picture like, that’s definitely hell I wonder how long they had, how long did they have to be in there for?
Speaker 1 00:54:43 I don’t know. And honestly, I don’t think my mind, I think that may not knowing that is the place of, of this ignorance. Like that’s where my line is, where I’m like, Nope, I’m okay to be ignorant about that because I don’t want to have freaky ass dreams about that later. So in April, 2009, which is actually before they released the documents, which I find interesting may have, uh, may have influenced them one way or another wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you decide for yourself. But astronauts support the international space station. Photograph two circular convection breaks in the ice of Lake by call, which like when the Lake freezes over, it’s like seven feet fucking thing. Like this is a thick ass layer advice that you can just like penetrate easily. I’ll send you the pictures. But it literally is very stereotypically UFO. Like the Lang saucer, it looks like a little flying saucer, like tried to come up from the bottom of the Lake and it like hit the wall and it was like, Oh no. And didn’t make it
Speaker 2 00:55:52 More terrifying. The thought of like aliens and UFO’s coming from outer space or
Speaker 1 00:55:58 From them coming like from in the
Speaker 2 00:56:01 Earlier. Yeah. I think, I think both are terrible.
Speaker 1 00:56:06 Just dance on a log. Just do to do in around the world. Not fucking a clue
Speaker 2 00:56:13 At all. I don’t like that.
Speaker 1 00:56:16 Yeah. So there was two breaks, uh, that they photographed. Okay. So one of them was near the Lake center or the other was positioned to by Carl’s Southern end. Both appeared to look exactly the same. Okay. And they were perfectly symmetrical and measured three miles in diameter, which if we refer back to our Manhattan comparison, Manhattan is 13 miles long. So that’s almost a third of Manhattan. Times two, tried to break through the fuck.
Speaker 3 00:56:54 Yeah. I looked at the pictures. I don’t like it. It’s subs, isn’t it it’s like, ah, something’s going on there.
Speaker 1 00:57:01 Air. And the Russian Navy was like, yeah, we don’t know. We don’t know what the fuck is going on. Here’s our documents. There may or may not be aliens in our life.
Speaker 3 00:57:09 I don’t, I don’t like that. Um, um, yeah, three miles in diameter. That’s just, yeah. Fucking nuts
Speaker 1 00:57:20 About like the significance of being able to see that from the space station and be like, wow.
Speaker 3 00:57:26 Oh, what’s that? You know what I mean? Like you’re in the space station to sound like you’re in a fucking plane. Yeah. That’s just nuts. Yeah. I don’t like the circles and life. That’s weird.
Speaker 1 00:57:42 Yeah. I’m telling you, like by call is full of weird shit and apparently extraterrestrials. Um, uh, there was another weird, uh, incident that took place in 2011, also in April. So it could have been like an April fools kind of thing. I don’t know when it happened in April. Um, apparently dozens of people reported seeing a glowing pink and blue object turtle towards the ground. Um, and it hit and it crashed really loudly and impacted the area sort of near Lake by calls, serving the Southern, like , I think that’s why you say it region. Um, but it did receive widespread coverage in Russia, uh, because apparently allegedly an alien body was discovered. Um, so there
Speaker 3 00:58:34 Was this footage
Speaker 1 00:58:36 In 2011, which was 10 years ago almost in two months.
Speaker 3 00:58:43 Um, okay. Was it, uh, like it was in, was it like a little alien body in the snow? Oh, I remember,
Speaker 1 00:58:55 Yeah. Yeah. It’s on YouTube and it like the YouTube videos, like show like a dude with a camera man. And he’s like, Oh, look at this, there’s a body. And there’s like wreckage and whatever. Now in the video, it’s like a very quintessential, stereotypical type alien. It’s a small grayish, you know, body. Um, and it has the big opaque eyes that are staring to the distance. Cause yeah, cause it’s quote unquote dead. Um, something appears to have ripped off of it’s like have been ripped off its leg wishes. Weird. Yeah. But it’s small. Like it’s not like the people that are, uh, investigating it on the video have to be like in a re height range of like five, seven to six foot. And this thing is much smaller than them, which if you have, if you’re going to do a hoax of Lake by call, like do your fucking research, the internet was around in 2011, you could have easily found out that there was like these big, large aliens and done like a proper hope at least pretend to believe. I would appreciate that. I want to believe in weird freaky shit. Give me a reason a better,
Speaker 4 01:00:07 Um, a better one.
Speaker 1 01:00:09 Yeah. So obviously like viewers of those are torn either way of the authenticity of the video. Some people do believe that it’s genuine. Um, but other people think that it’s like a crafty hoax. So you look it up, Susan.
Speaker 4 01:00:25 I do remember that though. Cause it was like a video and it was like laying in the snow, right?
Speaker 1 01:00:30 Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, there’s like pictures of it too. I think they, like, I was going to say, I think they confiscated it. Um, but like some, you know, some sort of inspecting agency came out and like took it and took pictures of it. So there’s like official pictures of it as well, but it’s kind of like the whole fairy hoax thing, you know, which honestly here’s how I feel about the, do you remember the fairy hoax? No. You don’t remember? Oh man. It had to be out of England or Ireland or Scotland or Wales or the isle of man or one of those, one of those, somewhere around that area. Um, but now it was this ferry that was like found and, and again, it was one of those things where it’s like sensationalized in the media, there’s all these pictures of the body itself and they determined that it’s a hoax, but it’s like, how do you determine that it’s a hoax? Or do you just say that? Like, do you just say that it’s a hoax? So that way we don’t have to worry about it. We can go on with their everyday lives. Or do you say that it’s a hoax because it’s clearly made out of polymers
Speaker 4 01:01:39 That one. Oh, was it?
Speaker 1 01:01:42 Yeah, but I need, I need evidence of that. I need you to report that in the article like, Oh, the ferry was made from polymer, crate clay and the sculptor was Jorge Morganson.
Speaker 4 01:01:55 Yeah. I gave him a Spanish to say that was a very creative, you know, good job.
Speaker 1 01:02:03 It was very European of me. No big deal. Um,
Speaker 4 01:02:08 Was it the quote unquote mummified ferry? Yeah. I don’t know. They sit
Speaker 1 01:02:15 Way. I feel like my point is that if going to fucking make an elaborate hoax, like kudos to you for getting people to believe it because of how great you are at art.
Speaker 2 01:02:28 That’s what I like. That’s what I would aspire to do. Yeah.
Speaker 1 01:02:31 Snaps for you. I think that’s awesome. I think either way, like I really don’t care if it’s a hoax or not like if you have the artistry and the creativity and the time to make that shit look real enough for people to investigate it. Like that’s bad that says that’s almost as bad ass as actually finding a cryptid or like a creature itself. So that’s true.
Speaker 2 01:02:52 Yeah. No, I definitely, I definitely agree with that.
Speaker 1 01:02:55 Yeah. Anyways, so that’s like my call, not a salty crack Pearl of Russia.
Speaker 2 01:03:03 It’s cracks,
Speaker 1 01:03:06 Pearls. You uh, you, you know, think what you want about that.
Speaker 2 01:03:11 I think we should stick with the precious to stop while I forget that. Oh my God. Oh my goodness. But yeah. Yeah. So that’s fine. That was a good one. Like by call. Thanks. There is no war and bossing say.
Speaker 1 01:03:33 Yeah. And there’s no dragon and by call or is there
Speaker 2 01:03:44 Anyways? So, so my story, this is the less weird story and more just, you know, horrific ancient, true crime. And um, this is a story of Boudicca, uh, who was a Celtic queen in the British Isles. She was born around 80, 25 to 30. So for my American friends, I’m not making this up. This is the year 25 to the year thirties when she was, you know, approximately to be born approximately born, whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Um, cause you know, there are places that have history that is that old. So I learned about her when we lived in England and from our history teacher or from my teacher. So her name is Boudicca, but it was also pronounced Boadicea for awhile. Um, but, and it was, and it was thought this was an alternate like spelling her name for her, but actually it was just a fucking spelling error by the Romans.
Speaker 2 01:04:51 So nowadays compared to when we grew up the accepted way to say her name is Boudicca not Boadicea. Hmm. Um, Hmm. Cause I remember learning both personally, but that’s just me queen Boudicca was a, a Celtic. Okay. I’m going to say this. Right. I seen I, yeah. I seen, I tried, she was sorry. She she’s a woman in the Celtic. I seen I tribes, I got really excited about saying that the right way. I looked it up this time. Um, and she’s one of the earliest named Britons in documented history. Um, obviously documented by the Romans because they were the bureaucrats, the first bureaucrats and they wrote everything down. Um, and so her story was recorded, I think about hundred years after her or 150 years after her death. Um, but she’d get, she was one of the earliest named Britons or Celtic people or people pretends means somebody from Britain indocumented history. Um, so
Speaker 1 01:05:59 How infamous do you have to be for like 150 years after your death? You’re still trending enough for someone to be like, we need to, it,
Speaker 2 01:06:08 They made a fucking, they like made a little, like a place to like, not worship her old temple. I don’t know. It was like a little S anyways, I’m going to get to that point. Like I’m a more, I need a Memorial for her, for sure. The Celts did. Um, so anyways, we’ll get to that later. Um, she was born around the year 25, uh, to your 32, an elite family in mold. Oh my God come old Dunham, which is now Colchester, um, which is close to where we used to live. Um,
Speaker 1 01:06:47 How close was that to a reason
Speaker 2 01:06:49 To live in East Anglia? It’s not that far. So Colchester is just South, uh, very soon admins and it’s West of Ipswich. So in the, Oh, so when she was 18 or maybe less, she married the King of the, I sign it out. Dammit. I seen I tribe whose name was pressed suit tag is presuit to guess maybe, um, in Norfolk, which is where we lived. Yes. I see you covering your young, um, I’m shocked
Speaker 1 01:07:22 By the information. Thank you, untrue.
Speaker 2 01:07:24 Um, yeah, probably close to 43 that year 43 ID. Um, so in that same, around that same time, uh, the Romans conquered most of Southern England and most of the Celtic tribes were forced to submit. However, they let the press togas guy, which was Buddha’s husband continue leading his people as a forced ally of the empire. This was with the emperor was called Claudius at the time. Um, in 80 54 and per Claudius was poisoned by his wife and why so that her son could become emperor. And this was Nero who everybody knows is the bad guy. Cause he sucked. Um, cause his name is Nero or cause he saw it both, both because he was the original Nero and people think of Nero as a bad guy name because this guy sucked, um, he, his rules associated with tyranny, extravagance and debauchery. He also rumored to have killed his own mom a couple years after she killed his stepdad for him.
Speaker 2 01:08:47 Uh, no one’s sure why, although it said that she did this to be controlling. So really I’m just saying all of this to say that like the Romans conquered most of Southern England, um, because husband was allowed to remain ruling his people as a King of the icy night tribe. But this was, this was an agreement under the previous empire emperor Claudius who is now dead in this line of our story and Nero is the emperor. Um, when cloudiest died, Nero elevated him to the status of a God and ordered a temple to be built for him at Colchester because he didn’t want people to think that he had killed his stepdad or his adoptive dad. Um, so they ordered a temple to be built for him at Colchester and he made the Celtic, chieftains finance, the extravagant temple and worship the guy who took the land from them. Okay. So this is just, you know, there’s unrest a bubbling, right.
Speaker 4 01:10:00 And it’s like, so mysterious, like where America gets it, like, um, this
Speaker 2 01:10:06 Is where it comes from.
Speaker 4 01:10:08 I mean literally time. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Speaker 2 01:10:13 Uh, when did he die here? 54. We’re at, so Boudicca is in her thirties to possibly 40 her husband, the King dies without a male heir Boudicca herself had two daughters with her husband. Um, and when the King died, he left his wealth in a will to his wife and daughter. So Boudicca and their daughters and emperor Nero hoping that this would appease the Roman emperor and, you know, give his family and the Celtic tribe protection, uh, from the wrath of the Roman empire, essentially, however, his plan failed, um, the Romans do what they’re good at. They annex the kingdom and took the land of the ICI tribe. Uh, they publicly flogged Boudica and raped her two daughters, my God. And, um, you know, they took everything and, you know, left them in ruin basically. Um, Oh my God, Boudica immediately promised vengeance. Um, and I mean, I would, and you know, as a, as somebody in the icy night tribe, you know, they were, the women were also trained as warriors.
Speaker 2 01:11:42 Um, so she’s pissed. They fucking took everything. They, you know, beat her and her daughters and humiliated them and took everything from them. And also she’s grown up seeing that these Romans have taken the land from all of her countrymen, you know what I mean around her? So she calls on the neighboring tribes. I was like, Hey, you didn’t get back at these fuckers. And they’re like, yes, we do. And they elect her as their leader. Um, so it should be noted that in 55 BC, a hundred years previously Julius Caesar invaded Britain, but the Celts were able to drive them out of England. And so there’s the belief that this inspired their rebellion as well, because they’re like, well, if our ancestors could do it a hundred years ago, then we can fucking do it. You know what I mean? Um, and the other tribes, you know, we’re so sick of the shit.
Speaker 2 01:12:46 They’re like, yep, we’re joining this rebellion. We’re going to do it. Um, they stockpiled what armor and weapons they could. However, the Romans had previously like taken away all their weapons and all that stuff. So they were really poorly equipped at this point. Um, but they did what they could and they plan their attack. Uh, their first attack was on Colchester, which is chem old denim. I’m gonna pretend like I said that right at this time sanded. And at this time this was the Roman Capitol in Britain. Um, so for that to be the Roman Capitol in Britain, all of a sudden dealers had kicked out the natives and claim their lands and possessions for themselves. They called the, you know, the Celts captives made them slaves. And the people who settled in Colchester were primarily Roman veterans, um, which meant that they did this on purpose so that they wouldn’t need to have an army posted there, um, to keep, you know, the Celts in line essentially. So they use their army veteran, the veterans, it’s like a, you know, if need be, you will also be, you know, keep these guys in line, but you’re not technically still not kind of thing. Yeah. Right. Like we
Speaker 1 01:14:12 Had you at one point and if we never need you, you better fucking listen. Yeah,
Speaker 2 01:14:16 Exactly. And so between the brutality and the, you know, the anger against the Roman, uh, settlers and veterans, plus this temple, that Nero constructed, that was this gaudy monstrosity that he made the Celts pay for, um, and worship his dad in essentially, uh, this was a really big focal point for resentment and anger. So they attacked Colchester. It was poorly defended and it was destroyed by Boudicca and her forces in two days, uh, somehow they managed to be head a bronze statue of Nero, which is fun. I don’t know how they did that, but they did. Um, and argue archeologists, say that there’s proof that the city was methodically demolished. So it’s not like, they’re just like, okay, let’s chase everybody out and yay. We win now. They fucking demolish this place. Like it’s done. So next place they go is a place called Len Didion, which is you guessed it London.
Speaker 2 01:15:32 Uh, it’s a new settlement founded in 80 43. And it was a thriving commercial centers. A lot of trading. There’s a small portion of, you know, it was mostly civilians and stuff. Cause it was mostly trading since it was like right on the water and the river and all that stuff. Um, a small portion of the army arrived before Boudicca and their forces. Um, but they knew that they didn’t stand a chance against all the Celts. So they backed everyone that they could and, you know, tried to leave before she got there. Uh, but Buddha Boudicca and the rebels burned it all down and they killed anybody in their way. Um, archeology shows that the destruction extended across the Thames as well. So it was just like complete destruction. Um, you know, hell hath, no fury like a woman scorned. Right. What it’s true. Anyways. So the last, the last location was Baru rural allium. I’m really, I’m not going to try and say that it’s called S which
Speaker 1 01:16:50 Is now Essex.
Speaker 2 01:16:52 It’s St. Albans, which is about 20 miles Northwest of London. Um, also burned and taken, but there’s not really a good idea of to what extent that was done. Um, all in all between these three areas, these three cities at about there’s estimated a total between 70 and 80,000 people died. Um, the Britains, the Celts had no interest in captives whatsoever and they killed people by fire. Give it or cross let’s give it one. So, you know, in a Knight’s tale where they have somebody like up in a like cage, it’s like the beginning of the night’s telling you see him in the background, they’re like in a cage, like hanging and just like die from the elements. Yeah. It’s basically that, wow. Like, Oh my,
Speaker 1 01:17:51 Yeah. So it’s just like deaf bikes
Speaker 2 01:17:54 Closure in a cage essentially. Yes.
Speaker 1 01:17:57 And literally exposed to everyone as well as the elements. Wow.
Speaker 2 01:18:02 So, uh, but at this point the Romans are like, Oh shit, this is actually kind of serious. Uh, so they rally about 10,000 men and, uh, take a stand an unidentified location. They actually still don’t really know where that location is, which is super interesting to me. Um, but it was probably somewhere on the Roman road, which is, you know, uh, Romans kind of built, like they were the ones that sort of invented like the interstate. So like Eisenhower and the interstate got his ideas from the Roman road. Um, and it was basically these paved roads that made it easier to move troops and stuff like that. Um, so people think it’s somewhere in the Midlands, along that road between London Niamh and somewhere in Wales that I can’t pronounce. Nope. Yeah. I can’t do it. Um, they were severely outnumbered by the Britons. Um, so they use the location to aid them. They had the forest to his back and a wide like flat field out in front of him. And then, yeah. And then a Gorge protected the Roman flanks from attack and the forest protected them from a abrir. So the only way that they, the Celts could attack was across the plane, like the flat field, but that meant that any ambush was impossible because it was a flat open field and they could see them
Speaker 1 01:19:31 Writes me about Lander. Um, I have no idea how historically accurate it is, but there was a battle that they won that the Jacobites and the Scottish, you know, Highlanders won before the battle of colada. And, and it was kind of like that, where they were backed up to a forest and like, you know, they had like a good, um, and then they had like a ravine or something like that. I guess, environmentally what you’re describing is very similar to that to me.
Speaker 2 01:19:58 Yeah. And they definitely, you know, he definitely made the most of what he could cause he had 10, he only had 10,000 men. Um, and so did the Romans when, hold on, I’m getting there. So when Boudicca met them, uh, she led the troops from a chariot and she’s described, which we don’t know how accurate this is because it might have been romantically embellished, um, later on. Um, I know, right. But she’s not, she’s described as being, you know, a tall, fierce woman with like a lot of red hair. Um, so mayor essentially,
Speaker 4 01:20:38 Uh, so she
Speaker 2 01:20:42 Leads the troops on from a chariot and she does her whole, like she does a Braveheart speech, you know, rallying the troops, um, she’s quoted as saying it is not as a woman descended from noble ancestry, but as one of the people that I am bingeing lost freedom, my scored body in that outrage Chassidy’s of my daughter’s. So basically she’s saying like, Hey, I’m not here as a queen. I’m here because these fuckers took everything from me and we’re going to get them back. Yeah. Um, unfortunately the I knee, I seen, I were very poorly equipped because they had been disarmed by the Romans. Um, as I said, like any weapons, if they did have, they sort of had to scrounge for, um, and they had brought their families with them because they were sure that there was going to be victory. So there’s a massive frontal attack and, you know, Celts are charging ready to fucking go.
Speaker 2 01:21:46 These Celts don’t have any armor. They have poorly made weapons, whatever they could find that was scrounged. And they’re up against the fucking full bureaucracy, that is the Romans, their armor, their shields, you know, and I don’t know if you remember this from when we were kids and stuff, but you know, like they are crazy with their shield formations and what their battle tactics very regimented obviously, um, an effective army, which is how they were able to conquer so much. Um, so, you know, Celts charge, but the Romans combated with a long range piles, what it’s called, it’s like a type of javelin. Um, and the Romans had clear advantage with their armor and their weapons and their, their, uh, they had advantage in close quarters fighting and they had cavalry.
Speaker 4 01:22:40 Oh yeah, yeah. Now this is just making me think of the battle of colada and this is true.
Speaker 2 01:22:46 Yeah. It is terrible. So they also had cavalry the cavalry of running them down. The Romans have a benefit of having short swords, which are good for slashing in close quarters. Whereas the Celts had longer ones at the time, which are not ideal for close combat like that. And basically, you know, between their poor weapons, no armor and up against the like organized might have the Romans there.
Speaker 3 01:23:16 And didn’t you say there was like 10,000
Speaker 2 01:23:18 Of them. The Romans had 10,000. There were more of the killer.
Speaker 3 01:23:22 Yeah. Oh, there were more of the cows.
Speaker 2 01:23:27 Oh, okay. Um, but they, uh, because of the Romans clear advantage, the armor weapons and the close quarters fighting and the cavalry, the Britons were slaughtered, essentially. They tried to flee, but they were blocked by the carriages with their families and their women and children and them, and everybody was killed. Um, women, children, even the animals, um, Boudicca herself is said to have poisoned herself instead of being killed by the Romans or, which is, that’s a story that I heard. And I remember specifically like sitting at Elvin as like, you know, an eight year old and hearing Mrs. Fielder, tell us the story about this woman who would rather kill herself. And she poisoned herself rather than be captured by the Romans, like what I remember. Um, but apparently it’s also possible that she just fell ill either way. She was given a lavish funeral.
Speaker 2 01:24:31 Um, once she was, she was dead. Um, so her story was recorded by two Roman historians, somebody named tactical or Tacitus and DEO Cassius. Um, and honestly these stories might have been forgotten completely if it weren’t for the fact that Tacitus his writings were rediscovered in the 16th century. And they really liked this because in the 16th century, Quintanilla’s with the first. Um, and so they regarded it as, you know, a parallel to the reigning queen. It’s also maybe where they think that the red hair might’ve been Belisha because they might have just said that to make it, her seem like queen Elizabeth, um, at the time, um, Victorians also really liked the story of queen Boudicca, um, as the like reinvented her as a sort of Valiant upholder of British nationhood and weirdly twisted it to justify colonialism, which is ironic considering that she’s fighting the colonialism of the Romans, but whatever.
Speaker 2 01:25:48 Yeah. Um, and then there’s a really famous statue, um, built by Thomas thorny Croft at yeah. At Westminster bridge in London, um, of, you know, queen Boudicca. And one of the, one of the quotes that I read that I really liked, um, it’s from a says history extra. It says however far from losing her own pow power, Boudica lived down across the empire as a cautionary tale of what happens when you let a woman rule it’s ironic, then that her legacy has endured. Whereas Paul in us, which is the guy who defeated her Paul, whereas Paul, and this, his name has faded the idea of a British warrior queen battling a foreign army was invoked in the 16th century by queen loads, but the first to help legitimize her right to rule and to fight against the Spanish empire and by queen Victoria in the 19th century, in her bid to rule an empire.
Speaker 2 01:26:49 So like, yeah, she lost technically, but she’s obviously become a really important symbol for, you know, British history. She was also, you know, use this, uh, heroine for the British suffrage movement get women’s rights. And another article says, yes, ultimately there were, yes, the revolt was ultimately unsuccessful, but Buddha cause legend lives on Romans had been given more than a bloody nose. They had suffered a defeat at the hands of people that thought of as barbarians and a sex that’s thought of as inferior, which was like, damn right. Um, so today, um, there’s not like a typical view of her other than, I mean kind of honestly, the merit of you, but, um, there’s a couple of different things that have happened recently. Um, one, uh, they think that they may have found, so this was in Chanupa 14th of 2021. So this was like a month ago. Um, they were digging for a housing development in Essex and they, I know they, they came across a Roman, uh, it turned into a Roman archeological excavation. They think it’s possible. It’s possible. It could be the site of the Buddha can revolt. There was a lot of items found in including beads, broaches brings pottery, et cetera, from that time. Um,
Speaker 1 01:28:26 Um, I feel like you can correct me if I’m wrong, but like how many times was our life interrupted? Okay.
Speaker 2 01:28:36 Yeah. I know several,
Speaker 1 01:28:38 Like as several times, right. It was a handful of times. So it’s like, this is not surprising to me at all. But like when I talked to people about what they wanted to be when they grow up and it’s like, and I mentioned archeology and they’re like, what? And I’m like, you don’t understand though archeology was pop up.
Speaker 2 01:28:55 The thing that kills me is like, when I talk about archeology with like American kids, they’re like, Oh, because of Indiana Jones. Right. And I’m like, no, cause I literally live in an archeological dig constantly for my childhood.
Speaker 4 01:29:11 It’s like, there was a word, they building a new building base. Yeah.
Speaker 2 01:29:16 Bring that up at another episode. But yet,
Speaker 4 01:29:20 Well, there was a dig
Speaker 2 01:29:22 Exactly. I mean, it was just a constant throughout our lives. Yeah. Um, so another one 23, December of 2020, again, not that long ago. Um, there was this cute little metal detector enthusiast and birdwatcher and bird
Speaker 4 01:29:41 Watcher, my affirmations as who,
Speaker 2 01:29:47 This little guy he’s, he’s birdwatching, he spotted a buzzer. He’s very excited and he’s watching these buzzers. Yeah. And see if they fight. And then out of the corner of his eye, he sees a Glint of gold and he looks down yeah. He looks down and rubs the mud off of it and sees that it’s an old coin and he’s in this like field where he’s birdwatching. So he’s like, Oh my goodness. So he runs home and gets his little metal detector, which of course he has. And obviously he brings it back to the field. He unearthed 1300 coins circa 40 to 50 a D. And it’s valued at the, the horde that he on earth is valued at around 850,000 pounds or $1.7 million.
Speaker 4 01:30:50 Yeah. I mean, yeah, dude, that’s a reason to invest in a metal. I mean, I feel like
Speaker 2 01:30:55 Metal detecting is more justified in England than here personally, but that’s just me because the U S is so big. Like personally, I agree. But like, yeah. So also fun fact, um, in England, if something is of like significant historical now, if it’s of historical significance, um, sometimes they won’t let you keep what you’ve found that if you yawn again, I’m going to murder you. Um,
Speaker 4 01:31:23 Stop bringing it up. I am actively participating. It’s a condition. My heater is off and I’m home.
Speaker 2 01:31:30 Um, so in England, if it’s of like huge historical significance, they sometimes will let you keep what you found, but they’ll make you sell. So they’ll still give you money for what you found, but they’ll just make you sell it for what it’s worth. So in that who’s, they, the government will make you sell to I’m assuming. Yeah. Allegedly I’m assuming to like the British museum. So in this case to this hoard, that’s worth this much money. Um, if he does, so any of the profits he has to split with the guy who owned the field, which I thought was interesting. It makes sense.
Speaker 1 01:32:08 No, I know. But it’s just
Speaker 2 01:32:10 Like things you don’t think about when you’re like, you know, thinking about finding treasure.
Speaker 1 01:32:16 Yeah. But how shitty would you feel if like some dude rolled up with a metal detector in your back yard and on earth, 13,000 GD coins from the Dawn of time and, uh, well, same debt for riff, but like literally, I mean, yeah, no, that would be nice to be like, yeah. I mean, this is my land. I could have found it, but I didn’t send. Yeah. Um, but also such, right. Like, yeah. Also like gold
Speaker 2 01:32:49 To be like a metal detector, enthusiast and bird watcher, and then just find a hoard of money. Thank you. Please let that be me. But anyways, so that’s the story of queen Boudicca who, uh, you know, made quite an impression on me as a child. Um, as a, yeah, I did not remember learning about her at all. Yeah. I remember learning about her at Elvin. Like I said, from Mrs. Fielder with that horrific story of her killing herself to avoid capture. And then also I remember going to Colchester castle and they talked a lot about Boudicca and we were supposed to make something with Boudicca his face on it, which like you said, ended up looking, which we did, which ended up looking like Medusa
Speaker 1 01:33:33 A hundred percent. I thought we were making a shrine to Medusa. I was confused as to what our purpose in that artistic endeavor was. Um, but I fully remember going to Colchester castle and like doing all the other weird things, like trying on chain mail. Um, I also feel like,
Speaker 2 01:33:51 I feel like I didn’t mention it. Um, but like, this was like the biggest, even though it was unsuccessful, it was like one of the biggest rebellions against the Roman empire at the time. It was, it was a big fucking deal. And so I had go ahead.
Speaker 1 01:34:11 Well, no finish what you were saying. I was
Speaker 2 01:34:13 Going to say, and it was led by a bad ass woman who was sick of their shit. Hell yeah.
Speaker 1 01:34:21 Um, hell yeah. Um, no, my question was really like, who decided the years were these years determined by the Roman empire of like, this is year 43 that the Roman empire has been in place. What do you mean? I don’t understand the whole ADBC
Speaker 2 01:34:40 So I think it’s probably a bad thing to say. I think it’s a terrible time to ask, but I think that, and I’m could be terribly wrong. So please don’t yell at me, anybody out there. But I think that the Romans came up with it once I converted to Christianity and they decided that Jesus was born in the year zero,
Speaker 3 01:34:58 Essentially.
Speaker 1 01:35:00 And they had to count all the years that they were an empire before Jesus. Yeah.
Speaker 3 01:35:03 Yes. So that’s when they decided that was BC.
Speaker 1 01:35:08 Okay. So I wasn’t that far off, according to our theory, allegedly that we haven’t actually looked
Speaker 3 01:35:13 Essentially. Yes. Cool. Well that makes me, we are right in our own minds.
Speaker 1 01:35:19 We are correct obviously. And we will check eventually. Maybe we’ll be,
Speaker 3 01:35:24 Yeah, we’ll come back to it later. But yeah, it was just one of those stories that I always liked hearing about as a kid, even though it was gruesome and you know, full of violence, but I don’t know. Yeah. But like what isn’t, but it’s also, when you look back on stories
Speaker 1 01:35:40 Of when you were a kid, what isn’t great.
Speaker 3 01:35:43 And it’s like one of the earliest tales of somebody sticking it to the man in like year 42 43.
Speaker 1 01:35:51 Yeah. That’s true. Where did you as my lucky numbers, a kid,
Speaker 3 01:35:55 I just think of
Speaker 1 01:35:56 One Paddington bear from my raffle ticket. It was number one.
Speaker 3 01:36:00 Oh my God. At the fate, the village fate, wasn’t it? Yeah. No, it was that the smell, but yeah, I was thinking of, yeah,
Speaker 1 01:36:12 I picked 42 and 48 and 42 one. And ever since then, I was like, you are my lucky number.
Speaker 3 01:36:18 I don’t think I have a lucky number.
Speaker 1 01:36:21 I thought you, you used to tell me as a kid that I would ask you and you’d be like, my lucky number is like 13 or seven, which did you know? Actually, I shouldn’t even say it, but I’m going to say it.
Speaker 3 01:36:32 Yeah, you are to say it. All right.
Speaker 1 01:36:35 Well, um, I want to talk about it later.
Speaker 3 01:36:39 Oh, okay. Then don’t just like,
Speaker 1 01:36:41 You might want to talk about your archeological dig that may or may not have allegedly happened.
Speaker 3 01:36:46 I always want to talk about archeological digs. Let’s be real. All right.
Speaker 1 01:36:52 Well, the number 13 is actually, um, it’s, it’s, there’s like a lot of weird things about it, but I do, I will want to like delve into it later. But one of the weird things is that there are 13 like cycles in a woman’s menstrual year because of its. Um, so it’s like a lunar lady numbers, the number 13 old
Speaker 3 01:37:15 Lady number.
Speaker 1 01:37:18 Yeah. That’s how I think of it now. And it was so funny because I think about all those times I’ve gone to tattoo shops at 13 tattoos and I’m like, who the fuck would get number 13 tattooed on me. And then I found that out and I was like, Ooh,
Speaker 3 01:37:31 I would do that. I do that. I would do that. Yep. Yep. So yeah, that’s my, that makes my story. I liked it. I have a lady in her thirties. Sick of men. Shit. Yeah, I can, I can relate. Yeah. Yeah, no,
Speaker 4 01:37:56 That’s a good one. I like miss Boudicca just keep me, uh, I don’t even know. I was, I was going to try to say something like she’ll keep my nightmares away, but for some reason, the first thing I thought of was she’ll keep me warm at night and I’m explaining it and it just really feels like an unwelcome visit to my mind. So sorry about that.
Speaker 2 01:38:20 Yeah. We all, we all went on a journey just then it was good.
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Speaker 1 01:40:54 I’m not going to just fall asleep vertical. Like I can’t even fall asleep horizontal.
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Speaker 1 01:41:33 Yes, no, you were really good. We wait, we wait supernatural illness and, and an extraordinary combination of, uh, intricate. Oh, it’s an intricate combination of exceptional natural factors. We are exceptional natural factors. We are literally the closest thing either of us. You’re
Speaker 2 01:41:57 A fucking terrible guy.
Speaker 1 01:42:03 Some people call it supernatural, but you can decide for yourself.
Speaker 2 01:42:09 It’s probably good that we’re like recording this like long distance. Otherwise I would probably just like slowly like shove you over. Oh man.
Speaker 1 01:42:20 My chair agrees with me. So that’s
Speaker 2 01:42:22 All that matters. Um, yeah. Have we decided on how to like sign off on this yet?
Speaker 1 01:42:31 No, I think we’re just going to like sail right in to the mystic and um,
Speaker 0 01:42:36 Um, it’s a song.
Speaker 1 01:42:40 Bye Morrison.
Speaker 2 01:42:44 Okay. Well James, isn’t it Jimmy? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s. I think it’s Jim now.
Speaker 1 01:43:00 Jim. Now Jim Morrison. Am I? We were born before. I can say one in the morning into the Mississippi.
Speaker 2 01:43:13 Jim Morrison. Yeah, fuck it. Oh, it’s van
Speaker 1 01:43:17 It’s van it’s van bib. It’s span. It’s van Morrison.
Speaker 2 01:43:23 No it his Jim Morrison.
Speaker 1 01:43:26 No, it does not. This is a song by though
Speaker 2 01:43:31 Jim Morrison from the doors though. Hmm. Five here. You’re talking about
Speaker 1 01:43:38 No. So okay. Heard, heard that. Um, so yeah, so like live your wanderlusty life. Uh, go out there and learn about where things, everything, subreddits question
Speaker 3 01:43:52 And think about it. It also, if you pay attention enough, everything is weird. Just think about it. You’re welcome for that tidbit. And on that note and we are going to leave you with that hope you guys have a great time and uh, and we’ll see you again. .

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