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Welcome Back Wonderers! This week we are diving deep into our spookiest sister subjects– Paranormal and Supernatural! Today we’re here to talk about intuition/premonitions & the most haunting tales from Antarctica!

Sarah starts us off by wondering what exactly is behind our sixth sense, spidey senses, and/or intuition. We go from learning about recent government research about intuition and other ESP phenomena, even after the wild rabbit holes they went down in the 70’s and 80s! She also discusses how the term intuition is sometimes used interchangeably with premonition, and shares some spooky premonitions with us.

Reih decided to take us to a long, cold journey to the farthest south you can go– Antarctica! Where the ghosts just might outnumber the number of people who actually live there. She tells us all about the spookiest stories she could find about the coldest Deep South, including everything from ghost ships to bloody waterfalls!

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