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Welcome back, Wonderers! Join us this week as we discuss some badass Snature (science & nature) with our very first guest! We are absolutely thrilled to have our very own guest and fellow podcaster, Armando Villa-Ignacio. He hosts The Plant Nook, a delightful podcast where he helps all of us navigate through plant parenthood, one plant at a time!

This week Emily Reih starts us of with a fascinating deep dive into the world of mushrooms, who are sure to inherit the earth. She fascinates us with tales of the ancient giant mushrooms that predate trees– yes, THE trees, and so much more. She also raves about the documentary Fantastic Fungi, which provided the inspiration for her wonderings & completely blew Sarah’s mind. Sarah also discusses the real-life fungi inspiration for the zombies in one of her favorite video game series, The Last of Us, as well as peppering in some great puns.

Armando then takes us into the super interesting world of parasitic plants! This is a whole new world for The Mystic Sisters, as we learn all about the different types of vampiric plants. And since ’tis the season, did you know Mistletoe is actually a parasite? Which now seems like it should be more of a spooky season plant, now that we know of it’s true nature. Listen up to learn more!

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