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This Week on Wonderlust:

Welcome back, Wonderers! In today’s episode, we dive into our Science and Nature Sister Subjects, otherwise fondly known as Snature. Sarah delves into the study of Epigenetics and inherited trauma, while Emily teaches us all about the powerful force of lightning and the amazing story of Edwin Robinson!

Sarah discusses the scientific studies and evidence behind Epigenetics, or the study of how external influences can cause changes in how your body reads a DNA sequence. We discuss the findings from studying mice, but also from studying the descendants of POWs and holocaust survivors. Research shows that the trauma you experience in your life can also be passed down through your children and grandchildren. Things get real and emotional when we discuss how this also applies to the continual trauma of systemic racism, abuse, and genocide– not only mentally and physically affecting those directly involved, but also their descendants to come.

Emily switches gears and teaches us about the fascinating and powerful world of lightning. We dive deep into the science of lighting, and how it really works. Emily also regales us with some fascinating lightning tales, such as the miraculous tale of Edwin Robinson. After losing his eyesight and hearing in an accident, Zeus decided to help a buddy out by striking him with lightning. Edwin came to after this strike, and to his astonishment he could see and hear again after nine years! If only we could also be so lucky.

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