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This Week on Wonderlust:

Welcome back Wonderers! In today’s adventure, we explore the supernatural/paranormal with the tales of La Llorona and childhood imaginary friends.

Inspired by local New Mexican ghost stories, Sarah takes a deep dive into the well-known spooky tale of La Llorona. Dating back to pre-hispanic and Aztec times, Sarah examines the murky history and different versions of spectral Weeping Woman in Latinx culture. We also examine the eery similarities to tragic tales in Hebrew and Greek Mythology. But we can’t talk about La Llorona without discussing some ghostly encounters with her! Also, check out Instagram for a particularly spooky video!

Emily then takes us on a fascinating and equally creepy adventure into the chilling world of imaginary friends– particularly the imaginary friends who seem to be more paranormal than imaginary. She starts off strong with the shiver-inducing story of the ‘imaginary friend’ Mr. Kellum. Mr. Kellum befriends a three-year-old, and may or may not be the ghost of a long dead neighbor. We also discuss the general creepiness of kids and their imaginary friends(ghostly origins or not), in addition to the developmental benefits having an imaginary friend has for young children.

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