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This week on Wonderlust:

Welcome back, Wonderers! In today’s episode, we dive into our Sister Subject Snature, otherwise known as Science & Nature. Our wonderings include the complexities of time and time travel, followed by a fascinating exploration of octopuses, and Emily’s emotional viewing of My Octopus Teacher on Netflix.

Following a lead submitted by the father of the Mystic Sisters, Sarah takes on the hefty challenge of learning all about time. Sarah does not pretend to be an expert, so if you want to learn complex science from a complete novice, please take a listen! She conveys all she learned about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, worm holes, the grandfather paradox and much more. Sarah also recounts some of the most interesting stories of supposed time travel, from time slips, to the intriguing story of ‘time traveler’ Andrew Carlssin.

Next, Emily, despite her misgivings about bodies of water, dives deep into the ocean to teach us more about octopuses! She blows our minds as she recounts all she’s learned about the impressive intelligence of the octopuses, and their unique and almost alien-like bodies. Emily also describes the interesting and heartwarming story of the Netflix documentary, My Octopus Teacher, which everyone should go and watch for themselves.

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