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This Week on Wonderlust:

Welcome back, Wonderers! We are all up in Spooky Season with the Snature, aka science and nature! Sarah examines the real phenomenon behind the Ouija Board, while Emily takes us into the deep to tell us all about sharks.

When we think of something spooky and evil, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Ouija board, right? But is it really as spooky as it sounds? Sarah is on a mission to find out just how spooky the Ouija board really is. She tells us all about the story of how the oujiboard came to be, and the scientific phenomenon behind how it works! Spoiler alert– it may not be as spooky as it seems.

Emily then takes us on another deep dive into the sea, aka her favorite place! She tells us all about our teethy friends, sharks! We learn all about these sharp-toothed creatures, as well as discuss just how much of a danger to people they really are. Another spoiler alert: not as dangerous to us as lightning or mosquitos!

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