Cat Mummies & Tentacle Terrors


Speaker 0 00:00:02
Speaker 1 00:00:11 All right. Well welcome. Yes. Well, God…to the wonderlust podcast.
Speaker 2 00:00:19 Now I was going to say the wonderful West. And then I realized what I was saying.
Speaker 1 00:00:24 It’s not the wonderful S Nope. Um, so my name is Emily and this is my sister, Sarah EI, and yeah, you guessed it. We are sisters. Whoa, didn’t see that one coming. Did you? I’m
Speaker 2 00:00:41 Different though. It’s very confusing.
Speaker 1 00:00:43 We do. We sound different. We look different, the whole thing. Um, our spots are different, but we stick together. Okay. So yeah. So welcome to the Wonderlust podcast. Um, real quick, wanna address the name because we are aware that it is already a word, and this is not a podcast where we’re going to talk about people that like we have crushes on and are wondering what’s going to happen. Yeah. No, thank you. No, totally. No, thank you is right. That’s not what this is about. Um, we realized it was a word after we decided that was a great name for our podcast because we wonder about things all the time and we just wish all this exactly. All the time. Like, and I, I dunno, I’m not going to speak for both of us, but it’s like, I wish all the time that I could like, just sit and look all this stuff up, but then I like guilt myself into being like, Oh, well I should be doing other things be,
Speaker 2 00:01:50 Yeah, exactly.
Speaker 1 00:01:51 It’s like, Oh, there’s Oh, knowledge, isn’t productive. Um, but now we have like a good, solid reason to, uh, actually learn about the things that we want to re learn about and to talk about them and to, um, yeah.
Speaker 2 00:02:10 And to do it, to give that back to the
Speaker 1 00:02:11 World and to do it together. Um, cause we have these conversations all the time anyways, um, too much. So now you guys get to, uh, get a little backstage pass.
Speaker 2 00:02:24 Yeah. It’s all about all the weird things we talk about. You know, that’s lots of fun conversations about like, well, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I decided to Google or I was reading an article that’s
Speaker 1 00:02:38 That’s it that’s always how it starts. I was reading an article about the UFO’s and area 51. And did you know that? Yeah, so we do not claim to be historians or scientists or archeologists, even though some of us wish we were, um, or any of those things, but we definitely have an interest in all things, weird unexplained, maybe historical events that like people don’t talk about. Cause like there are some historic events, which I always find incredibly fascinating that are like, or such a big deal when they happened. But like, because other stuff was happening at the time, it’s like people who were like deciding how to educate children, which like were like, Oh, well this is a more important event. So we’re just going to like leave all this stuff out. Yeah. So there’s a ton, there’s just like a ton of stuff for us to talk about all the time. So welcome to the pod.
Speaker 2 00:03:40 And we’re just, uh, curious gals who Google or Google gals.
Speaker 1 00:03:45 We are Google gals, Google gal pals from the womb to the tomb. We are in it to win it.
Speaker 2 00:03:52 Wow. That was really Epic. Actually. I’m impressed. I like that. Thank you.
Speaker 1 00:04:01 We came up with this idea for the pod on a very long two day road trip, three day road trip. See how I block out the bad memories.
Speaker 2 00:04:16 Ouch, but understandable. No, not because of you
Speaker 1 00:04:23 Because by day three I was, we were struggling deeply delusional. Yeah,
Speaker 2 00:04:28 It was, it was a rough time that third day, but we got to stay in some cool places and we came up, we came up with the idea for this podcast during that trip. So, you know, good things, good things had some quality adult sister time. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:04:44 Quality adult sister time in very haunted hotels, which I fully encourage everyone to pick the most haunted hotels because you will have a fun time. Um, generally I feel like if you seek out haunted hotels and this is just based on my own experience that like the ghost will be like, nah, we’re not coming out for this one. She too much.
Speaker 2 00:05:08 Yeah. That’s, that’s exactly how I feel. Um, although the first night I hate, barely thought about ghosts because it was so cold in that room. It was very cold didn’t we both sleep with our jackets on,
Speaker 1 00:05:23 Um, I did not sleep with my jacket on, but I did make you lay out all of the towels from the room on top of me and give me your extra pillows to lay on top of me. And I did not move at all all night.
Speaker 2 00:05:39 I’m pretty sure I still slept in my jacket.
Speaker 1 00:05:43 I’m pretty sure you did too. Um, but yeah, I mean, it was a fun time and there was like all that like, so the, and then the second place we stayed at was so cool. Um, gosh, I cannot wait to go back there again. You know, I’m going to tell you where it was. It was the, uh, the Empress of little rock. Um, it’s this gorgeous like literal Victorian area or era Manchin. Hassle
Speaker 2 00:06:11 Is a better term.
Speaker 1 00:06:14 It’s not quite a castle, but it is, it, it is gorgeous. It is insane. Um, it’s like what? 22,000 square feet or something,
Speaker 2 00:06:23 Something insane like that is so it’s like, um, balls, the walls full of antiques.
Speaker 1 00:06:31 Oh my gosh. Yes. Like we were, Oh, I swear. Like I have never felt so bougie in my life to have like breakfast on like Victorian era, silver and porcelain literal queen Victoria painted portrait behind me. Like it was in sane. Um, we got to have the whole tour of this place. It was crazy. And the history was awesome. So yeah, if you’re ever in little rock, um, go check it out. It is amazing. Like, you know, Joel place to stay and um, Oh apparently there are these, the group of older women that bought that house out. Like twice a year, they rent the whole house out, do like, say on says, and like start to just go.
Speaker 2 00:07:22 I want to be an old lady like that. That’s that’s my goal in life is to be an old lady
Speaker 1 00:07:26 That is that rents out, living like that tier top tier old lady goals. I’m going to be one of those old ladies that like pretends, like I can’t see. Or like, you know, like I’ll just like shake with the shopping carts. People are like, Oh, she’s so frail and feeble. And then I’m going to like pull out some jujitsu or some shit I’m just
Speaker 2 00:07:48 Going to, we’re just going to fall people. Yes.
Speaker 1 00:07:50 Yeah. Because that’s my favorite thing about old people is that people underestimate the fuck out of . They can get away with some crazy shit. You see it all the time in movies or TV shows that like, yeah, I’m excited for that.
Speaker 2 00:08:05 Just look at Betty White. She gets away with a loss. I mean, she’s awesome.
Speaker 1 00:08:09 I wouldn’t say she gets away with a lot. I would say she’s like, she’s living. She’s a fucking dog.
Speaker 2 00:08:14 Oh no. I mean that in the best way. Jesus. No, she’s just amazing. And you know, it gets to do whatever she wants and I love it. Yup. Yeah. That’s the sound of backpedaling. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:08:30 So
Speaker 2 00:08:31 Oops, go ahead. Oh, you’re fine. No, no, no.
Speaker 1 00:08:34 You go ahead. No, no, no. You go ahead.
Speaker 2 00:08:37 No, no, you, this is all going to get cut out. I’m sure. I’m sure. Um, I was just going to say we like weird stuff.
Speaker 1 00:08:46 Okay. So say it with feeling,
Speaker 2 00:08:50 Um, yeah, we just like weird stuff and you know, stories and history. Um, did we talk about living all over the world? I mean, we,
Speaker 1 00:09:00 I haven’t, I was about to say like, I think that’s a product of our environment.
Speaker 2 00:09:04 Yeah. Yeah. We had lots of fun though. We had so much fun and we learned so many interesting things and we really did. Yeah. We had a, we had a pretty cool childhood, but yeah. So we share, we share a fuck. Did. Yeah, we did. Um, so, uh, I think that’s where we got some of our weird, more macabre interests, uh, or at least me as you will learn later in this episode. Oh dear. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:09:35 Oh yeah. I’ve been bugging her for like the last, what hour of, to tell me what she’s going to talk about. And since she won’t tell me,
Speaker 2 00:09:46 I’m really bad at ruining surprises with my sister, because as soon as I have something planned, I just want to tell her, because I know that she will like it or at least I hope, I don’t know. Maybe you won’t like this. Actually, what I’m really hoping for is like a weird reaction from you.
Speaker 1 00:10:01 I’m gonna say that. You’re probably going to get that. Yeah.
Speaker 2 00:10:05 It’s going to say that that’s not too hard. Are you ready to hear my topic? You’ve been waiting a long time.
Speaker 1 00:10:17 I have been waiting such a long time. What are you going to be talking about today?
Speaker 2 00:10:23 You’ve been so patient about it too. Just kidding. I’m aware.
Speaker 1 00:10:29 Very nice. Cause literally every five minutes I’ve been like, what are you going to talk about? Tell me now.
Speaker 2 00:10:33 Okay. So there’s two terms for this. Uh, the one is that I ha I have to read it because I just thought it was such a weird topic for a Wikipedia page. Uh, it’s called dried cats. Yes. The gas is appropriate. I E mummified cats in walls. So, um, I specifically remember going to an old house in England, I think in lab annum. And we were touring one of the old houses. I’m pretty sure it was. And I’m cause I remember the floors being like super wavy and uneven and stuff. And uh, we’re turned touring one of these super old houses and they had this clear box with a modified cat, like in the wall, like set into the wall and they’d told us, this is part of the tour. I’m like, Oh yeah. People back then used to put dead cats and walls.
Speaker 1 00:11:32 Yo, the things that like you remember about England, make me wonder if I was even there,
Speaker 2 00:11:40 You know what those same. Cause there’s a lot of things that you tell me about. And I’m like, I have no idea what you’re talking about. So it’s okay. I’ll just remember all ridiculously weird things. So this is a custom or an, uh, you know, a happening that uh, occurs in England or Britain. Um, I think it originated in Britain, but it’s a little bit across Europe, definitely in the Northeast USA, like where the first colonies were and even Australia. Hm. Safe to say the Brits had something to do with that. For sure. For sure. Like, yeah. And obviously it made quite an impression on me. It was a tiny child, loves cats. So in this article from Latham’s quarterly, which seems to be some sort of historical magazine, um, people have found dried cats. So these modified cats Instructure’s spanning the socioeconomic spectrum. So like that sh cottages, former pubs, stable schools, there was one found behind an Oregon at a cathedral in Dublin.
Speaker 2 00:12:55 And there’s one at the Duke of Bedford bloom bury estate in London. Um, they were found in two buildings designed by one of the most acclaimed architects in British history, Christopher Wren, uh, one of them in the tower of London, literally. Yeah. They’re everywhere. Um, and it’s like I said, it’s a common enough occurrence that like there’s a record. I know don’t worry. I’m going to get there. Yes. So over a hundred have been found on record, found in walls, under floors or in like roof spaces. Um, and this isn’t counting like, you know, cats that got like trapped, like, you know, there was a story that somebody is saying about how this like so sad. They found a cat under floorboards and appeared as though that the like mom cat had crawled in there to have kittens and then they couldn’t get out. So they all died slowly that way, which is very sad. Um, but with this specific phenomenon, um, these cats are oftentimes posed. So it’s clear that they were not, uh, just trapped in there. Um, oftentimes they’re posed with like a rat in its mouth or like chasing a rat or something like that, but definitely very clearly post.
Speaker 2 00:14:27 And so there are several theories, funnily enough, there is nothing written down in history about this custom, like this is just something that we’ve discovered in old homes as it had been renovated or whatever, but it was never written down. It’s like this superstition that everybody had, but like didn’t actually voice or record for some reason. I probably weird
Speaker 1 00:14:54 See my face right now. Yes it is. Don’t worry. And like, that’s the importance of journaling folks right there. You know, it’s like you journal, you know like, Oh, today we put PD, the cat and the wall just like everybody does. And that journal is discovered in history and everyone’s like, wait a minute, everybody does this. Like
Speaker 2 00:15:15 What? Yeah, exactly. Oh, wait, I should, it makes me want to like write a journal and put like weird ass, random things that nobody does in it because everybody puts stuff on the internet. Now maybe people don’t write stuff down as often as they should. Yeah. You know, I did that thing where I had like cake for breakfast. I don’t know something weird. What’s something weird.
Speaker 1 00:15:38 Oh, like putting ketchup on rice.
Speaker 2 00:15:41 Oh, you know, why would you bring that up to where other people can hear it? Uh, you said it was never, yeah, it was nine, eight, hopefully younger than that anyways. But you know, put it in like a little diary entry and be like, yeah, I do this every day. And then like really throw off historians because apparently I’m envisioning that once I die, I want to be that important where somebody is going to be reading my journals.
Speaker 1 00:16:09 I’m not laughing at the notion. I’m just laughing
Speaker 2 00:16:15 The notion. No, no. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:16:20 Like girls being used for like historical context nowadays to me it’s laughable, but also it’s like would have been helpful back then about these cats. Cause like, again, if everybody’s doing it, why are you doing it? Someone should have written that down. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:16:35 It’s, it’s definitely weird. And like, I don’t know if it’s weirder or less concerning than nobody wrote anything down. Nobody even like was like, Oh my cat died. So we’re going to save it since we’re building a house and then we’re going to bury it in the wall because of X, Y, or Z. Yup. Yup. So there are theories. Um, obviously there’s the most obvious area that people have is cats being trapped in the walls, but again, unlikely due to the number of cats that have been found posed. Um, yes I can. And I’m not kidding post. Um, and there, there is enough evidence that a lot of these cats were dead before being put in the wall. Sometimes they were dead by natural causes. Sometimes there was evidence of like poison, which really just hurts my heart as a, you know, blossoming cat lady.
Speaker 2 00:17:41 The next theory is that they were there as like a little S little scare Crow for the rats. So a lot of them were posed with vermin, either chasing rats or with rat, like in their draws and stuff. So, and you know, they’re found in walls or floors or, you know, that’s actually a decent theory, right. It’s not an interesting theory. So they’re like little, you know, scarecrows for the mice and the ramps. Um, because especially like older houses and stuff like that. I mean think about like, Oh, like 16th century London, like rats are,
Speaker 1 00:18:17 What else would you do? You don’t have like an exterminator. Yeah, exactly. Cats were known to catch vermin. So you would think your natural thought as a person, as a common person in that time period, that you’d be like, Oh, okay, well let me put this dead cat in the wall. Hopefully it’ll keep the rods away. People do that nowadays with roaches. They’re like, Oh yeah, I killed a Roach, but I left it out. So that way his friends know that if they come around, they know what to expect.
Speaker 2 00:18:44 They know what to expect. Um, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere when I was doing this, but I didn’t write it down. Cause it didn’t strictly apply. But uh, that in like the 16th century London, like they really like protected all the stray cats because they were so good at hunting Berman and they had so many rocks.
Speaker 1 00:19:06 Let me tell you, I fully believe that because I lived in now times of now times, what is it? The 21st century. Yes, Jesus. Okay. So I lived in the 21st century, Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida, and feral cats were very much protected and allowed to roam the streets and neighborhoods because they did kill a lot of the rats. And I mean, river rats are a real concern. Even, even nowadays we would get, we got a river rat in our house. One time, that thing was his biggest Jack swear to God that that thing weighed at least eight pounds. Yes, no, it was negative. I don’t know. I don’t like that. So yes, a hundred percent believe that because it is still something that people do nowadays. Um, and forgot. I don’t have to worry about rats.
Speaker 2 00:19:55 I just have to worry about spiders and Jase kill her for me.
Speaker 1 00:19:58 Crazy fucking place, man. And not even because of the people, just because of shit like that, where you’re just like, Oh, you think the Gators are problem until you hear about the rats? Like, so I like totally derailed you from the cats.
Speaker 2 00:20:11 Yeah. So back to cats and walls. Um, so yeah, one of the theories is that they were used to as scarecrow scarecrows is the plural of scarecrow, scarecrows or scarecrow. I think it scared qua qua. So, you know, to scare the Furman, they were used as scare CWA and uh, you know, possibly, you know, posed with the rats and their mouths or chasing rats or a bunch of red, dead rats around them kind of thing. Um, the other main theory is that they were placed there as a good luck charm or a witch slash spirit deterrent, I guess, across history. There’s been evidence of something called a foundation sacrifice. So like when you like are building a new home, it’s common around the world to like, you know, Berry nowadays it’s more like bury a coin or a bottle. Um, some people would bury an animal, you like that kind of thing.
Speaker 2 00:21:09 And so they thought that maybe the captain walls or floorboards or roofs or whatever it was as sort of like a foundation sacrifice, uh, type of thing. Interesting. However, there’s some evidence that in the 16th and 17th century that this sort of like ramped up because of all of the, like, you know, superstitions about witchcraft and you know, all that stuff in England at the time, people are kind of superstitious about cats in general. Um, yeah, if we’re, if we’re honest, people still don’t really adopt black cats as much as they adopt other cats, there’s still superstitions. I was praying this one story about how in one of these, uh, houses, they’re renovating this old house and they find the dead cat and none of the construction workers wanted to move the dead cat because they were feeling superstitious or weird about it. So the main guy is like, fine, all move the fucking cat.
Speaker 2 00:22:02 You guys are a bunch of weenies. He moves the cat and then he’s walking away in a two by four falls from the roof or something and like hits him on the head and like, yeah. And so like, you know, and then all the guys were like, Oh my God, it’s because he moved the cat. But you know, it’s kind of a superstitious thing. There’s some belief that the cats were put in the walls to sort of protect the house from evil or witchcraft or spirits. But I mean, the reality is, is that nobody knows for sure why the cats are there, um, or posts, uh, there’s no written accounts anywhere of the practice. And, uh, yeah, that people just continue to find them. Usually it’s from like the 15th century to like 18 hundreds. So like I was talking to mom last night, I was telling her about this subject and she was like, Ugh, don’t tell me that somebody was already joking about what might be in the walls of our house because their house is built like the 1860s. And it really took all myself or straight and not to be like, yeah, I bet there’s probably a cat somewhere in your walls, but I didn’t tell her that what she’ll listened to this anyways. Maybe. Oh, also in my research, this is somewhat related about the cat stoking our superstitions, apparently in Russia. It is good luck to let a cat roam through an apartment before moving in.
Speaker 1 00:23:24 It sure is. And I knew that I was brought that up earlier. Yeah. You want to know how I knew that? Yeah. Okay. So you remember when we, we used to watch, so you think you could dance? Yeah. Okay. Do you remember Artem? Oh yeah. Okay. So he is now, well, he is now had at this point child with Nikki, Bella, do you know the Bella twins? Oh no, but you’ve told me a lot about them. Um, I did not know about the Bellas until like, after they retired. So very sad for me, an on all accounts, I would have 100% watch that shit had I known about it, but I didn’t, I didn’t have cool friends who were interesting. So if you’re a person who’s into wrestling, I’m sorry. I didn’t meet. You slash know you sooner in life.
Speaker 2 00:24:10 Well, and luckily I don’t have to learn about it because you know, you’re just going to continually tell me all these stories about them. Oh, for the rest of them. I probably, yeah, she got her
Speaker 1 00:24:20 First house. He told her, he was like, you actually need to have a cat walk through the house. That’s like a Russian tradition. Um, and she was like, are you kidding? And he was like, no, so they didn’t have a cat. And it was during COVID. So they dressed up their dog as a cat and have the dog house. It was right.
Speaker 2 00:24:37 Really cute. Oh my God. That’s adorable. Isn’t it? That sort of is. Yeah. That’s my, that’s my weird topic for today. That was awesome. I didn’t remember
Speaker 1 00:24:48 That. I wasn’t, again, wasn’t scarred by that as a child. So
Speaker 3 00:24:54 Yes.
Speaker 1 00:25:00 Thing that I’ve always wondered about that I’ve like heard about and I knew about, but I never actually like read about was slender man. Dammit, continue. Why did you, why did you swear at me sister?
Speaker 2 00:25:19 Uh, cause you know, I was thinking someday I would do that, but it’s fine. There’s not much out there. That’s why I picked it as my short topic. Oh, okay. Well continue. Okay. Yeah. And I knew that, wow.
Speaker 3 00:25:37 Maybe you can revive
Speaker 2 00:25:38 This topic at a later date. Hmm, sure. Sure, sure. So tell me about slender, man. I could have found more like what fucking petty ass? The fuck. All right. So slender man. Okay. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:25:52 The internet says Slenderman is a fictional entity created on the something awful online forums. And it was for a 2009 Photoshop paranormal image contest. Um, yes. So a user named Eric Knutsen, he manipulated two images to show a tall, uh, human and creature lurking behind children and stalking them though. Knutson’s original creation was a little more than a shadow lurking in the background of two photos, the internet soon provided details about what Slenderman actually looked like and kind of took off from there. I guess you could say it went viral, but this is like 2009. So I feel like it’s pre viral times, like there was like memes and stuff like that, but there wasn’t like shit that like, yeah,
Speaker 2 00:26:41 I was like, that was barely out of like the Charlie, the unicorn phase of the internet.
Speaker 1 00:26:48 So Slenderman, uh, wears a suit, um, and appears to have four to eight black tentacles that protrude from his back. Um, apparently, yeah. Which I didn’t know until I looked this up, I just thought it was like a tall slender to like observer type vibes from fringe, you know, just like a ball dude. Who’s really tall and slender and ghost-like
Speaker 4 00:27:14 Um, yeah, but apparently
Speaker 1 00:27:17 He is also able to create tendrils from his fingers and his back that he uses to walk on in a similar fashion to, um, Dr. Octopus. Like from Spiderman Rose.
Speaker 4 00:27:30 Yeah. Yeah. Um,
Speaker 1 00:27:34 I don’t like it either. And also I feel like there was, um, Oh, it’s a, it’s a Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. It’s John, Malcovich his character who has like a little robot arms, like,
Speaker 2 00:27:44 Okay. But those are like robot legs. Those are different.
Speaker 1 00:27:47 That’s just the vibe that I get from this of like that these just reach out and sort of carry him in like a ghostly level. So he’s on one level. The entire time is what I meant. What I’m visualizing from. This is the same vibe. His face is pale and slightly ghostly and almost appears to have been wrapped in a type of gauze or cloth. Apparently his facial features are an object of debate. Many people believe that his face looks different to each person, if it is even like perceived at all. So sometimes I guess people like argue that you can’t even see a face. Um, but some people argue that they have,
Speaker 4 00:28:28 It is very much,
Speaker 1 00:28:31 Um, sometimes he is portrayed wearing a hat, which could be a bowler, a fedora or a top hat he has sometimes been seen wearing a long neck tie or scarf, which is either red or gray. And the legend goes that slender man has a taste for children. Yeah. Who he first stocks than kidnaps and kills, which just to me, sounds like a German bedtime story. Um, so yeah. So whether he absorbs kills or merely takes his victims to an undisclosed location or dimension, Ooh, there are never any bodies of evidence left behind in his wake to deduce a definite conclusion. So he just has this very ominous vibe and is allegedly created from Eric Knutson’s image on the internet for this paranormal contest, this Photoshop contest. Okay. Okay.
Speaker 4 00:29:28 Okay. Well there,
Speaker 1 00:29:31 Did you act, did you ever hear about the, uh, Slenderman? Okay. Yep. The Slenderman minister.
Speaker 2 00:29:37 Yeah. It’s terrible. It was like children that did it. Yes.
Speaker 1 00:29:42 Okay. So, um, so yeah, so that, that occurred in 2014, it was two 12 year olds, Morgan Geyser. And then this, uh, we’re walking near interstate 94 when police found them after they had stabbed a quote-unquote friend of theirs 19 times and left her to die in the woods, which like
Speaker 2 00:30:04 19 times. Oh my God. Yes. Anytime
Speaker 1 00:30:10 I couldn’t say that, like she was a friend at this point, like leaving their friend to die in the woods. Like, no, no, no, no. You stopped her 19 times. Pretty sure. You’re not a fucking friend actually.
Speaker 2 00:30:22 Yeah. So drew.
Speaker 1 00:30:25 Yeah. And so when the police found them, the girls said that they were on their way to meet Slenderman and that slender men had told them to do it. Now these girls were born in 2002. So what, they were seven years old when Slenderman Lake was created on the internet. I didn’t know about Slenderman until like recently. So I’m not, not searching dark things apparently.
Speaker 2 00:30:48 No, no, no. I only heard, cause I just remember, uh, the article being in the news and it was this whole big thing. Cause these young girls stabbed their classmate so many times. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:31:02 And so they actually planned several different attacks. So their initial plan was to attack on the night of May 30th, 2014 by taping her mouth shut, stabbing her in the neck and running away. Um, but they didn’t attack her that night as they said that they were too tired. Um, one of the most actually quoted saying, let her have another morning, which
Speaker 2 00:31:30 Oh, fricking
Speaker 1 00:31:34 Creepy. Is that like, that’s just,
Speaker 5 00:31:36 Hmm.
Speaker 2 00:31:38 I don’t love it. It’s not a look.
Speaker 1 00:31:40 No, it is definitely not. So they had a second plan to stab lunar in a bathroom at a local park and they chose the location. They said for the fact that the bathroom had drains to drain her blood. So thereof, which like, I just want to like point out is, uh, evidence of like critical thinking. Yeah. They thought about this in advance that they actually like, they plan this several times
Speaker 5 00:32:13 Just
Speaker 1 00:32:14 Pointing that out. I mean, all this was a legit, but it’s just, you know, it’s like, that is evidence of like, okay, I plan this out. Let her have another morning. Okay, wait, let’s do it here because this makes more sense for the cleanup. So the actual attack took place in a nearby forest at David’s park during a game of hide and seek book on May 31st, 2014, the two girls pinned her to the ground and stabbed her 19 times in the arms, legs and torso with a kitchen knife. Um, lunar dragged herself to a nearby road where she was found by a cyclist, uh, who called nine one, one as soon as he saw her.
Speaker 2 00:33:03 She mean like this, this poor girl, but also the poor cyclists, like, ah, ah,
Speaker 1 00:33:10 Uh, honestly I actually read an article recently about a stabbing occurring in Walmart, which involved like 12 and 13 year olds. Um, I saw that too. Sweet. Yeah. So it’s like, they are actually terrifying and this happens more than we like to really remember. So I should admit which like I understand it’s traumatizing to read about and all of this, but like yeah, no, it is a real thing. Um, great. So she survived and um, after seven days after the attack, she was able to leave the hospital. Um, so in 2017, we’re pleaded guilty to being a party to attempted second degree homicide. Um, and that jury found her not guilty by mental disease or defect. Um, yeah, Geyser accepted a plea offer under which she would not go to trial and would be evaluated by psychiatrist to determine how long she should be placed at a mental hospital.
Speaker 1 00:34:13 She later pleaded guilty, but was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect and was diagnosed with schizophrenia, which her father also suffers from now. Here’s something interesting. There’s actually a phenomenon called folly outdo, which means madness for two, I’m also known as shared psychosis or shared delusional disorder, which yeah. Which is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief. And sometimes hallucinations are transmitted from one individual to another. So, but, but it is a phenomena that’s been occurred in other, uh, occasions. Uh, not saying that it particularly occurs to this or whether they really believe that Slenderman told them to do it or whether like one believed it more than the other. And so maybe then that’s why like the second one kind of went with it. It’s kind of hard to tell. Um, but it is a phenomenon that’s been recorded in other occasions. So that I just thought that was really interesting. Um, so anyway, where was, I think it’s weird. It’s w E I E R Y
Speaker 2 00:35:19 We are. Yeah. We’re, that’s what I would say. Um, as you know, I’m an expert in pronunciation allegedly,
Speaker 1 00:35:32 So we’re, we’re sentenced to 25 years to life and Geyser was sentenced to the maximum years to life. Um, in the aftermath of the stabbing, the create pasta Wiki was blocked throughout the wile Kesha school district. I don’t know if I’m saying that right. What Casha, uh, school district and on the Tuesday, following the stabbing Slenderman creator, Eric Knudsen said, I am deeply saddened by the tragedy in Wisconsin. And my heart goes out to the families of those affected by this terrible act. Um, he also said that the sobbing was an isolated incident and did not accurately represent the creepy pasta community.
Speaker 2 00:36:13 I was going to say like, how messed up would it be for you to like, create something for fun, for a contest. And then it later be responsible for something so horrific,
Speaker 1 00:36:24 Um, leave it to the internet, leave it to the internet, leave it to young teenagers. I’m just saying, it’s like, they have so many hormones, so much is going on and it’s like, I’ve been there. You know what I mean? Like, I’m not saying this because I’m not,
Speaker 2 00:36:38 Do you have a goal? Somebody 19 times
Speaker 1 00:36:41 Stab somebody. I’m just saying it’s like the terror and like the crazy experience. Like I just don’t. I feel like that that is one thing that’s is not talked about enough in society is like the actual raging fucking hormones. It’s like what? You get a video in the United States. Like you could have fucking video, that’s maybe four minutes long about your children,
Speaker 2 00:37:03 Everybody. Yeah. And it gets back to you to like, shut up. Exactly. It’s like the past, nobody order in your bag.
Speaker 1 00:37:10 Yes. And they’re like, don’t use a tampon because you’ll die. And then, and then we don’t talk about it until like high school. When like, if you’re lucky somebody passes out condoms, but you know what I mean? It’s just like, nobody talks about that transition in life. And I feel like that is a big deal. And we have, I mean, there are, there are so many stories of like people have from that age group, from generations, you know, it’s like a cry it’s generational. It’s not like it’s happening just now, but it’s generational, you know, teen suicides and everything like that. It’s just, that is like a really troubling time. And no, and I just feel like nobody ever is like, Hey, let’s talk about this. It’s always like invalidated or just thrown off to the side of like, Oh, well they’re pubescent, they’re hormonal. They’re this they’re that. And it’s like the dust, what they’re experiencing, isn’t real to them. And if you don’t pay attention to it and if you don’t like, it can help you,
Speaker 2 00:38:02 That’s the spiral out. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, you’re 100% right with that.
Speaker 1 00:38:13 It’s just scary and it’s real. So it’s like Jesus like fucking pay attention to I that is like forever. A soapbox that I will get on is like people that don’t treat kids as people it’s like, kids are people too, just because they’re learning exactly. It’s like, just because they’re young, does that mean that they will not remember what you’re fucking to them? That they will not take what you’re saying to heart? Like, think about all the fucked up things that you remember now as an adult from when you were a kid and then how dare you treat a kid that way it’s like, that is, that is forever a soap box that I will get on. So I’m going to stop that now and go back to talking about the Slenderman stabbing, another light subject. Um,
Speaker 2 00:38:59 I was going to say, speaking of stuff that we remember as kids a bit, that lady who gave me the tour of the house in laminam didn’t think that I would remember. I know wall’s story 20 years. Well, 25 years later. Yeah,
Speaker 1 00:39:13 Yeah, no, it’s so true. We got I’m stabbing. Um, okay. So the stabbing resulted in extensive debate. I’m just going to roll right through it. Extensive debate about the role of the internet in society and its impact on children, which like LOL fast-forward to the tick TOK age of like licking Twitter and eating laundry detergent, pods.
Speaker 2 00:39:39 I was going to say laundry detergent. Yep. Yep.
Speaker 1 00:39:42 I think we can say that the internet has a role at least in society. And it definitely does have an impact on young people. So,
Speaker 2 00:39:52 Oh, the kids, remember when they remember when they did the Kyle, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, where they would like suction cups onto the lips to try and make their lips go big. And then a lot of the kids, they never heard of that. What? Oh my God. So there, some of them did it just for like the pictures, but then some of them like had their lips like that for like a couple of weeks. Cause they really like messed up their lips. Yeah. It was the whole, it’s a whole thing just to look like Kylie Jenner’s fake lips.
Speaker 1 00:40:23 Yup. And then she got her lip fillers removed, which like I’m not commenting on anyone’s body. You do whatever you have to do. And if you’re in the public eye, that sucks for you in my opinion. Um, but anyways, so, um, moving right along stabbings, uh, uh, so Russell, Jack, wow. What CA what Casha, what Casha wow. Kesha, I’m just going with it. Russell Jack, while Kesha police chief said that the stabbing quote unquote should be a wake-up call for all parents saying that the internet is full of information and wonderful sites that teach and entertain, but that it can also be full of dark and wicked things, which like, okay dude, like, duh, you’re a little late to the game that like, it’s a nice blurb for a press release. I guess
Speaker 2 00:41:17 That’s exactly what it was. MIGS. Goodness, sensational reading there.
Speaker 1 00:41:24 So while this like, again, while this was like, quote unquote created by Eric Knutsen, there actually obviously is some historical references. The people, you know, attribute to the existence of a Slenderman. So I have a couple of examples of that.
Speaker 2 00:41:39 Okay.
Speaker 1 00:41:40 Okay. The earliest argued reference of the legend is with cave paintings found in the Sur day gap, the Vara national park in the Northeast of Brazil, um, which are believed to date as far or date back as far as 9,000 BC.
Speaker 2 00:42:02 So they, Oh, okay. Oh, that’s, that’s intense.
Speaker 1 00:42:07 Right. And like pictures show like a weird, you know, tentacles coming out of the back of like a shadowy, dark person, which also in my imagination and like out of all of the weird things that I fucking looked up and watched over the years, it’s like, that could be like an elemental kind of spirit. You know what I mean? Um, or like a D you know, like, I don’t want to say, I don’t want to use the D word, you know, but a demon, you know, we’re something of that nature. Like it could be like a record of that and they just drew it in this way because they couldn’t understand how to perceive it. It could be a painting about sleep paralysis for all we know, you know what I mean?
Speaker 2 00:42:44 Or maybe this guy just had really bad back knee. You never know. All right.
Speaker 1 00:42:52 So yeah. So, like I said, the paintings show a strangely elongated character, uh, Oh, leading a child by the hand, but Nate make no reference to extra appendages. So it’s like, it does have a thing with a child, but again, that child could have been having sleep paralysis at the time and, uh, could have been 12 or 13 and it could have been evidence of a, of a culture actually listening to kids over that age,
Speaker 2 00:43:16 Um, who would have been flipped.
Speaker 1 00:43:20 Okay. Um, the next known possible reference to slender man comes from around 31 BC in Egypt, uh, with references to the thief of the gods or the fif of cook becoming commonplace during the reign of Pharaoh Wossner hieroglyphic carvings, representing the thief were found in the Pharaoh’s tomb, who was rumored to have had some kind of encounter with the entity. Um, the carving struck re sorry, the carvings resemble a strange figure with multiple upper limbs that no one has ever found in any other hieroglyph language. So it’s specifically assumed like, you know, associated with Pharaoh Weisner, and that’s a little odd, but again, Pharaoh Wesner could have had sleep paralysis and I’m sticking with that one. Um, there is also a Romanian fairy tale, which tells the tale, uh, of the tall man, um, featuring a description which may have, uh, been taken to actually refer to Slenderman. We don’t know about that. That’s speculation. Um, the tall man, this is a quote, the tall man stood in a clearing dress as nobleman all in black shadows, lay all over him, dark as a cloudy midnight. He has many arms, all long and boneless as snakes, all sharpest swords. And they rived like worms on nails. He did not speak, but he made his intentions known you. I don’t like the, why are you telling me this late at night? Um, it’s not that late for you. It’s like seven 47, right? Okay.
Speaker 2 00:45:06 You don’t need to out me like that either.
Speaker 1 00:45:08 I am going to out you because it’s actually for me and I’m going to go to bed after this. So goodbye.
Speaker 2 00:45:15 Well, you know, there’s probably a cat buried in the walls to protect you. So don’t worry about it.
Speaker 1 00:45:20 I wish there was, if there is one buried in the walls, it’s like buried by the front door or some shit. I wish it was buried in my rooms. That way I wouldn’t have to hear rats. Sorry, mice. I’m going to stop talking now.
Speaker 2 00:45:33 Got to get yourself in some deep trouble right there.
Speaker 1 00:45:36 We live in the middle of nowhere and it is very common for there to be small mice around. So anyways, in the fairy tale of this Romanian tale, okay. Um, the tall man causes a mother to kill her husband and her child before he slid from a fireplace and clenched her in his burning embrace. I want to know that, that, did you ever watch American horror story?
Speaker 2 00:46:05 No. You’ve asked me this like a thousand times.
Speaker 1 00:46:08 Uh, sorry, but that gives me like gimp Phibes for anyone. Who’s seen American horror story. I mean, yeah.
Speaker 2 00:46:16 He was older than me apparently. Right? Uh, it makes me think of, um, that story, Ms. Peregrine’s home for peculiar children, the bad guys, not the movie. That movie was myth, but in the book, the bad guys are actually like slender man type thing. So like these men with like tentacles coming out of their mouth and I think they have tentacle arms and they like feed on specific children to like give them a mortal power or something. It’s like a real thing. You should look it up. This is another,
Speaker 1 00:46:51 I wish you could see my face. Cause I’m very concerned.
Speaker 2 00:46:55 You know? It’s funny. Cause your silence actually helps me picture your face. I’m not even saying that to be sarcastic. Like I know exactly what your face is doing
Speaker 1 00:47:05 Well. Good. Um, okay. So there is also an English myth referring to you. There is, there is,
Speaker 0 00:47:17 Excuse me. Okay. The black club.
Speaker 1 00:47:24 Wow. That’s these are unprecedented times. We can’t joke about that. Oh
Speaker 2 00:47:30 God.
Speaker 1 00:47:31 Okay. There is also an English myth referring to the tree man who is said to have had a slim body with appendages that look like tree branches. He is only known to be seen in the woods and was used as a short story. The parents told their children to thwart bad behavior, which pretty sure they got that from the Germans. But all of Europe was like, we’re going to scare you out of being bad children by telling you that creatures will fucking torture you. And that is the best parenting plan that we can come up with for like 500 years straight. You know what I mean?
Speaker 2 00:48:14 I mean, in their defense life was hard I guess, but still yeah,
Speaker 1 00:48:19 There weren’t iPads back then. Huh?
Speaker 2 00:48:22 I mean, or I was just thinking that like a lot of them didn’t have childcare and a lot of their kids died young anyways. So like and the black was out of shape. Some
Speaker 1 00:48:35 Of them had to eat their kids to survive.
Speaker 2 00:48:38 No Emily. Oh no, no.
Speaker 1 00:48:45 Well, yeah. So there have been a, quite a few, there have been a, quite a few what? Disappearances the children. Okay. All right. There have been quite a few of disappearances of children, quite a few disappearances. There, there have been quite a few shut up. Yeah. So there have been quite a few disappearance. Fuck me.
Speaker 2 00:49:12 You better not cut this shit out. Okay. You ready? You’re not allowed. Don’t do it. Okay.
Speaker 1 00:49:22 Yeah. So there have been quite a few disappearances of children that have been said to have been linked to the quote unquote tree man in England. So Wolf.
Speaker 2 00:49:34 Nope. I don’t like it. No thanks. I’m also really glad we didn’t hear about that as kids. Cause two, could you emerge
Speaker 1 00:49:44 Gen Z and like the horror stories are like Slenderman and there’s like pictures of him on the internet. I can’t imagine growing up in that time. Honestly, that seems terrifying to me. Like, I’m glad that we had a little like sort of semblance of reality before the internet. Okay.
Speaker 2 00:50:00 I mean, yeah, kids just told me at dinner or at lunch that, you know, everything was haunted and that they saw ghosts all the time and there was a ghost in the Elvin and bathroom and there was a ghost in their bedroom at home and there was a ghost everywhere else. And then I didn’t sleep for like 20 years. Yeah. But yeah, to be fair. We also, we also knew there were ghosts in the bathroom and then
Speaker 1 00:50:22 We knew that there were go Snellville done. And we also knew our house. We have lived out all three of those scenarios. So really it was just about confronting our reality.
Speaker 2 00:50:36 So yeah. Super chill guys. It was super chill.
Speaker 1 00:50:39 Super chill. Obviously it’s a big question, Mark. You know, nobody knows why we want to do a podcast about weird shit.
Speaker 2 00:50:50 It’s
Speaker 1 00:50:50 Very characteristic of us.
Speaker 2 00:50:53 Yeah. So unusual
Speaker 1 00:50:57 The V unusual. Yeah.
Speaker 0 00:51:00 You can
Speaker 1 00:51:01 Find us on Instagram at one or less dot pod and Lamar at pod wanderlust because that’s how that works out.
Speaker 2 00:51:13 Yeah, it does.
Speaker 1 00:51:16 Hopefully soon we’ll have a Gmail for you to send us some info, some stories or like ideas, you know, things that you don’t want to look up yourself that we can look up and talk about for you and hopefully make it entertaining enough for you to enjoy. You never know because we are certified sisters, but we are not certified historian scientists or paranormal experts. We just happen to have a sisterly bond that drives us a deep look at depths of the internet.
Speaker 2 00:51:49 That is a perfect way of putting that. Thank you anytime. Yeah.
Speaker 1 00:51:59 Wow. That was pitiful. Whew. So hopefully it’s gonna cut all this together.
Speaker 2 00:52:07 I think there’s something there somewhere. Should we try again one last time before our phones died?
Speaker 1 00:52:15 Okay. All right. I’m Emily.
Speaker 2 00:52:24 Whew. Yeah, this is you go first. All right guys. Thanks for joining us. Uh, we’re uh, glad you’re here with us.
Speaker 1 00:52:40 There’s so many weird ways that you were like that and that is one of them like, all right. So, uh, thank you for joining us on our podcast and we really look forward to us seeing us soon. We’re going to talk about some weird stuff. Uh, yeah,
Speaker 2 00:52:55 I really don’t even like you at all. Uh, yeah,
Speaker 1 00:53:01 I feel like it was just clap it out and be done.
Speaker 2 00:53:03 Okay. Yeah, let’s do that please. Okay. Cool. All right.

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