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Welcome Back Wonderers! This week we are diving deep into our sister subject True Crime & History… and boy do we have a lovely cry story for you. Sarah shares the intriguing story of potentially crime-solving psychic Kristy Robinett, while Reih regales us with a tale bone-chilling tale about what lies below. 

We begin with the disappearance of Ashley Rowley, a young woman who went missing in Ohio in 2004. However, it seems that she refused to stay missing. Years went after Ashely’s disappearance, and yet somehow she managed to make an appearance to Kristy Robinett, a self-proclaimed psychic. Sarah gives us all the deets on how Kristy then embarked on the worst scavenger hunt of all time. 

Next up is Reih with a true spooky Hallows Eve tale! This jarring story involves thunder and lightning… it’s really quite frightening. Reih shares bone-chilling descriptions of the dead actually rising, puritanical preparations for the upcoming rapture, and perhaps the most horrifying of all… incredibly poor city planning! 

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