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This Week on Wonderlust:

Welcome back, Wonderers! And happy Spooky Season! We kick off the season with History and True Crime! Sarah talks about the history of our beloved housecats while Emily tells us about the crimes of Mary Toft.

As a wise Ellen Perry Berkeley, once said, “As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.” So how did our beloved felines become America’s most popular pet? Sarah dives deep into the history of how cats essentially domesticated themselves, and their impact on society and cultures across the world. We discuss everything from hostage cats that were used to conquer Egypt to the spooky supernatural cats of Japan.

Emily then takes us on a wild ride with the tale of Mary Toft. Born in Godalming, Surrey, Mary Toft became quite sensation in England in 1726– after birthing animal parts. Yes, you read that right. Her anatomical mystery whipped up an immense stir, even roping in the surgeon for the Royal Family. Trust us, it’s a story you won’t want to miss! And for sure one you’ll never forget.

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