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This Week on Wonderlust:

Welcome back, Wonderers! In today’s episode, we dive into our Paranormal and Supernatural Sister Subjects! This week’s Sister Subjects will be a two parter, so in this first part, Sarah dives deep into the Stone Tape Theory.

We’re back! We took a mini break while we both went on vacation, but we are so glad to be back with our wonderers and are ready to hit the ground running. We catch you all up on our various recent adventures, including Emily’s trip to the Spite House in Boston, that we mentioned in Episode 7. Sarah then tells us all about the Stone Tape Theory, or the theory behind residual hauntings and how objects could possibly store residual energy to create the hauntings. We also swerve into the related topics of time slips, skeptic negativity and the wonderful documentary called I am.

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